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Splits & Comp CD reviews - D

DB d-SONS CD comp 2001. SARCASM manager sent me this comp including the band's two tracks for review. Well... the CD contains absolutely no Metal bands except for this SARCASM one which is Thrashcore rooted: Sepultura alike but with so much generic riffs that it was too predictable for me and I hate those trendy vocals, really nothing of interest to me. 17 RUE DES CATALANS, 81580 SOVAL FRANCE
DEMONIC PLAGUE (Tribute To DEATH) CD comp 99 DWELL. Excellent comp tribute to DEATH! I'm bored of all those Venom, Celtic Frost, Slayer, Mercyful Fate etc... tributes, this is a lot more interesting to hear for that most of the bands are quite unknown and they are capables of performing DEATH covers with the real underground spirit! SOLUS from Canada did an excellent job with "Defensive Personalities" PO BOX 271, STATION B, TORONTO, CANADA M5T 2W1. The most surprising was to see that EXMORTIS still exists and performed "Baptized In Blood" with the true underground sound & spirit, quite excellent surprise!! c/o BRIAN WERKING, PO BOX 24934, TAMPA, FL. 33626 USA. TORTHARRY had a different approach in "Pull The Plug" due to their Thrash vocals and the sound was killer heavy! STUDIO HACIENDA, BABORY 116, 39468 ZIROVNICE CZECH REPUBLIC. MALAMOR had the balls to play "Suicide Machine" with changing some of the riffs in their own arrangements, good track! PO BOX 483, HURLEY, NY. 12443 USA. WASTELAND took over the cultissim "Evil Dead" simplifying it including a flamenco intro! HEIDKAMP 21, 38442 WOLFSBURG GERMANY. TERMINAL PLAN had "See Through Dreams" and their original raw Thrash sound did bring a new atmosphere to it. PO BOX 368, POWELL, TN. 37849 USA. PO BOX 39439, LOS ANGELES, CA. 90039 USA. BLACK SPIRAL used "Within The Mind" at their own sauce with keyboards, original. BROKEN IMAGE ENT., 1143 FLAGMORE DR., KATY, TX. 77450 PESSIMIST are such great technicians that they did bring "1000 Eyes" to a new level. PO BOX 340, WINTHROP, MA. 02152 USA. NEUROSILENCE had the responsibility to take "Trapped In A Corner" the way it is, a difficult song. KONGENSGT 14, 0153 OSLO NORWAY. FURY had "Sacred Serenity" almost sounding like the original. 749 LOWER N. EAST RD., PARADISE, S.A. 5075 AUSTRALIA. Finally WAVES travelled through "Crystal Mountain" with an impressive technical atmosphere of acoustic purity. STUDIO HACIENDA, BABORY 116, 39468 ZIROVNICE CZECH REPUBLIC. This compilation is definitely more interesting than any other tributes! BUY OR DIE! DWELL Recs: PO BOX 39439, LOS ANGELES, CA. 90039 USA.
DEPRESSION/HAEMORRHAGE (GER/SPA) Split CD 2002 CUDGEL. This isn't my cup of grind, these bands aren't brutal nor twisted enough for me, I simply can't understand why they got signed while there are a lot more better bands around?! DEPRESSION for example appeared very old-school & cliché grindcore, very basic & predictable only regurgitating their influences: Carcass, Agathocles... with absolutely no surprises! c/o KAI SATTELKAU, WESTRICHER STR. 62, 44388 DORTMUND GERMANY. As for HAEMORRHAGE, I simply never liked this band before and I'm not gonna like them again with this new "release"... consisting of no better tunes than DEPRESSION and some Live tracks from their 10th anniversary gig. Who wants such a piece of crap????????? c/o RAMON CHECA, APDO 27106, 28044 MADRID SPAIN. PO BOX 74, 28700 S.S. DE LOS REYES SPAIN. www://
DESCEND/ALLTHAT IS EVIL (USA/USA) Split CD 2000 CUTTING EDGE. 4 tracks for each band, DESCEND is the first in line and arrived with an intro then followed by excellent interesting Death Metal music that is very original & varied, rich & packed with great feelings, leads & true Metal arrangements, a kind of War-Metal that reminds me a lot ARGHOSLENT and their songs are all different but all have that Epic feeling and also an old Heavy Metal influence as well, note that the music is more present than the vocals and that's really fucking well done. The band has made some good Demos in the past so you can hear that they reached a highly mature professional level. All those who consider themselves as real Battle-Death Metal fans must be sure to enjoy it, BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 770376, CLEVELAND, OHIO 44107 USA. ALL THAT IS EVIL were totally unknown to my ears and they sound good too, also a Death Metal band with technical, subtle approach with screamings and morbid death grunts like Purgatory & Impetigo, it is slower and more mid-paced like in the old days. Their style is similar to DESCEND & ARGHOSLENT too but has more old Thrashy influences. This gentle & morbid old-school Thrash Metal style is definitely very good & highly recommended these days, BUY OR DIE! c/o MALCOLM ANTHONY, 7268 LANGERFORD, PARMA, OH. 44129 USA.
DETRIMENTUM/INFECTED DISARRAY (UK/UK) Split Promo CD-R 2000. DETRIMENTUM play a sort of Brutal Death façon U.S., very pounding stuff, brutal & heavy with guttural & shrieky vocals, great sound that reminds me of "Chronic Corpora Infest" of DISGORGE Mex. Fast & brutal with leads, this band is sure to make some fans joining their morbid camp as these two tracks will feature on their "Triform Tenebrion" MCD 2002, ...on which label? I don't know!! As for INFECTED DISARRAY, they're more in the DISGORGE U.S./DEVOURMENT's wave of Death/Grind, maybe faster & with the approximate same sound, who cares about originality when it possesses the same talent & quality? The three gory tracks are just a foretaste to their "Disseminating Obscenity" CD 2002. Label...? Unknown for the moment but BUY OR DIE when both will be out!
