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Demo reviews - C

CAPHARNAUM (USA) Demo. Don't know when this got released but fuckin' deserves to be reviewed, believe me!! The only info I have is that the drummer was 15 years old at the time, this detail puts more values onto this Demo, let me explain why: the band is a damn brutal & technical Death Metal one and their skills equal the unholy gods Suffocation!! They're more original than a simple clone, a lot of memorables riffs & moods are expressed through the songs a bit in the vein of Kataklysm, you see, with all those quick riffs & melodies, they're absolutely unpredictable, it's like Atheist playing Brutal Death Metal a la CRYPTOPSY's first album with many, many breaks & change of rhythms, this rules the underground, no trendy dyingfetus tendencies! Also detected some traces of…DEATH!! I really don't know if they're still going but this Demo is a genius Death Metal creation and if any of you is lucky enough to find this out somewhere in this world of shit; BUY-OR-DIE!!!!
CEREMONIUM (USA) Demo 93. Old Death/Doom, that band had their first album out on Fadeless Recs in Holland (featuring Craig Pillard on bass) and a new one features in the CD section but let's focuse more onto that Demo: basic Death Metal at the speed of Doom, this means slow & oppressing, morbid grunts with some tranquil melodic riffs, raw heavy sound from Hell like old INCANTATION but definitely slower & more calm, very deadly & haunting Death/Doom, pure underground!
CEREMONY (HOL) "VICTIMS OF MORBIDITY" Demo 91. That was the old CEREMONY who had a one & only cult album out on Cyber Music in 1993, this was a recording before "Tyranny From Above" and fucking ruled by its complete Death Metal devotion! Just listening to the brief intro did let you know that it will be a crushing Death Metal following in the old DEICIDE vein, the guitars were unrelenting like an old DEMOLITION HAMMER, old MALEVOLENT CREATION recording, the drums blasting and bass-boiling resounding from Hell with rising leads and possessed horrorful haunted vocals...
CHRONIC INFECTION (Mex) "Forens diagnosis" Demo 99 American Line.
CICATRIX (Pol) "Eviscerated" Demo 99.
COFFIN TEXTS (USA) "Tomb Of Infinite Ritual" Promo 2003. Dark Death Metal splendour's coming back with three new tracks of pure twisted evilness, that's how Death metal must be played! Remember of early MORBID ANGEL and ANGELCORPSE forever? Check out COFFIN TEXTS, these 3 new tracks are completely different from their first album but I found no words smart enough to describe how I like them, truly in the vein of the aforementioned bands so BUY OR DIE!!!
CONVENT (POL) "VERITATIS SPLENDOR" Demo 98 HEADACHE. Were you dreaming of a band who can combine the morbidity of old DEAD INFECTION, KINGDOM OF THE LIE & IMMOLATION...? Brutal & pounding, unrelenting grinding obscure Death Metal to the flesh of the dead! If you can’t find the Demo, it has been re-issued within their CD “The Truth Revealed”, see review & BUY OR DIE!
CONVULSE (FIN) "Resuscitation Of Evilness" Demo III 11/90. Finland had great bands in early nineties playing fuckin' raw & putrid malignant Obscure grinding Death Metal with great dark feelings & moods, CONVULSE was one of them and this Demo showed that particular Finnish style with down-tuned-to-hell guitars, solos, & brief haunting dooming keyboards always tear my soul apart with a thrill running down my back every time... No matter what people could think of these old Demos, they were true to the real underground spirit!! Remember of DEMIGOD...? CONVULSE Demo was kind of similar in their way, this is a great one!
CORPSE GRINDER (BRA) "NECROREALISM" Demo 98. This is an easy listening, cool Death Metal band that don't go at the speed of light but is very old-school rooted like most stuffs from early 90s full of catchy riffs, simple & memorable mid-paced music a little doomy & melodic at times. That reminds me a lot of bands that could appear on comps from that period. Old SAMAEL-alike but a little faster, this has good grunting vocals, gound sound and definitely well played with a morbid mood, for old-school & die-hard fans only!
