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MCD reviews - B

BALATONIZER (ITA) "OCCLUSED IN OTTUSITY" MCD 2003 DARK REIGN Judging by their self-made bio, I tend to think that the band is pretty much licking its own ass, thinking that they have invented their own style made me laugh intensely before listening to their music which is extremely similar to CHRIST DENIED from Spain. Same use of programmings, same vocals style and same americanized guitars & sound (DISGORGE, etc.), so to me that wasn't something real new nor exciting as they claimed... Well done & produced, sure, but it can't makes it all for me as I'm fed up with the american trends of so called brutal metal, plus they offer no lyrics which is something I can't stand. 32 tracks for 25mn21s in which only two have guitar solos, and most of the tracks have samples mixed through in, anyway, that's only the re-edition of their 2002 Demo (supposed to be sold up to 5000 copies...?!!) and I never heard of this band before they sent in this release in 2005... Quite suspicious... I'd like to finish the review by saying that bands like AGONY CONSCIENCE and DAMNABLE were doing this style better and more extreme without drum machine. c/o MARIO MUSUMECI, PIAZZA CASTELNUOVO 26, 90141 PALERMO ITALY.
BEHEADED (MALTA) "RESURGENCE OF OBLIVION" MCD 2000 MIGHTY. Brutal as fuck!!! They return even more twisted and heavier like the most vile of the American bands such as DISGORGE, DEEDS OF FLESH or SUFFOCATION, hyper brutal & fast blasting Brutal Death Fuckin' Metal!!! The production is a must, the drums and the whole MCD reminds me of Indonesian BLOODY GORE and DERANGED due to the inhuman vocals, hyper-technical stuff of rare high quality!! It is so unbelievable that it must be heard! No one may be disappointed by this new release which redefines the word "brutality" and blows away their previous album (which was already damn great!). You can't miss this masterpiece, BUY OR DIE!!
BLOODBATH (SWE) "BREEDING DEATH" MCD 99 CENTURY MEDIA. Is Dan Swanö Superman? Yes, he now performs drums in this new band's release which is old-school & Dark Death Metal sounding, very similar to VOMITORY and it has a good production of course. This contains nothing exceptional and is very classic Death Metal with this ancient feeling, not an essential nor fast release but it is good for remembering how mid-paced Death/Dark Metal sounded alike few years ago.
BLOODCUM (HOL) "Arsestabbers" MCD 2001 Self-prod. Brutal americanized death metal like a thousand bands do by now, to the point of becoming a real trend, this band can also be technical & fast but this release contains too much mistakes and also can be interesting for some seconds sometimes. Untight at times and having good arrangements on the other hand, this is not the typical dyingfetusdisgorgedevourment clone and stands above the average with this release, probably a Demo, I'll keep an ear opened on BLOODCUM for the future.
BLOODSHED (FRA) "WARPED IN THE MACABRE" MCD 2003 SNAKEBITE. BLOODSHED arises after two Demos that were not real bad nor good, with an awesome MCD that crushes all what they have done before! I'm a lot more enthusiast at listening to this new effort for sure! Imagine a killer Brutal Death assault combining the brutality of DISGORGE (USA) & CANNIBAL CORPSE, that's what BLOODSHED made me think about, it's vicious, suppurating & gorefully twisted, fast & intense in other words a winner! No other bands in France had achieve such a brutal style, some of course tried but failed, BLOODSHED seems to be the first to succeed perfectly, everyone knows how a fuckin' exigent bastard I am about this style, this simply re-animate the blood of Zombeast inside of me, no other words exist to exactly explain what it's all about than a huge fuckin' BUY OR DIE! This is 18mn from an infected crypt that resounds forever through the bowels of the dead, support 'em!! ESCALIER SEB, 26 AVE. GAMBETTA, 34500 BEZIERS FRANCE. MORTIFICO, 5 RUE LEON BAYLET, 34500 BEZIERS FRANCE. SNAKEBITE Prods: LE CLOS DE NARVELLE, 31380 AZAS FRANCE.
