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MCD reviews - R

R.U. DEAD? (GER) "NOTHING WILL BE FORGIVEN" MCD 95 ABSCHÄDEL. This is an old stuff again just to show everyone that morbid Death/Thrash energy, skilful & original, will forever dominate the scene by the Slayerian influence and some Asphyx similar structures, bref: it fuckin' rules!! The rage and intensity of such original musicianship is now practically dead these days, a lot of breaks & unpredictables arrangements aren't performed by the newer bands anymore, prefering to go for the simpliest way of writing music & denying originality... "Nothing Will Be Forgiven" contains nothing that will be forgotten at least that is my personal opinion, I'll forever remember this MCD for years & years. Fans of the old feelings might adore this as I do: BUY OR DIE!!
REBAELLIUN (BRA) "BRINGER OF WAR" MCD 2000 HAMMERHEART. Extreme Death Metal rarely got so violent & fast tunes, the sound on it is very fluid still got a certain ripping heaviness. They are with KRISIUN, the unholy purveyors of true Aggressive Death Metal apocalypse!! Vengeance is real and it can be heard through the Brazilian Death Metal Armageddon. Unrelenting obsessive skilled riffings flows abundantly through the speakers of Death! An infernal machinery, "Bringer Of War" is revealing of cruelty, truly bringer of hatred, dark & above all: Evil! This band offers more with 3 new tracks than many others with 10! 4th is a Morbid Angel cover tune "Day Of Suffering" re-visited at the speed of light! I'm super glad that bands like that still exist and show the craps how to play it, 666 thanx from Hell!! For real Death Metal demons only, BUY OR DIE!!! C.P. 946, CEP 90001-970 POA/RS BRAZIL.
REGORGE (SLO) "Decerebrate" MCD 99. Damn the East countries got the strongest brutal scene, tons of bands from there!! This one's playing the most popular style: Death/Grind and it's again an ok release, the sound is a little deaf but the band is good, it reminds me of another band from there but just can't remember which one... It's fast, it's twisted and a certain originality thrown in & out, definitely good & deserving to be heard by all of you, not a clone band this time, they just got a little similar to Cannibal Corpse in some of the quick technical riffs which I like a lot! The last track benefit of a different sound mix, heavier than the rest of the songs.
REPROBATION (USA) "The Colour Of Gore" MCD 2000 FOREVER UNDERGROUND. This reminds me of SKELETON OF GOD a lot & also HUMAN REMAINS too! Very twisted Brutal Death musicianship the way these two bands played, also WICKED INNOCENCE, MASS PSYCHOSIS & TIMEGHOUL did something in that talented skilful way, very eerie guturality!! Lots of vocals changes and many unpredictable arrangements, no dyingfetus alike, this is a great truly underground band catchy as fuck & original as Hell!! I rarely got so much enthusiast with new bands but this one caught me in a corner, they're doing something that only a few can do: playing their own style in the uneasy way, musically twisted & malignant ranging from something doomy to more complex structures and creating a totally morbid mood of Death! Amazing new band, "The Colour Of Gore" is definitely blood red & slimy, obscure & standing high above the average with an overall atmosphere sick as while watching a total Dark/Gore movie after midnight... BUY OR DIE!!!!
REPUGNANCE (SPA) "MAXIMUM PERVERSUM" MCD 2000 UXICON. It's again some poor, old & average grind tunes from Spain without any originality and sounding like many others grind n'roll punky bands...pppfffffff!!! It's fucking boring and ridiculous, can't stand the copycat trends, really! It's the Impetigo, Repulsion, etc... influenced band, it's becoming really tiring, who needs again such weak & outdated basic teenage musical buffonery? PO BOX 256, 33600 MIERES SPAIN. UXICON: VEST 36, 3271 ZICHEM BELGIUM.
