lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - E

EARTHTONE9 (UK) "HI-POINT" MCD 2000 COPRO. This stuff definitely doesn't interest me at all! This is just like the other releases on this label: alternative grunge hardcore etc... This boring clone shit is of no interest to me, too much commercial & repetitive, soft, clean metal sounding, 18mn worth of fucking trends! Avoid it like the plague.
EDICIUS (FRA) "AEON" MCD 2001 DEADSUN. Definitely Deadsun is undoubtedly a cool label & mailorder but what the Hell signing such a band????????? It has something good to offer: sort of fast Black/Grind like old BLASPHEMY & norvegian black with too much intros and a drum machine?! Not sure of that but the sound is very good and sometimes the band goes fast & destroys a lot but the compositions go nowhere to me, it has no coherent nor convincing structures as they rip-off all the riffs from other bands. The CD only lasts 28mn so I consider this as a MCD. Maybe that's too much original for me but let me tell you that if you drop all the intros, there is not so much music remaining finally, maybe 15mn…a steal!
EMBEDDED (GER) "Fragments Of Horror" MCD 2000. Fast & heavy Brutal Death Metal in the vein of early AMON (now Deicide) & VADER materials, very good band that knows how to play it real, true Death Metal with excellent catchy riffs, just needs to find their own style now because it's cloning these two well-known aforementioned bands, I personally don't care as I rejoice of these kinds of tunes eternally but maybe the readers won't share my feelings entirely, fuck you: BUY OR DIE!!!
ENCABULOS (AUSTRALIA) "ABANDONING THE FLESH" MCD 2000 VENOMOUS. Great sound, massive as a steamroller, dark as the Gates of Hell, intense as a blasting Spirit & heavier than Bolt Thrower from which they also covered the now classic "Cenotaph", ENCABULOS are obviously more intense anyway with their unrelenting Extreme Metal that is also influenced by the old-school Underground Metal of Death & Black! "Abandoning The Flesh" is like a gate from beyond where many spirits escape to penetrate your mind & invading the mortal world by uncontrollable abomination! Powerful in every sense of the definition, pure Chaos! BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 1648, GEELONG VIC 3220 AUSTRALIA. VENOMOUS Recs: PO BOX 792 PENRITH NSW AUSTRALIA 2751.
ENRAGED (HOL) "Countblast" MCD 2001 SO IT IS DONE. Cool new brutal band that resemble to old KRABATHOR, heavy, blasting powerful with some melodic injections, heinous vocals like old CARCASS and very varied structures ranging from old-school & classic Thrash & Death to more original tunes/arrangements in the CARCASS' "Necroticism: Descanting The Insalubrious" vein. Very good band not playing in the last trend and definitely worth some attentions especially from the CARCASS addicts!
ENTHRALLMENT (Bulgaria) "Burning fields" MCD 2000 BUTCHERY Music. Brutal & heavy Death Metal, quite classic & basic but efficient, reminds me of the first MONSTROSITY "Imperial Doom" album sometimes but with groovy rhythms & low vocals, strange mixture indeed but this blasts and is good to hear these days, also CANNIBAL CORPSE influenced sometimes. And to conclude, they bring some sombre feelings to their music, quite good & recommended!
EXIDIA (ITA) "FROM THE DEEP" MCD 2000 Self-prod. Ah, good Death Metal band here, the vocals remind me of old Suffocation, the music is also good and very classic, that's Death Metal no problem, heavy with many changes in structures, so not that predictable and non-linear which is a good thing. Some brief solos as well, their sound reminds me of old Gorefest's "Mindloss" but also old Deicide & Asphyx, just they play it in their own brutal way. Fans of old Death Metal should keep an eye & ear opened for EXIDIA, 4 tracks for 12mn... I want more! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o PADOAN RICCARDO, VIA CURIONE 1, 45020 PINCARA (ROVIGO) ITALY.
EYE SEA (GER) "BLOODGEON" MCD 99 SHREDDED. Ravaging stuff, brutal & heavy, raging Death Metal, crushing & original, they remind me of old KATAKLYSM a lot, fast with a lot of power, really intense! Not to forget the presence of some dark feelings & insanes variations. This steers clear out of the boring mosh trends and offers something new in the real Extreme Death/Grind Metal scene. The only thing I dislike is that shitty hardcore song and the vocals in the last track, it really has nothing to do with the band's serious own ass-kicking style...! Regardless of that bullshit, the band deserves to be heard by all extreme Metal fans for sure. Just a pity that they did include those fun vocals at the end, it ruins the CD completely... c/o UWE RHOLFS, SALVADOR ALLENDE STR. 24, 28203 BREMEN GERMANY. SHREDDED Recs: HAUPTSTRAßE 56, 31515 WUNSTORF GERMANY.

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