BLOODSHED (FRA) "ZOMBIFIED CARNAGE" MCD-R 2001. Brutal Death in the american style, not Grind, they try to sound like Deeds Of Flesh with some riffs but the vocals are weak! The sound is just average but they go fast & tight. I'm sure with a good sound they can go somewhere, the 3 tracks seem not to be taken from the same recording session, the mix differs from song to song and the riffs are just taken from other bands in my opinion being placed end to end and just played like a good student having learn his lesson… Boring! This band must find something of its own creation because it's really boring and offers nothing memorable. Average…
BLOODY GORE (INDO) "STENCH OF YOUR PERVERSIONS" MCD 2001 FETAL TAMPON DISEASE. Their fucking brutal as fuck Demo now re-issued on CD!!!! That's what I call a great idea, they're probably the most insane band from Indonesia (whilst there's also a million others over there!) and they truly deserve to appear on CD, 1/4 hour of technical pounding brutal & guttural Death/Grind in the vein of the two most known Disgorge bands. The production is a must and has sometimes Suffocation & Fermento similarities. If you rejoice in absolute barbarity, I highly recommend you to check out BLOODY GORE, it's just a Demo and showing the Hell of professionalism, just a foretaste for things to come, I can't wait to hear more from them, looking forward to the next release as my impatience grows insane day by day... BUY OR DIE!!!! JL. NYIUR MELAMBAI 1 BLOK A N°3, JAKARTA UTARA 14260 INDONESIA. FETAL TAMPON DISEASE: PO BOX 32271, FRIDLEY, MN. 55432 USA.
BLOODY SIGN (FRA) "ESTONIAN SESSIONS" MCD 2002 Self-prod. I had seen flyers of BLOODY SIGN constantly circulating within the mail but never heard their music 'til now. This is their new MCD and a good one, pretty much into the Brutal Death Metal style rather than Black as they seemed to categorize themselves as a Death/Black band. Well, to say it all, they're good musicians with good raw sound and they know how to combine fast to mid to slow arrangements and finally yes, some darker moments are engulfed within their tunes, so I agree with their own "deathcryption"! Anyway this appeals more to the Death Metal fans with a Dark spirit in my opinion (old VITAL REMAINS & old BELPHEGOR reminders) and this is welcome in the scene as too much bands sound the same as each other, BLOODY SIGN makes the difference by their own Brutal Dark moods with very heavy tunes, definitely an obscure enjoyment to my ears, can't wait to hear the album: BUY OR DIE! c/o UIBO, 47 RUE BASSE, 68420 GUEBERSCHWIHR FRANCE.
BLOSIUS (FRA) "RESURRECTION" MCD Self-prod. No further informations about this french band, it is not even evident to figure that they're french, I just read it on a comp CD! The sound is good and the style is potent Death Metal but there are too many mistakes and predictable riffing for me, plus the logo is crap. They sound brutal and convincing with solos but it would be better to wait for the next release in my opinion not because they suck but because they're better than many other so called "brutal" french bands I know, this one isn't funny and is going somewhere, this is a good debut if compared with other debut releases from french bands. You'd better have to keep an eye opened for this new real brutal Death Metal band. no address, fuck me jesus!
BRAINCHOKE (UK) "Migraine music" MCD 2000 M.T.B.C. Puissant! This is not what I'm used to hear from the UK, the sound is heavy and the music fast old-school Grind/Death, predictable arrangements but efficient anyway, that's not so bad and sounds promising but yet has to mature again as they really had some boring arrangements. Freaks of Grind/Death tunes might welcome this new band, others will just go for something else.
BRUTE CHANT (Latvia) "Defect god" MCD 99 Self-prod. Good production, modern styled Death Metal, very powerful but uses too much of those FEAR FACTORY, newer NAPALM DEATH, VIBRION, newer IMMOLATION, newer GORGUTS riffing. That's original ok but I don't really like it because it's just returning to Thrash to me, just trying to do twisted catchy riffs, ok it's dark and that's the good point, bad point is that it's somewhat turning to jazz metal... Remember I'm fuckin' closed minded sometimes, it's a great release anyway to all worshippers of originality: BUY OR DIE!
BURIAL (USA) "Mourning the Millennium" MCD 98 UNITED GUTTURAL/BOTTOM OUT. D'you like old CANNIBAL CORPSE? This MCD's for you! Very tuned like their 2nd & 3rd albums, also very similar by the riffs and blasting energy, vocals are more like in "The Bleeding" guttural & screaming, the band is really great and the production is damn good, unoriginal & classic brutal Death Metal and I like it very much: BUY OR DIE!!!

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