samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - N

NOVEMBER TO DISMEMBER CD comp NIGHTFALL/TERRORIZER. This starts with MALARIA which is a famous Brutal Death/Grind band! They got the same sound as DAMNABLE's "Inperdition" just a little less extreme but also very twisted, killer! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 6022, MINNEAPOLIS, MN 55406 USA. Then came THE UNHOLY... to be honest, this is shit & crap, avoid this! FROM THE DEPTHS now performing fairy Heavy/Black Metal, very Maiden influenced like those trendy Swedish bands... This isn't for me but it's a good one for those who like this style, it's a well varied song structure with synths. Fuckin' PROPHECY annihilates the two previous bands with their heavy Death Metal a la old DYING FETUS & some unsanes atmospheres, BUY OR DIE! CORPSE GRISTLE Recs: 3521 OAK LAWN AVE., SUITE 666, DALLAS, TX 75219 USA. DEFILED; those samouraïs know how to get fast, twisted, brutal & original, you'd better let your hands grasping their two godly albums of technical & fresh Death Metal the true way, not for the weak! BUY OR DIE!! PROMISQES reminds me a nameless band from Poitiers in which I did perform guitar for 4 rehearsals but never had the time to grow at this level unfortunately! This is grinding Satanic Death Metal with a twist, good raw stuff. c/o LORI HEMPHILL, 2728 HUNTERS CT, OGDEN, UT. 84401 USA. GREY SKIES FALLEN has a melodic/atmospheric style that doesn't attract me particularly... It's just too much predictable & simple for my own taste, boring! UNBLESSED arrived with a famous fast Death Metal tune, very intense and complex including many moods and original, unpredictables arrangements, I can't tell they're sounding like someone else 'coz many variations irradiate the song, sure some riffs call out to me! BUY OR DIE! 855 MT. KATAHDIN TRAIL, ALPHRETTA, GA. 30022 USA. ANAL BLAST of course kicks asses with crushing brutal Death/Grind, nothing really original but well performed with a good production, BUY OR DIE! TOURETTE'S SYNDROME is the only band to have 4 tracks in the comp due to the short timing of their songs (the shortest is 0:33 & the longest is 0:51!) let me tell you that it's Grind with a shit sound, you can't hear the guitar sound and not all the song had the same sound, this sounds like a big joke, I'm not into this buffonery... SINTURY and their classic new school Death Metal a la DYING FETUS helps set off the level after this buffonery! Very catchy stuff and a good one. PENTAGORIA offers a very refreshing bloodshower with their excellent original Raw Death Metal a la WITHERED EARTH with weird moods & feelings, BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 23111, RICHFIELD, MN 55423 USA. S.A.T.A.N. seem to play with drum machine and its too predominant programming for that I can't hear the other instruments apart the vocals, just when it calms the beat, I can hear the whole SATAN thing and I can say now that this isn't very interesting, the track being too repetitive and devoid of good structures. The leads are cool anyway, in the vein of Acheron. SARCOPHAGUS had the most gentle sound in the comp, not made to disturb your neighbours, volume is lower than all other bands and the style is somewhat IMMORTAL alike & atmospheric Black Metal, old Satyricon alike... REVEREND POKY BUNGE sounds like old Impetigo & Macabre but even worse, it's not convincing to me. INVEIGH is sort of an industrial trendy repetitive power Metal band with rap-core vocals, approximately same riff from the beginning to the end, this sucks & incompetent to write a good riff that hasn't already been used before... Old Obituary was more technical than your trendy shit! Another such a band is INNER FEAR, modern & trendy style that doesn't contain any dark tune, just some repetitive riffs that million amateurish bands can do at their first rehearsal. FALL, is this band better? ...mhhh... yes & no! They're more underground but the basic gentle Grind tunes a la DROGHEDA do not inspire me that much... MASOCHISM's Death/Grind sounds old-school and is bringing back some old Macabre similitudes. c/o JUAN TORRES, 10104 RUTLAND VILLAGE EAST, AUSTIN, TX 78758 USA. ANAL BLAST ends again with another song of Scato-Grind/Death, short but efficient! NIGHTFALL/TERRORIZER Recs: PO BOX 6022, MINNEAPOLIS, MN. 55406 USA.

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