lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - K

KAAMOS (SWE) "CURSE OF AEONS" Demo 2000. Finally back with a new release, 5 tracks Demo of pure obscure & truly intense Raw Death Metal the ancient traditions! As long as there are bands like that in the scene, I'll keep going eternally! Soulful with excellent dark feelings and rising leads from Hell, unrelenting blasting spirit of mortal punishment riding the spines of the dead, dooming embodiment of unholy deathsecration, seems that this has been made for me only, pure excellence! If any of you consider that SADISTIC INTENT, DIABOLIC, MORTEM & OSSUARY INSANE are the best oc-Cult underground Death Metal bands you could hear these days, then you can welcome KAAMOS as well without hesitations, they crush & kill with supremes feelings & emotions! One of the best Demos this year that fills me with morbid energies, BUY OR DIE!!! Send $5 to: BOX 605, 13626 HANINGE SWEDEN.
KABAK (EL SALVADOR) "Mala Praxis (Surgical Poetry)" Demo 99 AMERICAN LINE. From the chainsaw intro, you'll immediately imagine what kind of music they play: gory Death/Grind, not super-fast but very in the trend of American bands these days. The recording revealed some mistakes as the band has to mature again, it's not tight enough for what they do in my opinion, it lacks of professionalism... Just another semi-brutal band among plenty others.
KADATH (GER) "Face Your Death" Demo 94. It's cool to hear this! That was a damn cool Demo of plain grinding Death Metal with a morbid voice, classic but well played right in the tradition: true Death Metal!
KARNARIUM (SWE) "BREAKING THE MANACLES OF MALKUTH" Demo 2000. This is a good sounding Demo of total old-school Death Metal, quite morbid, heavy and brutal, performed with skills. They remind me of some old American bands but can't remember which ones... Old raw sound from Hell, guttural vocals & screams, this is certainly recorded Live and really sounds great to me! They're tight & obscure, Evil, sometimes recalls the old days of IMPRECATION & other sordid brutal things like DECREPIT or INCANTATION, old CANNIBAL CORPSE... The atmosphere is dooming at times and I like that! Despite of a really bad, cheap cover art & logo, the recording is very well done, right in the true spirit & tradition: raw as Hell, dark and intense, obviously not for trendy ears! BUY OR DIE! c/o JIMMY EDSTROM, FJADERHARVSGATAN 79, 424 66 ANGERED SWEDEN. c/o PATRICK CLARKE, TITTERIDAMMSH. 17, 424 68 ANGERED SWEDEN.
KRISIUN (BRA) Live in CLERMONT FERRAND 17/12/98. Don't search for it, I got it through my one & only tape-trader from Hell! That show was absolutely not promoted at all as it happened in a bar and I heard about this event maybe only the day before or after it happened so I couldn't prepare to take a day off soon enough in hope getting there & meet my Brazilian warriors, fortunately I got this great recording which has a good sound so I can imagine how intense was that hellish demonic night of the seas of abominations!!!!! CHAOS & VICTORY!!!! HAIL DEATH METAL!

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