jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - S

SADISTIC INTENT (USA) "RESURRECTION OF THE ANCIENT BLACK EARTH" LP 2000 IRON PEGASUS (Limited to 666!). Wonderful idea to re-release their two damn obscure & cult MCDs on one occult slime-vinyl of Death!!! It fucking rules!! Real dooming Death Metal curse rising from below the "Ancient Black Earth" where a possessed & unholy "Resurrection" occured...!! I think that I have bought everything that I could find released by this band, from the Rehearsal, the Demo, the 7", the MCDs & Split 7"... "JoiiiiN... UuuuussS!!!", more than ten years after, I still got the same pleasure listening to a real SADISTIC INTENT! I'm still under their Black/Death/Dark Death Metal spell of Doom!! These guys are able to enter any dark souls around with their Evil chants & unholy whispering incantations... Side A includes "Resurrection" MCD showing their very own style and side B includes "Ancient Black Earth" MCD (which is a little more old MORBID ANGEL influenced) + 2 bonus tracks: "Eternal darkness" & "Ancient Black Earth" recorded Live "At The Whisky" Hollywood, California 13th December 6661. To all fans around: BUY OR DIE, this absolute cult piece of pure HELL!! PO BOX 5051, DOWNEY CA. 90241 USA. IRON PEGASUS Recs: PO BOX 1462, 56804 COCHEM / MOSEL GERMANY.
SEVERE TORTURE (HOL) "LAMBS OF A GOD" 7"EP 2000 THE PLAGUE. This contains two unreleased tracks recorded during their album session, fast, aggressive, raw brutal Death Metal with cup-the-mic vocals very harsh & shredding the throat! Fans of old CANNIBAL CORPSE & CRYPTOPSY should welcome this new release by these extreme deathsters! The songs are: "Lambs Of A God" & "Taking Down The Descender". Top-class Brutal Death Metal to satisfy the most deranged of us, it's probably sold-out from the band now as when I was ordering it, they only had a couple of copies left... So, move your ass, find a cool distro who still carry it and... BUY OR DIE!! You will not regret it, guarantee! HOF TER AA 58, 5282 WH BOXTEL HOLLAND.
SEVERE TORTURE (HOL) "PRAY FOR NOTHING" 7"EP 99 DAMNATION. Ah, yeah!! Finally got a copy of this rare-to-find vinyl of Death! Some people said that it was only available at SEVERE TORTURE's gigs but I got it from the label and my copy is #270 out of 500 made, so maybe still available when you'll read this..? Two tracks that aren't from the Demo but feature on their CD, of course the vinyl version has a rawer sound recording, just like the Demo but of a little higher quality. The guitars remind me Cryptopsy and some riffs & arrangements remind me the old Cannibal Corpse days, excellent Brutal band that's now signed to The Plague (see CD review). That is for all the true Brutal Death Metal addicts only, BUY OR DIE!
SLUGATHOR (FIN) 7"EP 2000 PERVERTED TASTE. Not a very good release, sort of a mid-tempo Grind/Death trying to do it the american way but failed to my ears! That's very average and devoid of any interest, repetitive as fuck, basic & too simple listening. They should keep this in their garage and wait for working something better to spread out, boring.
SORDID DEATH (SWE) EP 2001 Selfprod. Heavy & raw Brutal Death, the sound is like "Human Waste" of Suffocation but this band don't top the same extremity, anyway, there's very interesting tunes in SORDID DEATH, very american sounding would say some bitches but damn well played and very sordid, so finally a band took their name from their own music mood! There's plenty of crushing rhythms, power chords like ETERNAL TORMENT & BAPHOMET but much more skilled & twisted, this reminds me of DERANGED too by the use of very similar riffings. Quite good band, I'll certainly try to check this 7" out soon! BUY OR DIE!!
SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION/LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (FRA/BRA) Split 7"EP 2000 MORTUARIA. A massive release! Not only because SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION features on it but also because of the colour of the vinyl: semi-transparent red with black stains, never seen one like that before, it rules! It's also a solid vinyl, from 2 to 3mm thickness, unflexible! Ok, as you might know them now, this is Extreme Grindcore, certainly one of the most fast in France, BUY OR DIE! c/o CANNIBAL GUTTURALIEN SEB, 9 RUE CLAUDE MIVIERE, 92270 BOIS COLOMBES FRANCE. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM... If I remember well, I reviewed a Tape released by Lofty Storm in issue #5, well, they didn't change their Goreful Grind with drum machine. Fans of Noisy Grindgore with low pitched vocals should appreciate, I personally prefer another band from their town... c/o ANDRE LUIZ, C.P. 9095, CURITIBA – PR – CEP 80.611-970 BRAZIL.
SUICIDE NATION (USA) "A REQUIEM FOR ALL THAT EVER MATTERED" LP SCORCHED EARTH POLICY/KING OF THE MONSTER. This band claims to be coming from the hardcore/punk scene but what they play is fast melodic Death Metal in the vein of those trendy Swedish bands who abused the Iron Maiden influence if you see what I refer to...! High blackish aggressive vocals and all the riffs are fast & melodic, not saying they suck but I have heard this kind of Metal a million times before and I'm definitely bored & disgusted forever! But I know some people still like this style a lot, so this one's for you, melodic freaks! Good quality recording and very good attitude, anyway a bit contradictory in my eyes but everyone is free of expression, I would only complain why a band who preach to be very close to the real meaning of the underground scene, plays such a trendy style though?? This is something that I can't understand in their speech because it's nothing more but plain Maiden rip-off and I'm sure many will approve my thought, so... PO BOX 7273, , TEMPE, AZ. 8528 USA. SCORCHED EARTH POLICY: PO BOX 3214, 76018 KARLSRUHE GERMANY. or: IRISSTR. 19, 67067 LUDWIGSHAFEN GERMANY. PO BOX 55462, ATLANTA, GA. 30308 USA. KING OF THE MONSTER: 8341 E. SAN SALVADOR, SCOTTSDALE, AZ. 85258 USA.

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