samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - E

ENERGY OF ORGASM Comp Tape SYMBOLIC. Here's another D.I.Y. Grind/Brutal Death 60mn compilation tape with bad dubbed sound & photocopied porn cover... You should at least try to get a decent recorder if you're making a comp tape like this... Bands featured are: SOILS OF FATE, INTENSE HAMMER RAGE, BLOODSHED, INHUMATE, ATAVISM & BLOODY GORE. The guy is also running a kidding wannabefriendwitheverybodypornewsletter that looks very childish in my eyes and obviously lacks of knowledge judging how the reviews are made... If you give a fuck about that kidding activities: c/o BRUNO MATHIEU, 4 GRANDE RUE, 54300 BONVILLER FRANCE.
ENTOMBED/CARNAGE Split Demos CD MASTERCULT. Absolute dark Swedish Death Metal Demos: "But Life Goes On" Demo 89, 1 track from "Projections Of A Stained Mind" comp LP/CD 90, Live In Holland 11/11/90" bootleg 7"EP 91 and 1 rehearsal track 3/90, that was for ENTOMBED's past! Let's go for CARNAGE: "Infestation Of Evil" Demo 2 '89, "The Day Man Lost" Demo 1 '89, "Live Stockholm 04/11/89" official Live 7"EP 90! Super-cult stuffs from these two eternal names of the underground!

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