jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - C

CANCER (UK) "Blood bath in the acid" Live LP 91 HEADACHE.
CATHETER (USA) 7"EP 99 HEADFUCKER. I can't stand why Headfucker signed such uninteresting & basic grind crust band, along with Retalliation, they are maybe the most classic & cliché grind bands I've heard, really bringing nothing new nor extreme, that's only punk sounding to me. Between Macabre, Impetigo, Repulsion, old Napalm Death & Autopsy...what's more basic & predictable than that today?
CENTINEX (SWE) "APOCALYPTIC ARMAGEDDON" 7"EP 99/00 DEADLY ART. Fast & aggressive, obscure yet melodic Metal performed with skills on this wonderful marbled grey vynil! Typical melodic Death/Black Metal from Sweden with strong feelings from the battlefields, a refreshing listening for me, may it be sounding very classic now, it doesn't wimps-out and their musicianship still retain that speed energic melody for years & years now. If you like newer Black & Death Metal the swedish style, look no further, this is for you, BUY OR DIE! c/o MARTIN SCHULMAN, STUREGATAN 8, 77635 HEDEMORA SWEDEN.
CENTINEX (SWE) "SHADOWLAND" 7"EP 98 OSKOREI. This was recorded at the same session as "Reborn Through Flames" CD and these two tracks also featured as bonus on the Japanese version of the album, so you've got 'em now released on vinyl, quite cool initiative! Fast drumming and melodic still war-alike riffings and raging vocals, typical of the Swedish scene but CENTINEX is stronger, more brutal & heavier underground sounding than the tons of other melodic bands emerging from there! It is sure that some of their melodies may sometimes bore me because too repetitive but I enjoy the rest for sure, BUY OR DIE! OSKOREI: POSTBOKS 241, 5260 INDRE ARNA NORWAY.
CEPHALIC (GER) "HIGHEST INCREASE OF BRUTALITY" 7"EP XETAL (lim. to 500). Pretty intense & fast deathstructive Brutal Death Metal, unpredictable high speed musical energy, no riff were taken from anywhere else and it's very twisted!! Strong guttural vocals making the whole 7" obscure as Hell! This maybe has some old Kataklysm similarities due to their melodic senses but it's definitely their very own style that I can hear, also it's one of the most beautiful vinyl around: it's black splattered & stained with dark colors, looking like a total eclipse, excellent package! So, to end this review, this will please all fans of truly Extreme & original Death Metal, the drumming sometimes equals Cryptopsy or Krisiun, so you can be sure they aren't kidding around! This jewel already got its place among my vinyl collection & I'm sure many will do the same: BUY OR DIE!!!! c/o LAGES/RÖTZSCH, WALTERSTAL 54, 09599 FREIBERG GERMANY.
CRAWLSPACE (BEL) "ENTER THE REALM OF CHAOS" LP 2001 FINAL BEATDOWN. Don't be turned off by the logo, this band played hardcore in the past but now they're returning to Death Metal and this is in the BOLT THROWER's vein that "Enter The Realm Of Chaos" sounds alike! One bonus track called "Predator" features along with the vinyl version of the album. The style is very Bolt Throwerianesque as said before but they're sometimes more fast and got very haunting war-alike ambiences & atmospheres, very heavy Death Metal stuff with a great production, pounding & shredding the flesh of the weak. I got this LP at one of their gigs and they said that the next disc will be even faster and in the Krisiun vein as I got the privilege to hear some newer tracks Live the 24th of November 2001 in Chatellerault among many boring hardcore bands, CRAWLSPACE ruled that night for sure, a great memorable show! There is just something that hurts me: why didn't they change the name of the band now that they're changing style completely? Old-school steamroller Death Metal still fuckin' rules and will sure piss off trends shit! BUY OR DIE!!! www;

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