CORPSE GRINDER (BRA) Live Tape 99. Recorded Live at MONSTERS OF POCOS FEST 24/01/99. Same as above, the sound is good just the bass is mixed too up front. Contains all tracks from Demo 98 + "Actual World" & "Rotten Human Carcass" (that song is very similar to old AUTOPSY) also contains "Against The World" UNLEASHED cover. In fact the band playing Live is more similar to old AUTOPSY than on their Demo 98! Morbid old-school Death Metal never dies! RUA SANTOS SILVA 338, 37750-000 MACHADO / MG BRAZIL.
CORPSE MOLESTATION (AUSTRALIA) "DUNGEON REHEARSALS" Tape 2002 TIME BEFORE TIME. This band is much more known under the name of BESTIAL WARLUST now! Yes, that was before the time of B.W., two rehearsals: 03/04/93 & 10/1991 and two Live tracks in Melbourne 22/09/92, a total of eleven tracks including intro/outro. I will always love the old raw rehearsal sessions by all the Death Metal bands, that's where the true spirit dwells: in the maze of unmixed, unmastered Chaos!! If you worship BLASPHEMY, look no further as CORPSE MOLESTATION were damn brutal & Evil at their early days, this is an infernal gem for all underground collectors & maniax, lim. to 500 copies on pro tape & pro printed colored cover: official, BUY OR DIE!! TIME BEFORE TIME Recs: c/o TOMASZ HANUSZKIEWICS, PO BOX 66, 41-923 BYTOM POLAND.
CRANIAL TORMENT (GRE) "DEATH IS RISING" Demo 99. What is this again? Low tuned Death Metal from Greece... This is a little better than Atavism, by this I mean the musicians are capable of playing a little tighter mid-paced materials...but this is really average and too much repetitive, basic riffs all the time and I just feel like listening to a band that could have recorded this in 90/91, fuck ya, year is now 2000 and I need more brutal, more extreme stuff because CRANIAL TORMENT just stagnate in a pitiful predictable & basic linear Thrash/Death Metal cliché and for a third Demo, it's really bad and weak. Under the average and disappointing. c/o BILL BENAKIS, 32 PARADISION ST., PERISTERI 12136 ATHENS GREECE.
CREMATION (HOL) "Sempiternal Hatred" Demo 99. Great sound on this Demo, the band performs Epic Death Metal with a strong raging voice but with some generic melodies the swedish path…That's in the vein of ARGHOSLENT & VASTION but the band should try again & work some more times their so predictables arrangements…I won't say they are bad but just I was looking for something different, I remember of Cremation from Canada, they were fuckin' Evil & twisted, obscure… Well, this band from Holland is good but their name could make the reader waiting for a lot more brutal stuff which is not the case, just ok Warrior-Death Metal.
CRUCIFIRE (AUSTRALIA) "UNBLESSED UNTO HATRED" Demo Tape 2003. Said to be formed by ex-ENCABULOS and the result is a fast & morbid Death Metal attack with crushing and heavy obscures tunes the old-school gates! Old Grave similarities heard here but played at the Krisiun's speed, that's what CRUCIFIRE makes me think about and it's a compliment. Evil Death Metal from Hell are these three tracks that I will recommend to all those who stay true to the roots of ancient Death Metal. Actually only a couple of bands are playing this style nowadays, who are they? I believe Kaamos, Verminous, Repugnant and a few others can rescucitate the forgotten past through their music and you can now count on CRUCIFIRE to enlarge the ranks of the ones who brandish with pride this unrotten style: swedish Death metal flag of hate: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o STEVEN PO BOX 1648, GEELONG VIC, AUSTRALIA 3220. DARFIEND, PO. BOX 77, DONCASTER VIC, AUSTRALIA 3108.
CYANOSIS (USA) "REBIRTH" Demo 95 HARDKNOCKS. This was out before "Bludgeoned" Demo and also licensed by Hardknocks recs. Very heavy & morbid, Brutal Death Metal, total zombie-fuming tunes, ultra-deep guttural vocals from the grave, one ton pounding drums & toxic sulfuric leads of Death! Mainly mid-paced & catchy like old Avulsed but a lot heavier, more original & occasionally grinding the bones to the Gore like Embalmer! Savagery prevails in self-mastership of heaviness under blasting control, this was perfectly insane & smelling sort of a dooming desolation... BUY OR DIE!

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