jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - E

ENTRAILS/NECROFLESH (Czech/Ita) "Black vein" Split LP 98 IRON TYRANT.
ETERNAL HATRED (USA) "UPON ROTTEN MANKIND" 7"EP 99 STORMBRINGER. Killer stuff from Chicago's unique & true extreme Metal scene, ETERNAL HATRED returns more intense and extreme than anything on their wonderful "The Eve Of Destruction" 2nd Demo, a strong stormful production with effects in the leads makes me breath the wind of Death Metal fury and vengeance on the first side! Second side is also highly recommended, a slower track that sounds heavy as HELL! If you like true Metal with aggression and heavy sound with old-school & cult dooming obscures feelings, you know what to do. I will just finish this review by saying that this is how real Metal must sound, a must have, BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 1250, LA GRANGE PARK, IL. 60256 USA. STORMBRINGER Prods: c/o NICLAS JOHANSSON, LINNEGATAN 24, 380 62 MÖRBYLÅNGA SWEDEN.
ETERNAL SOLSTICE/MOURNING (HOL/HOL) "At The Dawn Of..." Split LP 92 MIDIAN CREATIONS. Very cool, this old piece of vinyl, it's 100% total old Dark/Death Metal from the graveyards! ETERNAL SOLSTICE had that old OBITUARY, old SAMAEL styles that still please me these days, I can't deny the past, really!! I'm sure a lot of fans who stayed true since the start still adore this old pounding style, whatever the trend of the moment is all about, this was a lot more Evil, darker & more inspiring than what's going on nowadays, this ruled and sure isn't for trendy bastards! MOURNING had that saxo intro but also very doomy & Evil was their style of Death, shredding and pounding, riffs a la old POSSESSED/DEATH with a powerful raw sound from the sulfuric Hell! Six tracks that were fuming and glowing the turntable, leaving a charred atmosphere behind them like the old & famous cult of AUTOPSY! The old sound really had something like a dark spirit engulfed in all of the old recordings making the stuff forever remembered, heavier and more morbid than the actual Metal and those who tried this today sounds like wimps. BUY OR DIE!
EVOKE/AETERNUM (UK/SWI) "THE ANCIENT ENEMY" 7"EP 99 PARANOIA SYNDROME. Yeah, great to hear, the EVOKE side has an Evil old-school Death Metal atmosphere with that track called "The Ancient Enemy", it has an obscure & oppressing intro made by themselves that sounds very similar to the Halloween movie's soundtrack and some similar tunes with ancient melodic Swedish Death Metal tradition (a bit sounding like Kaamos but a little rawer!), a cover of mighty Carnage's "Gentle Exhuming" helps to reinforce this feeling! EVOKE has some similar tunes with the old CARNAGE with an even more impure & darker sound, it's more Evil & cruel, I will always compare this band with the now unfortunately defunct MALEDICTION also from UK, BUY OR DIE of course! c/o JOHN REDFERN, 45 PRIESTIC ROAD, SUTTON-IN-ASHFIELD, NOTTS. NG17 2AH ENGLAND. AETERNUM isn't my kind of Metal at all, it's too melodic induced and very predictable as even not heard before, this track they perform sounds a lot like a rip off of old ROTTING CHRIST & SALEM to me. It also reminds me of another melodic Black Metal band but I just can't remember which one...too much similar if not saying copied...! The cover of Amorphis' "Drowned Maid" isn't taken from the good period of the band in my opinion! All in all this is musically very ROTTING CHRIST influenced. Too much happy melodic music for my taste, I get bored. c/o DAVID KÄLIN, SCHMIEDENSTR. 4, 8840 EINSIEDELN SWITZERLAND. c/o STEVE KESSLER, KLÖSTERLISTR. 1, 6430 SCHWYZ SWITZERLAND.
EXHUMED/GADGET (USA/SWE) Split 7"EP 2000 RELAPSE. No needs to introduce EXHUMED, they're performing a cover of almighty old CARCASS' "Exhume To Consume" along with two other trax: "Torso 2000" & "Emeticide". The cover is real true to the original (maybe too much!?) and the other tracks fuuulllll ooofffff.............. ggggoooorrrreeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As always of course, this is EXHUMED's own style of Extreme Gore Metal; BUY OR DIE! On the other side comes GADGET (inspector?) that I had never heard of before: this is a grindcore band melted with Extreme Metal, very good sound similar to EXHUMED but a little more hardcore influenced like DISRUPT, SKELETAL EARTH... Good quality band but I still prefer EXHUMED' side!
EXHUMED/SANITYS DAWN (USA/Ger) "Recordings 2000/Szymon siech " Split 7" EP 2000 DEADL. ART.
EXMORTEM/IMPENDING DOOM (DK/GER) "BERSERKER LEGIONS/CROMLECH" Split 7"EP 99 PERVERTED TASTE. One of the most recommended puke-transparent-green Split 7" out of 6661!! Imagine two ravaging Death Metal bands on one vinyl of Death!! EXMORTEM keep continuing their excellent interesting ravaging old-school pounding Death Metal that is very refreshing & catchy, morbid as Hell! 666% true Death Metal, this is how it must be played with infernal leads, two already classic tracks of Death, BUY OR DIE! RAVNHOLTVEJ 145, 8310 TRANBJERG DENMARK. As for IMPENDING DOOM, I really got surprised, it's the first time I'm listening to this band and I'm absolutely not disappointed at all!! From the morbid intro to their unbelievable raw sound, the band performs a cover version of Darkthrone's "Cromlech", old-school Speed Death Metal in the old vein of INCANTATION just they aren't as heavy but are equally talented & successful at creating a suffocative Evil atmosphere a la old POSSESSED, blasphemous is their game & I rejoice of this utterly! Only one track and I need to cry for more, it would be very interesting to hear something of their own creation now, BUY OR DIE!!! c/o ANDREAS KAUFMANN, DÖRFFELLSTRASSE 1, 07570 WEIDA GERMANY.

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