jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - H

HADEZ (PERU) "AQUELARRE" LP 2001 IRON PEGASUS. (recorded in 1993)
HEADHUNTER DEATH CULT (BRA) "BORN...SUFFER...DIE" LP 91 COGUMELO. First album of excellent old-school Death/Thrash Metal like it was so good to hear in the 80's, I only got 4 tracks and I suppose that the rest of the album is killer too! This is essential to make your head banging like mad! The sound & recording were excellent, very professional quality and interesting songwriting, Evil vocals and dark feelings everywhere, this one reminds me the old first two MASSACRA albums with more classic & traditional raw Thrash & Speed Metal feelings into it like SARCOFAGO... This is a cult, a real Death Cult!! BUY OR DIE!!!
HEADHUNTER DEATH CULT (BRA) "PUNISHMENT AT DAWN" LP 93 COGUMELO. Second album, this time made of pure & total raw deadly Death Metal malediction the way it was played at the origins, morbid & obscure, full of dark feelings and Evil, insanes atmospheres from the depths of Hell, summoning the old SARCOFAGO, old VADER, old ASPHYX, old MORGOTH & old IMMOLATION days! The quality & tightness were less achieved than on the first one but ancient riffings are always good to remember with the ancient sound of Death, "Punishment At Dawn" can be considered as an immortal Death Metal classic now! See CD reviews for the new one! BUY OR DIE!
HOUWITSER (HOL) "EMBRACE DAMNATION" Pict. LP 2000 DISPLEASED. Morbid zombifying intro! This second album strikes back again with pure, fast, dark & morbid blasting Brutal Death Metal, tight & twisted as fuck with many variations of speed & moods, oh damn this rules!!! Skilful release, one of the most twisted and catchy, darkest album ever with LUCIFERION & SINISTER, a real haunting sound, that's what Death Metal always intended to mean!! Today, HOUWITSER, at the dawn of this third millenium of Death, are showing everyone how true feelings can't be lost! The centuries can pass, Death Metal will stay strong & truly superior, forever embraced by all the damnations the Earth will have to endure, this music is invincible!!!! The infernal structure of this unstoppable demonic machinery is like a vision of how Death Metal will really sound in the future, fuck off bullshit modern trends, can't you see this is how it must sounds?! Genius & supreme, I literally fall down to Hell at each note coming to my ears! All true Death Metal lovers can't stay untouched by "Embrace Damnation" and its real Demon within: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o THEO VAN EEKELEN, RIETZANGERSTRAAT 115, 3815 EC AMERSFOORT HOLLAND.

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