lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - N

NATRON (ITA) "UNPURE" MCD 2000 NOCTURNAL. That was the old Demo from this band "A Taste Of Blood" back in '96/'97 along with two other tracks. They were performing a raw form of Brutal Death and already had that technical edge that we can hear in their first album "Hung, Drawn & Quartered" out on Headfucker. Their style was very SUFFOCATIONesque and we could mistake them for a US or a Canadian band! Cool idea to re-release this one, if you missed it, it's time for you to discover it now as the band is now unfortunately going in a very different way, BUY OR DIE!
NECROPSY (POL) "STRAIGHT HATE" MCD 2003. Damn good Death Metal band here, they blast & kill! Also original enough to find their own style of technical & unrelenting brutality, I'm impressed!! This is rare to hear now that all bands wanna sound like the trendy american clones, it appears that NECROPSY knows how to make a name for themselves with skilled brutality and authenticity. Above average musicianship here, they bring same Extremities like Cryptopsy do but with good grunting vocals and even more twisted in my opinion, the drummer is a damn demon behind his kit as he blasts like something I've never heard before and so are the other members, technical to the bone and performing leads with a dark inspiration! These capables musicians can be proud of having released something completely their own way, above all mediocre trends, this appeals to fans of Alienation Mental, Pavor, Intervalle Bizarre, Atrophy, early Suffocation... and the list grows everyday, thanx to the real underground and talented bands for bringing such a powerful freshness to the saturated scene, one of my favorite Demo by now, HAIL DEATH METAL: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o KOSTEK, BRONIEWSKIEGO 3/29, 35-222 RZESZOW POLAND.
NECROTIC MUTATION (CAN) MCD 99 Self-prod. Argh! 3 new tracks for 17mn worth of technical brutality, this has nothing to do with their first album "The Realm Of Human Illusion" '95, they definitely get rid of the melodies and are now performing an awesome overpowering Brutal Death Metal like DEEDS OF FLESH but more original, it's a pretty intense & fresh listening! The second track "Exaltération" has french lyrics and contains bizarres arrangements totally trippy! The technical bass lines can be heard easily 'cos the mixing is very well done between all instruments, that gives them an original sound very fluid and dark. If you're a brutal open-minded bastard, this is an essential purchase for your mighty collection of superior musicianship, BUY OR DIE! 310 AVE. GORDON, VERDUN, QC. CANADA H4G 2R4.
NEFAS (ITA) "TRANSFIGURATION TO THE ANCIENT'S FORM" MCD 2000 NUCLEAR ABOMINATIONS. Excellent Italian band, certainly the best that I could imagine to hear! They make me think about DAMNATION with morbid vocals like Purgatory/Immolation and some arising screamings a la Intestine Baalism, really fast and violent, apocalyptic... I really don't like those bass lines in tracks, it really sucks and ruin the songs completely but the rest is damn so great and impressive/inspiring, musicianship at the speed of light, unrelenting lust for blasting punishment through raw & twisted barbaric musical savagery, greatly obscure & haunted feelings... They offered so much things that I crave through these 5 tracks with occult lyrics that it smells Death and darkness everywhere around me, this is a memorable Evil listening experience that I will not soon forget, the band in my opinion should kick the bassist out and search for another one with better inspirations... Anyway, BUY OR DIE! c/o DARIO & TOM PAGOTTO, VIA ILLIRICO 10, 20133 MILAN ITALY. or c/o FABIO COVIELLO, VIA FERRARI 12, 27010 BASCAPE (PV) ITALY. NUCLEAR ABOMINATIONS: VIA REPUBBLICA DELL' OSSOLA 18, 41100 MODENA (MO) ITALY.
NO SOBRIETY (FRA) "Here comes the breath" MCD 2001. Thrash/Death with an acceptable sound, it's catchy and done the old-school way, convincing enough to keep an ear opened for them in the future, no trendy shit but still have to grow more extreme in my opinion because it gets boring after three songs.
NOCTURNAL SILENCE (Hol) "Plateau" Promo CD-R 98 (Pre-DISAVOWED !!!!).
NOMEN MORTIS (Slo) "Misanthrone" MCD-R Promo 2001.

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