lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - I

IMMORTAL DEATH (Swe) "When all is lost" Demo 92. Cool Thrash/Doom band here with loud speaking vocals and solos, that was really original and sounding a little like HOBB'S ANGEL OF DEATH and old TIAMAT, try it!
INCINERATOR (SWE) "THRASH ATTACK" Demo. The title speaks for itself! And it's not one of those shitty modern thrash but damn old-school the way it was conceived to shred forever! Bringing you 15 to 20 years back in the scene when bands of that nature were successful, a real classic style but never gets boring and I'm sure that true fans will hail them again in 15-20 years: BUY OR THRASH!!!
INFAMY (USA) Demo 2001. How a band like INFAMY can not be much more recognized than what it actually is? Listen to their darkened & twisted tunes the way ancient gone but not forgotten bands like ENTETY, DEMOLITION, SADISTIC INTENT were playing in early nineties: Los Angeles Death Metal rules! Riffs were truly coming from another dimension and the vocals from beyond the maze of Death! Unfortunately I don't get the whole Demo, just 2 tracks but I'll for sure be in quest of a full version soon: BUY OR DIE!!!
INFESTATION (USA) "Visions Of Repulsion" Demo 92. Vocals: Mike Disalvo (now singer for Cryptopsy), featured in the line up of this cool Demo of Morbid & punishing Death/Doom Metal, it was like SORROW & a little similar to old Loudblast's "Disincarnate", very heavy & oppressing stuff! He had a lot better voice back then, a good death grunt, at least that's my opinion because I don't like his voice with Cryptopsy!
INSISION (SWE) Promo 2000. Just got the first track recorded from a very close friend to let you all know what it's all about: this is fast and technical Brutal Death, very crushing and catchy in the CANNIBAL CORPSE american style with something Evil, an obscure hatred like in LUCIFERION and DEFACED CREATION, blasting spirits of Armageddon... Finally the band sent in the whole tape so I have three more tracks to review! This is better than "The Dead Live On" MCD out some times ago, they improved as musicians and the vocals are more obscure, in the vein of IMMOLATION now! Only the drummer & guitarist remained from the previous release, only getting a new vocalist & a bassist. This is a good change, the musicianship is getting even more twisted & complex for a damn interesting & brutal Promo tape with excellent production. Sweden's melodiocrity now declines, and returning back to the real underground attitudes can only be a good thing! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o THOMAS DAUN, BIRGER JARLS G 75, 113 56 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN.
INTERNAL DECAY (Swe) Demo 92. Here comes the intro of atmospheric horror like it was the rule in early nineties and followed by original Death Metal with a ton of catchy riffs and mega raw sound from Hell, doomy, obscure and deadly tunes, fuckin' memorable with some synths here & there to definitely bury you six feet under the underground soil, that was simply when Sweden had a huge underground Death Metal scene!

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