REPUGNANT (SWE) "HECATOMB" MCD 2000 UNVEILING THE WICKED/HAMMERHEART. Originally released as 7"EP on Dead Monkey & To The Death Recs. This version has 4 tracks (including a re-recorded version of a Demo track & cover of Celtic Frost's "The Usurper") + intro/outro. This is total plain morbid Death!! Real, true darkened Death Metal essence flows from this "Hecatomb", just like when VADER got their Demos out or when NECROPHAGIA & DEATH were showing the world how to play it from 1987 eternally! Now that bands like KAAMOS, DIABOLIC, SADISTIC INTENT & a few more keep that flame of true playing, REPUGNANT comes with the same immortal spirit to join the undying legions and to show the underground that there are more genious & glory in Death Metal traditions than just playing in a trend & being followed by many. Death Metal the truest way possible for all purists & die-hard fans/freaks addicted to quality & darkened atmospheres from beyond the unholy graves, BUY OR DIE!!! c/o TOBIAS FORGE, SKARPBRUNNAV. 209, 14564 NORSBORG SWEDEN. or JOHAN WALLIN, HAGV. 2K, 19440 UPPLANDS-VÄSBY SWEDEN.
REQUIEM (POR) "REQUIEM AETERNAM DONA EIS" MCD-R 2001 self-prod. I have seen 4 (5?) bands using the name REQUIEM in the last couple of years, so the question might be: who's the best? As the ones I knew before were total crap! This one from Portugal is again average, sort of Doom/Death with keyboards and a lot of different influences, unfortunately using some normal female/male vocals here and there… Reminds me of Aphotic a little but REQUIEM is more dreamy and common, plus doesn't possess the same quality. It sure reveals many mistakes but that's only a Demo and it makes me remember of the atmospheric trend that started maybe in 1992 with the first Nightfall album. I can't say that I like it nor if I will listen to it over again, that's definitely too soft for me and the singing voices just plain sucks! Only a very few tunes caught my interest, the total Doom ones but the rest was just boring or not underground enough… Bands like that invented this kind of music to only please their girlfriends or what?? c/o Miguel Bastos, Rua Arruda Furtado, nº5 3ºdto, 2670-414 Loures Portugal.
REQUIEM (SWI) "Nameless grave" MCD 2001 FASTBEAT/JH. Hey, this one's the only good REQUIEM band I know, seems to be very VADER-influenced and fast, in addiction! Some damn good riffs are spewed from the guitarists hands, thrashing with power, it recalls the old Samael & Sacralis but faster and each song has a different structure. All in all a very catchy release based on old-school basis, pure headbanging guarantee! BUY OR DIE!!
REVEL DECAY (BRA) Demo. Brutal tunes from Brazil of Death: old-school is the style of REVEL DECAY, thrashing like the very old Krisiun and old Cannibal Corpse. Unfortunately lacked a little of real punishing ideas as some Slayer riffs were too repetitives and tend to become boring as I'm just listening to the first track...! The voice is ultra-guttural but all in all, it's a Thrash/Death Metal band, average and just lacking of some needed originality. Makes me reminding of a young spanish act who had a 3"MCD out promoted by repulse recs but I simply can't remember what was its name and that will certainly happen with REVEL DECAY too... Who will remember them in a couple of years? At least I don't know when it has been recorded... The riffs were just too basic for my taste but they played it well and tight, just too much predictable, I liked it at last. a/c HELANO OLIVEIRA, AV. B N°147 CONJUNTO CEARA, FORTALEZA CEARA BRASIL CEP. 60553-600
REVENGE (USA) "Attack . blood . revenge" MCD 2001 DARK HORIZON. Damn this label knows what is good! REVENGE impressed me as soon as the first note bombarded my eardrums! This is War, Chaos & unholy Destruction! In the Australian vein of BESTIAL WARLUST & SADISTIK EXEKUTION, I call this pure fuckin' Warmageddon Metal, nothing for the weak trendy ears!! They sometimes use harmonizers like old Carcass but the main vocals rages & they are fuckin' Evil, blasting, blasting, blasting… 'till Death!!!!! I thank Satan for having spawned BLASPHEMY as avant-gardists to this Extreme underground Metal style, only a few bands can perform this! As a gift to the Ancestors, a cover of BATHORY "War" is performed from Hell, at least…BUY OR DIE!!

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