samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - F

FUDGEWORTHY Records CD Comp 2001. A great occasion to discover many of their 7", 10", Split vinyls releases as many of them had a small print run of 500 or 1000 and there's been a need to now release some of them on CD. All the master tapes were lost so they had to transfer all the vinyls to CD, all the crackling & pops were kept intact and you'll swear that you're playing a record! Featuring: JESUS CHRUST, G.G. ALLIN, BULGE, OUT COLD, GONKULATOR, MINCH, UNDINISM, ANAL CUNT, MEAT SHITS, IMPIETY, RUPTURE, CAPTAIN 3 LEG, GROINCHURN, SLOUGH, BLACK MASS OF ABSU, FINAL EXIT, PEST, ROT, TWISTED TRUTH. Many of them are Grind/Noise of real small caliber, this just appeals to all those who don't want to buy all the vinyls and prefer listening to these bands before, just to check out the ones they prefer as not all the bands are good! 8 STEVIN DRIVE, WOBURN, MA. 01801 USA.

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