jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - B

BAPHOMET (USA) “BOILED IN BLOOD” 7”EP 91 AFTER WORLD/DEFILED CORPSE. Recorded LIVE 23/02/91 The Last Skyroom Show. I don’t think that many people remember of this band... they had a great pounding & crushing mid-paced Death Metal album out in early 90s. The sound on this 7” is very good, raw and we can hear the crowd screaming while they play, (I suspect the Live screamings were added later in the mix’s too much repeat the same screams!) very good recording and a total Live ambience. If you’re not familiar with their music, I think they did impose their own style years before Jungle Rot, Internal Bleeding & Dying Fetus... BAPHOMET fucking rules! BUY OR DIE!
BESTIAL MOCKERY/SUICIDAL WINDS (SWE/SWE) "NUCLEAR GOAT/JOYFUL DYING" Split 7"EP 2000 IMPALER OF TRENDIES (Lim. to 300). BESTIAL MOCKERY plays extreme & fast apocalyptic aggressive Black Metal, just a little less extreme than bands like Martire, Angelcorpse or Sadistik Exekution but they damn play it right with rage & good old sound & thrashing hatred feelings. 3 good songs from Hell, the band is now going famous & I'm more interested by this than the Demo, BUY OR DIE! MASTER, LGH. 462 SVEDJESTRÅKET 4, 45172 UDDEVALLA, BOHUSLÄN SWEDEN. The other side being performed by SUICIDAL WINDS was not that great... Sort of old Celtic Frost-riffs basis with dark & morbid vocals like so many old bands did in late 80s/early 90s: Nunslaughter, Derketa... & also old Necrophagia & Macabre. I do personally think the band wasn't ready to record this, some hardcore/punk influences made it shitty & fun to me, definitely too basic & predictable. c/o PETER HAGLUND, FJÄLLVÄGEN 56, LGH.8, 45153 UDDEVALLA SWEDEN.
BLACK MASS OF ABSU (USA) "LOOTING THE TOMB OF THE ARAMATHEAN WITH..." 7"EP 2000 FUDGEWORTHY. Extremely raw and noisy Black/Doom/Grind, the sound is so impure that it really has a dark nightmarish atmosphere into it and some haunting keyboards really help the unholy spirit arising from the charred bowels of the pits of Hell with distorted possessed vocals roars! Mainly obscure Doom choirs and disharmonic funeral atmospheric partitions. This is sure to please the fans of Doom, fans of Black and fans of Grind at the same time, this is not funny stuff and completely true underground music, this has to be heard on puke green vynil and it's not for trendy, guarantee! For die-hard fans & freaks only! PO BOX 638, KENMORE, NY. 14217 USA.
BLOOD (GER) "MASSACRE" 7"EP 2000 KETLER. They evolved more Extreme from what I used to hear from them! The guitars are flying like Evil winds, the drums pounding jesus' flesh and the vocals denying heaven strong! Still very heavy & haunting atmospheres arise from their Evil grindness, in fact not so different from what they have done before, it's just continuing with more convictions & strength, I'm impressed by this blue vinyl definitely, BUY OR DIE! KETZER Distr: c/o ALEX HEHNLE, MAUNZENGASSE 1, 89584 EHINGEN/RISSTISSEN GERMANY.
BLOOD/WARSPITE (GER/GER) Split 7"EP 2000 XETAL. Evil grinders are back! BLOOD stayed unchanged but the trax here are faster or am I listening to this at 45rpm?? No way, this is not a mistake, they go fast at 33rpm, cool surprise and they do not repeat themselves from their old riffs, they now are offering something similar to old BRUJERIA, some modern riffs here and there... That was pretty entertaining! c/o EISENSTEIN, CARL-ZEISS-STR. 4, 67346 SPEYER GERMANY. WARSPITE also delivered some old-school grinding tunes made with some swedish melodic injections, quite cool but very predictable in the vein of old PURGATORY with a lot more guttural voice & some Black Metal linearity... Damn cool new band anyway the end of the last track has to be heard! XETAL Recs/WARSPITE: c/o RONNY LAGES, WALTERSTAL 54, 09599 FREIBERG GERMANY.
BURIAL MOUND (FIN) "Horror" 7"EP 99 ARTE DE OCCULTA. Quite good band, fast & melodic Death Metal in the old Swedish vein with a great sound, Evil deep obscure vocals a la Aeternus and brutal riffs a la Possessed & Death sometimes, also atmospheric arrangements in the Black Metal styles here & there but no keyboards! Two original songs in a non-predictable way mixing many varied riffs from Death & Black Metal, I'm a little forced to call this Dark Metal because of the occult mood created here, it sometimes sounds Epic and always stayed brutal, bringing pure Metal atmospheres, this is a good one, BUY OR DIE!

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