dimanche 17 octobre 2010

Dominus (Chile) - Kur Promos 95-97

There's been a while I didn't rip from a cd, I had some difficulties to remember how to do it but here I only extracted the tracks that are interesting to discover: the "Kur" promo tracks from Chilean Dominus that later became Dominus Xul!
I suspect some mistakes in the tracklist & years of recording such as track 12 mistaken for 13 and tracks 6-9 seemed to be the 1995 homestudio rehearsal (rough mix take 1) instead of tracks 10-13 that sounds more achieved like recorded in 1997 at Radiografica studios (studio direct mix)... being not 100% sure and as the infos printed are quite contradictories, I tried to correct all mistakes (see scans above), and if this seems to be incomplete, just buy it because it's still available, I ordered my copy from sickbangers distro in Chile, ha!


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