lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - H

HARAKIRI (USA) "Virtuous symptoms" MCD 2000 Self-prod.
HOLOCAUST (SWE) “HELLFIRE HOLOCAUST” MCD 2000 SOUND RIOT. Quite powerful Swedish Death/Black/Dark Metal with a great sound quality, they remind me of VADER but more intense & heavier with some catchy speed Dark/Black Metal melodies, some riffs are also very old SLAYER alike but more intense. This contains pure Metal energies and is very interesting by its attractive intense darknening style, a very original band that don’t abuse the melodic tunes and incorporate some great warrior feelings, note that the voice isn’t shrieky like it is the rule now, it’s a middle, raging one, deep howling from the throat of Death, this usually isn’t my style but I exceptionally enjoyed this very much because of its intensity & great feelings/atmospheres, an excellent MCD indeed! BUY OR DIE!
HOLOCAUSTO CANIBAL (POR) "GONORREIA VISCERAL" MCD 2000. Brutal heavy Death/Grind in the vein of INTERNAL BLEEDING & SUFFOCATION! Well done, this was a real good surprise, fans of the two aforementionned bands should appreciate this Portuguese one too as they manage to brutalize equal with genius skills and other essential things to make it really enjoyable, some good intros, truly brutal guttural voice, tight drummings, shredding guitars & pounding bass... Why should I be waiting for something more? All what I need to make a good review is here, BUY OR DIE!
HORDE OF WORMS (Can) "Wormageddon" MCD 2000 BLOODBUCKET. Drum machine-gun for this Extreme Death/Black release, catchy & unrelenting the way I like it, old-school sound and a bit playing in the Angelcorpse/Belphegor styles, good materials, these four tracks are intense & full-on with massive destructive feelings, too bad the drum-machine sometimes abused the blast-beats but that's that's the only minor detail I can complain about, get your ears on this one!
HUMAN WASTE (GER) "Loved, teased, pleased" MCD 2001. Allons-bon, y'avait les Espagnolais, maintenant c'est au tour des Germanois! Sorry, I'm speaking in tongues…! Don't get confused with the Spanish band who released a CD few years back on a Japanese label. This one's very original and twisted, heavy as Hell & skilled as fuck, sometimes very Morbid Angel & old Loudblast influenced…All in all a real morbid Death Metal band with filthy raw sound, I like it 'cos it's very obscure & heavy! Some will find the sound average…but they don't know what is good!!! This is a real good surprise, very original band, haunting as Hell like first Incantation album but different, it's bewitching my soul…I can't explain it, you'd better have to check this one out & make your own opinion! Damn, a cover of almighty filthy Death Metal godz AUTOPSY's "Destined To Fester" finish the CD with total doomingness & darkness, great gift for my old-school ears, HUMAN WASTE rules!! BUY OR DIE!!!!!!

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