lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - F

FLESHART (GRE) MCD-R Promo 2001. I got this accidentally from the band as the letter seemed not to be destined to me... $25 were enclosed & a request for Sintury & Waco Jesus CDs, also as far as I know, my name isn't Seb'... and I don't run a distro anymore! Fortunately, I believe that was Seb' of Ossuaire Distro! I could have rip them off but the music isn't bad at all, in fact it's maybe the best recorded thing I have heard from Greece (from Greece only!). Low tuned & basic guttural NY Death Metal style with a good raw sound and the musicians seemed to have rehearse enough before recording which is a good thing! MORTICIAN-alike stuff with slow moments in the vein of old CANNIBAL CORPSE. That was well done and shows that the band is to be taken for serious, let's hope it will evolve more into something of its own and improve the musicianship to something more challenging/complex and less predictable... I'm not sure if it would be interesting to keep an eye opened for this band, so let's see... S. KRITHINAKIS, 212 K. MATAPA, 18546 PIRAEUS GREECE.
FLESHTIZED (USA) "DIVIDE & CONQUER" MCD Self-prod. This is fast like VADER and has diabolical hatred like DIABOLIC, excellent production with killer musicianship that reminds me both these excellent true Death Metal bands (some MORBID ANGEL tunes as well). FLESHTIZED is definitely awesome & pure raging skilled Death Metal, just they could have added some more leads to enhance their style to perfection, (I had to wait track 3 for that!) ha, maybe I'm too much exigent with Death Metal nowadays? It's never too much for me, I always want more & more! If you love DIABOLIC stuff, you will worship FLESHTIZED as they're a little more technical and brutal! They perform at quick pace with class & precision, very professional release, it's gonna be one of my favorites underground releases and I'm not joking, this sounds Evil and the blasphemous atmosphere entrapped with damned feelings attract me in a spiral of rising souls through an obscure hatred born of higher state of mind... My best listening since a long time, I'm very, very impresss666sseeedddd!!! True Death Metal rules, everyone should get a copy of this satisfying gem in their macro-cosmic collection, it smells the burning flesh of...BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 7011, HUNTSVILLE, AL. 35807 USA.666!!!

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