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MCD reviews - C

CAPTIVUS DIABOLI (ITA) Promo MCD-R 99 Self-prod. Metal in the vein of newer DEATH but with more Heavy Metal melodies the swedish path and synths. That's well done but this is not the kind of stuff I'll give full support. Good musicianship but too much melodic & soft for my own taste. This is of no interest to me, maybe for you?
CEMMENT (JAP) "ANTITHESE" MCD 98 BORN. Brutal Indus/Death-hardcore is what you can expect from these Japanese guys. I really don't care about this style, so I will keep it short and that's it.
CEREBRAL NECROSE (FRA) "Civil desobedience" MCD-R 2001. Brutal stuff in the Canadian Death/Grind vein, well played and convincing but lacked of real solid song structures, I mean they had good riffs & ideas but didn't exploit them to do something that crushes and most of the songs did go nowhere to me, but hey that's the Grind style anyway! Also too much tried to get an audible or clear sound, result is a weak guitar sound that hesitate to punish like if it was saying excuse me to disturb you…don't fuckin' hold back like that especially in this style!
CEREMONY (USA) "The days before the death" MCD 2000 HAMMERHEART. Consists of their Demo 92 re-released and that's a great idea, that time did bring many excellent "Tampa's style" Death/Thrash Metal bands that did really know how to write good songs that you will not soon forget! Best comparison would be DEATH, DISINCARNATE & GORGUTS to describe the CEREMONY's sound. The Demo contained some old SEPULTURA influences too such as clean guitars arrangements making it all fuckin' dark & unreal, not of this world, not of this time, not for trendy ears: BUY OR DIE!!!
CIAFF (ITA) "I.L.F. (Ignorance Liberation Front)" Promo MCD-R 2001. The style for this one is said to be "Booring Core" what's that?? Some linear hardcore, power chords, metal tunes for sure but to me it's more boring than "booring". I'm not into these newer fusionning mosh styles... c/o ENRICO GIANNONE, VIA S. ROCCO 31, MARANO (NA) 80016 ITALY.
CIRCLE OF THE DEAD CHILDREN (USA) MCD 99 WILLOWTIP. Another good blast from the states, this is original and brutal mixing. Fast Death/Grind, some slower, obscures arrangements and punishing riffs with guttural & screaming vocals, this really sounds great to me! Each song has its own depth and the whole is very original not sounding like your typical Death or Grind band, this offers more while at the same time left me waiting for something more... I like that Nokturnel similarity sometimes. This is a good mix of nearly everything that is Metal and not necessarily extreme, this is a good release.
CIRRHOSIS (FRA) "No blast's land" MCD-R 99. Completely in the brutal U.S. trend and they play it well, I must admit not being too enthusiast with this style anymore, but it's a lot better made than many bands by now and for a Demo it kicks some asses! Fans of Brodequin, Deeds Of Flesh, Devourment & Disgorge will get into this no problem, pas dégueu'!
CORPUS MORTALE (DK) "Succumb to the superior" MCD 2000 Selfprod. This is maybe one of the rare bands from Denmark who still plays Death Metal nowadays, so how's this new release, hmm? It's a good one, that's for sure, the vocals are great, very deep & obscure, the riffs are dark and the arrangements dwell into the nothingness with majesty… Some will say that there is a little old DEICIDE influence, I would answer yes but with some SEVERE TORTURE similarities! The band isn't mega-fast, they know how to mix Death Metal with doomingness & tormented leads that will tear your unholy soul apart, occasional blasts here & there… This is well varied & catchy as Hell, proof is that not all the bands are following the groovy Americans or death'n'roll trends, CORPUS MORTALE is another good example of a band with self-will, standing strong with their own convictions, BUY OR DIE!!
CRANIOTOMY (SLO) "...AND FROM FLESH TO BONE" MCD-R 2000. Brutal technical Death/Grind in the american style is definitely very popular worldwide nowadays and this band do perform it pretty well in the old INTERNAL BLEEDING/DYING FETUS veins. This is a good skilled band to look for, let's hope they will improve more to find their own style in the future... Anyway, I'm not disappointed at all, it's very well produced and offers quality tunes, not some lame crap, BUY OR DIE!
CROPMENT (SWI) "BRAINDRAIN TIMESLAVERY" MCD 2002 FASTBEAST. It's not common to hear bands coming from Switzerland, apart from DARK RISE also reviewed below, I haven't heard too much from this country since SAMAEL, ALASTIS & EQUIMANTHORN! This one's a brutal & well played Death Metal with a good production, a bit grinding here & there with a sound & vocals that recalls the old EXMORTIS Demo "Immortality's End". CROPMENT aren't as dark but delivers good quality with much varied song structures, this is a solid debut. The artwork is also damn cool to look at, well this is a promising Death/Grind band and "Braindrain Timeslavery" is just a foretaste for things to come. I can only recommend this to all underground fanatics as CROPMENT is no clone, this three-track MCD is a convincing 12mn demonstration of their own brutality. I'm looking forward to hear an album out very soon, BUY OR DIE! c/o CLAUDIO FURRER, BLUMENWEG 12, 4852 ROTHRIST AG SWITZERLAND.
CRUEL CRIMINAL (ITA) "ORPHEUS' INFERNO" MCD-R Demo 99 Self-prod. Doomy Death Metal in the old Asphyx feeling, that's what I thought about from the very first seconds, but soon I realized that the high vocals and the sound are two important weak points within this Demo, the music is good & faster but has no power due to the poor mixing and unaccomplished screaming vocals... It makes me think of a bad recorded version of DEMONIC CHRIST's "Punishment For Ignorance" but with better & more original musicianship. This is good and interesting listening anyway, 5 tracks for 28mn is enough to see what the band is capable of, this is a good one that needs to improve to get even better. c/o FARINELLI CLAUDIO, VIA CAIAZZO 12, 44029 PORTO GARIBALDI FERRARA ITALY.
CRYPTIC REVELATION (JAP) "THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE" MCD 99 DEATHTORTION. Some of the guitar riffs in it remind me of VADER, the drums are fast nearly grind and their slow parts turned to burning Doom from Hell & as heavy as a nuclear cloud falling on our heads. Original band that keep pace & brutality on top of all these 5 long songs. They seem to be inspired by paranormal phenomenons as they did print some cases that happened in our own world and that remain for the most part unexplained... Fans of pure classic old-school fast/dooming Death Metal & X-files stories should rejoice in a CRYPTIC REVELATION, definitely a bizarre approach that remains true to brutality & energy with catchiness & feelings, BUY OR DIE! 3 - 24 - 19 HORI KAISUKA-CITY, OSAKA 597-0015 JAPAN.

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