jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - D

DECOMPOSED (UK) "Ego Sum Lex Mundi" 7"EP PUTRID CORPSE. Very fuckin' Evil & obscure intro, the band delivered some of the most haunting ambiences & crude Death Metal savagery without compromise, atmospheres that dwelled within the subconscious of the most blackened soul and surrounded by leads of abominations & dooming morbidity...!!! Again from early nineties came some great underrated bands & releases, DECOMPOSED being one of those bands as Death Metal rarely got so morbid & demented as DECOMPOSED offered us the privilege to hear...!
DECOMPOSED (UK) "THE FUNERAL OBSESSION" MLP 92. This is an old stuff that my old cousin-contribrutalhor taped me and I figured this would be of great interest to all the other true old-school Death Metal fans & maniacs that we are! Morbid & malignant obscure heavy Death Metal like old INCANTATION, DUSK, DERKETA, TORCHURE...!! Yes, fucking dooming spirits & dark as the coals of Hell with the ultimate earthquaking sound making all worms galloping to dark empires of emptiness, tormented souls lament through depressing repent and once again the forces of obscurity awake at the dawn of this third millenium... Ah, this is inspiring, all fans of dooming brutal Death must have this in their own collection or you'll rot in heaven! This is Supreme, BUY OR DIE!!!
DERKETA/NUNSLAUGHTER (USA/USA) "BEGOTTEN SON/EVIL DREAMS" Split 7"EP 99 DECOMPOSED SOUNDS/DELIRIA NOISE OUTFITTERS. Unbelievable DERKETA's returns!!!! I thought this band dead since "The Unholy Ground" Demo + 7"EP 90 but ten years after, they return with two brand new tracks: "Crypts Of Darkness" written in 91 and "Begotten Son" written july 13th 99, both songs were recorded july 99, the line up changed of course but it's always that crude, raw, dark, ancient Black/Doom/Death vibe, an heavy atmosphere, a true old-school underground sound! It's quite different from the Demo now, the sound doesn't reach the old heaviness that I loved so much but Sharon kept it raw and if you love the old Celtic Frost, old Necrophagia, old Incantation, Mythic and old Samael dooming style with grunting dark vocals, DERKETA's definitely for you, welcome to a world of witching abominations, where the old feeling reigns supreme, BUY OR DIE! 2656 Winchester Drive Pittsburgh, PA 15220-4009 USA. NUNSLAUGHTER is also another old band that will never change, completely engraved in the old Evil Thrash, Death/Black Dark Metal feelings and year after year always have gotten better and better, while offering nothing new, this is always a cult listening, 'cos this Split 7" is a gate to the world of all that is EVIL! BUY OR DIE! NUNSLAUGHTER 2012 BAXTERLY AVE. APT. #10, LAKEWOOD, OH. 44107 USA.
DEVILRY (FIN) "SATANASPHERE" 7"EP 2000 NUCLEAR WINTER. Following their great Demo, here comes 3 storming tracks of old-school Evil Speed Death Metal roots a la old MORBID ANGEL, old MASSACRA & old DEICIDE with higher aggressive vocals like ORDER FROM CHAOS/ANGELCORPSE. Simply excellent!! Enter their worldwide warship, BUY OR DIE!! NUCLEAR WINTER Recs: c/o ANASTASIS VALTSANIS, 10 LIKOURGOU STR., 154 51 ATHENS GREECE.
DISARM/OBBROBRIO (ITA/ITA) "URANIUM/ODORE PUTRIDO DI RESTI UMANI" 7"EP 2000/2001 Self-prod. I thought that it could be a good one and I traded it for a copy of my issue #666 at a Malignant Tumour/Disfigured Corpse/Pulmonary Fibrosis gig. Well, let's start with DISARM which is an intense old-school Grind band with those high vocals, very aggressive like old Anal Cunt but more structured like old Repulsion or Impetigo, just this band plays faster tunes which is cool but definitely not my style at all! c/o BORYS CATELANI, LOC. CAPANNELLE, 55020 CASTE NECCHIO PASCOLI (LU) ITALY. As for OBBROBRIO they caught my attention because they rip off the cover art from "Master Of Puppets" and also got the intro off the album by Kirk Hammet...! This is very different and rawer, a bit crusty but they also include some very insane & detuned arrangements, mixes with non-metal instruments, backward spells, synths & intros... that reminds me BLACK MASS OF ABSU sometimes, just the band do this for fun and isn't Evil at all... They're more to be linked with the kidding Grind/Noise scene as they look pretty young & fun! Just a couple of tunes were interesting to me (a total of 13 tracks on their side!) Let's hope they will take music more seriously (like they did with lyrics) in the future for that some tunes were really good & well arranged in a very original way, never heard before! Just needs to improve & mature again. c/o CLAUDIO CANCLINI, VIA MAZZINI 15, 23823 COLICO (LC) ITALY.
DISASTROUS MURMUR (Austria) "Embryonic uterogerstation" 7"EP 89.
DISASTROUS MURMUR/EMBEDDED (AUSTRIA/GER) Split 7"EP 2001 PERVERTED TASTE. Come back of DISASTROUS MURMUR, who could believe this?? That's cool to see them coming back to show their old-school mid-paced Death Metal in year 2001! It's a little similar to old PURGATORY and contains some catchy melodies too. For the old fans only! EMBEDDED was totally unknown to me until now! I'm quite surprised by this very good Death Metal band, the two tracks here were taken from their "Fragments Of Horror" MCD and that's maybe in the VADER vein with old SLAYER/KRISIUN touches and a good death grunt. The two songs are damn catchy and fit well within the spirit of my Fanzine, it is bands like EMBEDDED that I'd like to discover everyday, it fills me with the undead vibrations that I need to survive: BUY OR DIE! c/o ANDRE DANOWSKY, HIRTENSTR. 15, 49084 OSNABRÜCK GERMANY.

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