lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - U

UNFRAGMENT (FRA) "AT DEATH'S DOOR" MCD-R 2001 Self-prod. This is one of my old friend's newer band experience, now back with a new line-up and a very professional layout made up onto this Demo! From the french spoken intro-cantation, they start great this 5-tracker with fast & thrashing Death Metal to the bones including some melodic & very catchy riffs. This is undoubtedly 666% Death Metal with plenty of old-school influences, many cool breaks with semi-technical arrangements here and there. The sound is like on first SINISTER's "Cross The Styx" and the style sometimes reminds it as well (especially some riffs in the 2nd track & after!). I experienced the band Live before listening to this and they were a real good surprise even if not real totally ready for Live performances that night, they recorded this very professionally, the structures they imagined has also some old SLAYER & BOLT THROWER, newer CANNIBAL CORPSE similarities knowing how to induce a feeling, a dark mood and a total Death Metal spirit! "At Death's Door" clearly marks the revival of ancient Death Metal traditions with quality & skills, not only making a blast but also bringing back true darkness upon the Earth... BUY OR DIE!! 55FF/8,38€ postpaid to: c/o JEROME GUIBERT, LA CHAISE, 49450 ROUSSAY FRANCE.
UNHALLOWED (USA) "PUNCHFUCKING BLASPHEMY" MCD 99 Self-prod. A girl is playing bass in this brutal band and it sounds more extreme than Lividity, they are faster and more original, hysterical, really they don't hold back their rage, no mosh shit, this is truly extreme Brutal Metal all the way, no sweet moment, they blast from the beginning to the end with a good technical level, reminds me HATEWAVE more brutal & pounding Death game, grinding! There is nothing common in this new band and I like that a lot, they are completely unpredictable, they shred without compromise with guttural & shrieking vocals definitely more extreme than the average and sounding like no one else, what a blast! The shit hardcore noise ending the 7th track is not for me but the rest I totally dig it. BUY OR DIE! c/o JENN CORRAO, 5170 BERKSHIRE VALLEY ROAD, OAK RIDGE, NJ. 07438 USA.
UNHOLY GHOST (USA) Demo CD-R 2003. Being formed by ex-DIABOLIC & ex-PESSIMIST members, this new band is a pure Death Metal incarnation as you might imagine easily! Fast as Hell, the first track sounds like ANGELCORPSE riffing with punishing unrelenting blasting madness like if DIABOLIC & BRUTALITY turned more extreme, full of solos & Evil moods as we were familiar with their two previous bands. The two other tracks are more-BID ANGEL sounding but with such excellent leads, damn I Love it!! I must say that it's not easy to create such unholiness without sounding too much like too many other bands, but nowadays this style's getting so rare that they're successful at keeping their entire own atmosfear all along these 3 tracks and simply delivering an unpalpable presence through obviously Evil intent... A real UNHOLY GHOST emerged from the speakers of Death, I'm absorbed by the games of the lead guitars, that's something I've always worshipped in Death Metal. The drums are unfortunately mixed too up front that's the only thing I can say about this Demo, but Hell that's a Demo right? As for the vocals they're well spewed an varies from high to medium Evil Death grunts, the way it must be! All in all, the three tracks are all played at each different paces, many breaks, structures & moods which is something to take into account today because now bands will make albums with the same linear brutality denying the essential essence of true old-school Death Metal, UNHOLY GHOST sure take the time to write & arrange good songs, they deserve credits for that originality and that is the reason why I'll end here with a huge BUY OR FUCKIN' DIE!! I need more, HAIL UNHOLY GHOST!!!
UNSEEN TERROR (UK) "THE PEEL SESSIONS" MCD 89 STRANGE FRUIT/LSR. Featuring Shane Embury on drums & Mick Harris on vocals!! This was old but I just recently found it at a very cheap price in a second hand record store, it's old NAPALM DEATH alike 100% of course! Maybe a little more hardcore vocals influences & traces of old Thrash/Death tunes a la Possessed can be heard on that peel sessions! Fans of pure old Grindcore certainly got this one in their collection for more than ten years now. Seems to be a rare item now. For fans of early NAPALM DEATH only!

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