lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - T

T666 (AUSTRALIA) "Troops Of Satan" MCD 99 Self-prod. Blasting stuff! In the vein of old CANNIBAL CORPSE even heavier and more unrelenting, the sound is excellent, reminds me the Krabathor's "Lies", it's fuckin' fast a la old MALEVOLENT CREATION, damn heavy as Hell & hyper violent! Super low, inhuman guttural voice from beyond, trop puissant! It's not far to be the most brutal band of the whole Australia in my opinion, this "Troops Of Satan" sounds unstoppable, just a shame it's too short!! (only three trax!) I'm left hungry & thirsty for more of those pounding tunes from the Evil side of hatred: BUY OR DIE!!
TEARS OF DECAY (GER) "REDEMPTION" MCD 99 CUDGEL. Old-school Brutal Death Metal that reminds me old INCANTATION because of their sound and the overall atmosphere induced. Also DEHUMANIZED as well, there's similar beats. This is anyway good and I'm very pleased with this new band, they're tight and have great dark feelings as well as very good riffs. All Death Metal fans must hear this, excellent effort, BUY OR DIE! c/o MICHAEL EDEN, FOKKO-UKENA-STRAßE 14, 26721 EMDEN GERMANY.
THANATOS (POR) "MELEGNIA" MCD 99 Self-prod. This is some Dark/Thrash Metal from Portugal and they remind me old Samael, old Tiamat and Black Sabbath. Their music isn't as original as they claim it to be and the name has been used by another band, so they have to work again for originality! This is decent and well played but just I'm not attracted by what they have to offer, this doesn't mean they suck but some rock'n'roll riffs have really been overabused to me and I'm really bored of too outdated stuffs... c/o GUILHERMINO JOSE PIMENTEL MARTINS, RUA DOS COMBATENTES, 5030 - 477 SANTA MARTA DE PENAGUIÃO PORTUGAL.
THORNSPAWN (?) "EMPRESS FROM THE REALMS OF BLASPHEMY" CD 2001. Actually I don't know if that is a CD or a MCD! I got 4 tracks of raging & blasting Black Metal that's haunting the room with some Death Metal influences, it's a nuklear bomb! I like this pretty much, it's a band to look for if you're bored of the melodic/atmo. bm stuffs! Best comparison could include BLASPHEMY & BESTIAL WARLUST at some points but with higher vocals than those spewed out by the cults! It's maybe more in the vein of DARKTHRONE & MAYHEM finally, musically raw & fast, catchy as Hell!
THRONEUM (POL) "BESTIAL ANTIHUMAN EVIL" MCD 2003. That's pure rage delivered here by this intense Extreme Metal band, truly Brutal & Evil, no fun riffs in their songs, fast as SADISTIK EXEKUTION, unrelenting materials & diabolical like BESTIAL WARLUST the way Metal should be! Fans of MARTIRE might appreciate THRONEUM for sure, also fans of Australian extremities might embrace THRONEUM too: BUY OR DIE!!!
TORN ASUNDER (USA) "IN PAINFUL REMEMBRANCE" MCD 2000 LIFELESS. Pounding blasting Brutal Death very classic and well played, heavy as fuck and similar to old INTERNAL BLEEDING with a more obscure approach a la DEHUMANIZED, it definitely has dark feelings encrypted and old-school resoundings like INFAMY too. I enjoy this release, no funny tunes here! BUY OR DIE!

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