lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - R

RECTUM (Fin) "Enforced prick" Demo 92.
RELENTLESS (SWE) "Experiment In Excrement" Demo 2001 BUTCHERY. Damn good Brutal Death Metal band from Sweden! I was surprised by their MORTICIANesque heaviness & their CANNIBAL CORPSian musicianship! The scene in Sweden is slowly changing for the better and that is a good thing finally! This is brutal & inhuman Death Metal like I love to hear, the solos should be mixed much more in front because they get drowned behind other instruments but that is the only thing to complain about!
RETRIBUTION (USA) "Third world" Demo 99 M.D.C.A.
RIPPED APART (USA) "SEVERED LIMBS" Demo 97. Here's something cool & old-school; fast & ripping Death Metal that reminds me SKINLESS and old BOLT THROWER, old SEPULTURA as well with some good leads of Death! Sounds intense & apocalyptic at times, while all the riffs were surely already tried by many other bands in the old days, it's good to hear a band that keeps that ancient feeling these days, that's exactly how it must be done! These guys convinced me completely, true Death Metal malevolence, heavy, raw & brutal, morbid as Hell! BUY OR DIE!
ROTTING CORPSE (Guatemala) "Pain to pleasure" Demo 95 AMERICAN LINE.

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