lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - K

KEVLAR SKIN (SPA) "SYNTHETIC GOD" MCD-R 2001 Self-prod. 4 tracks in the vein of old Suffocation, to get that crude "Reincremation" sound isn't easy... anyway they tried! Much more groovy guttural stuff influenced that tends to get popular now, this reminds me a jam session I had improvised with some friends after lots of pots smoking & alcohol/vomit some years ago...! It was basically that kind of noise but KEVLAR SKIN obviously have some structures and certainly rehearsed a couple of times before recording this, which wasn't my case! The result is just below average to me and I don't feel that excited about this new band... Dying Fetus, Pyrexia, Eternal Suffering are also mentionned as influences, I can say that they remind me those bands but less extreme and a little slower, just like CYANOSIS in some ways without a good production (it's very raw at the border of noise/grind...). They're currently working on new songs to record after the summer, so it would be more interesting to hear, let's hope the music will gets more mature & extreme with time. c/o FERNANDO ROMERO BASTANTE, C/RAIMUNDO LULIO, 7, ESC. IZQ., 1 2. 14006 CORDOBA SPAIN.

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