jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - N

NECROSPHERE (ITA) "MORTIS CAUSA" 7"EP 2000 WARLORD. Actually, I'm not really sure if that was out on vinyl, maybe on cassette!? This is Death Metal, fast & brutal, in-your-face and punishing the weak savior by Cryptopsy/Vader-alike drumming mostly ending all of the riffs by a rolling thunder, furious speedy game! The music is undoubtedly Death Metal but I simply can't point any similarities with other bands, the riffs are short, quick and right to the point and that's all I can say about it! The vocals were right but still could be better in my opinion. Finally they ended up by a cover of Slayer's 'Necrophiliac" which is a real good song and they did perform it pretty well. Quite OK band, I'm looking forward to check the original 7" (or cassette?) out next time! BUY OR DIE!
NEUROPATHIA/MIXOMATOSIS (POL/SPA) "SPLATTER GOULASH/LA MASACRE CONTINUA" Split 7"EP 2000 FUDGEWORTHY. NEUROPATHIA appears again with some old Carcass influenced grind including some Mortician riffings, very basic & simple, nothing extreme here, it's too predictable and common average grind, boring... MIXOMATOSIS is another grind/noise joke from Spain and also an Impetigo rip-off...really shitty. INFECTION DISTRIBUTION: 8 STEVIN DRIVE, WOBURN, MASS. 01801 USA.
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) "BLOOD DEVIL" 7"EP 99 REVENGE. Evil & old-school Death Metal strikes back! Sounds like it was in late eighties, they never changed for anything: Metal is Death, Death is Metal, NUNSLAUGHTER Death Metal! A true band for the true fans with that impure raw sound and basic tunes not for trendy ears, a real abomination pressed on blasphemous holy white-spirit vynil! BUY OR DIE! 2012 BAXTERLY AVE. #10, LAKEWOOD, OHIO 44107 USA.
NUNSLAUGHTER (USA) "HELL'S UNHOLY FIRE" LP 2000 REVENGE. The most Venomous & Zombifying Death Metal release of year 2000! I have seen myself re-plunging in the mid-eighties while listening to "Hell's Unholy Fire", an extremely cult release!!! No band today will have the balls to sound like that Evil & Raw old-school Death thrashing Metal from the dead's Hell!! 18 tracks dating from September 86 to April 97 including all the lyrics and the dark atmosphere from the graveyards that these maniacs are able to create, such an utter malefic & macabre underground ambience can not be heard today and that's why I'm so glad to hear it resurrected now on black charred vinyl of Death!!! No bullshit, it's their best release so far, they couldn't achieve it better, it smells the DEATH, the DEATH, THE FUCKING DEATH!!!! Old NECROPHAGIA, old VENOM, old DEATH, old-school still fuckin' rules & reigns supreme! BUY & DIE A SECOND TIME!666!!! Fuck, that's the real underground spirit of malediction, I die again! 2012 BAXTERLY AVE. #10, LAKEWOOD, OHIO 44107 USA. REVENGE Prods: PO BOX 122001, 68071 MANNHEIM GERMANY.

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