DISCO'S OUT, SLAUGHTER'S IN Comp CD 99 NOVUM VOX MORTIS. An all polish bands compilation or should I say a "4 way Split-CD"? The disc starts with 4 extreme Death Metal songs from LOST SOUL which is an excellent band indeed! The velocity of old IMMOLATION and the doomingness of MORBID ANGEL with some really fast melodic tunes and leads that rip and shred anything on its way! Excellent mix of American and European influences makes this skilful mixture fucking original & Brutal! Has many VADER & LUCIFERION similar thrashing tunes as well as some technical SINISTER-alike riffing & brief symphonic arrangements a la old NOCTURNUS. Death Metal at the speed of light is what these dark virtuoses perform at its best, genius!!! BUY OR DIE! c/o ADAM SIERZEGA, UL. ZEMSKA 18/13, 54-438 WROCLAW POLAND. REINLESS then offered some high-quality, well-played thrashing Death Metal with the old spirit & technical feeling, also including their own original ideas that give a plus in the making of their music, creating strange moods & feelings of all that is METAL. Best comparison would be GODLESS TRUTH, convincing & original enough to BUY OR DIE! c/o TOMASZ PROKOP, UL. ROBOTNICZA 1/14, 75-244 KOSZALIN POLAND. The polish band DISINTER strangely reminds me of INCUBUS and early MORBID ANGEL in some ways, that's a really cool fast Thrashing Death Metal band! Fuck yeah, they really understand what Death Metal is all about; evilness & darkness prevails! They showed in two tracks what they're all about: PURE DEATH! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o DARIUSZ PLASZEWICZ, UL. WIENIAWSKIEGO 8A/6, 59-400 JAWOR POLAND. The last band is called NIGHT GALLERY and starts like old Damnation but the vocals...what a pity they aren't fitting the music at all! Sort of Thrash vocals that sounds misplaced to my ears, that's definitely more a melodic Thrash/Heavy Metal band than a Dark Metal one... Original and well-played but that's not something I'll become a fan of, in fact I'm definitely not meant to be a fan of this joyful style! ZOLKIEWSKIEGO 9/45, 27-600 SANDOMIERZ POLAND. NOVUM VOX MORTIS: PO BOX 21, 00-956 WARSZAWA 10 POLAND.
DISGORGED/WITHERED EARTH Split CD MASTERCULT. Dave Culross was blasting in DISGORGED which was an extremely heavy Brutal Death Metal band with a completely monstrous sound from Hell! They only released "Thy Hideous Wake" MCD 93 and a Promo Tape 94 before split up and three members then formed WITHERED EARTH and "Abolish In Thorns" Demo 95 was born! This fuming disc contains these 3 releases, enjoy!
DOMAIN/DEMONIZED (MEX/MEX) "Hellbirth" Split CD 2000 AMERICAN LINE. Finally I can hear this!! Antimo from the DISGORGE band always promised to send it but it unfortunately never arrived in my mailbox and I missed them on stage due to their show in Rennes being canceled last minute! Great morbid intro anyway, DOMAIN starts the War with their Extreme unrelenting Death Metal Armageddon in the vein of IMMOLATION & ANGELCORPSE with still the grinding DISGORGE sound (of course, a member of DISGORGE Mex. is playing in this band too in case you don't know!), the result is amazing, fuckin' Evil & heavy, Brutal as Hell & raw as fuck! Imagine EXHUMED meets NILE meets INCANTATION, that's how it could sound, damn Extreme like MENTAL HORROR, BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 1-360, 76001 QUERETARO, QRO MEXICO. DEMONIZED are a little different, maybe more Blackish & melodic but damn Extreme & fast too, raw sound from the black mass of the abyss and many possessed leads from Hell! More in the vein of IMMORTAL's "Battles In The North" with a cover of METAL CHURCH! Evil are the both bands so this is highly recommended for true Extreme underground Metal worshippers, BUY OR DIE!!
DROGHEDA/INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (USA/TASMANIA) Split CD 2000 EXTREMIST. Another 6 pounding Grind trax released by DROGHEDA which is not something I do like a lot. Maybe too much predictable, has some originality anyway but definitely not for me! EXTREMIST Recs: 808 RENNINGER RD., AKRON, OHIO 44319 USA. INTENSE HAMMER RAGE came in with a re-edition of their "Devogrindporngorecoreaphile" self-produced CD reviewed elsewhere in the Zine. No bonus tracks so if you missed the first version, look at the CD review, it's now time for you to rectify your mistake: BUY OR DIE! 42 STUDHOLME STREET, BURNIE TASMANIA 7320 AUSTRALIA.
DROGHEDA/MORTICITE (USA/USA) Split CD 2000 EXTREMIST. 9 intense Grind tracks with some fun 70's rock'n'roll & high blackish vocals is what DROGHEDA performs on this Split. This not being my cup of Grind at all, it was well done but I personally need a plus. 808 RENNINGER RD., AKRON, OHIO 44319 USA. MORTICITE were not better, noisy grind/punk, untight with many mistakes, really seems to have been recorded Live, I'm not fond of this. c/o STEVE EBERL, 322 PIKE ST., READING, OHIO 45215 USA.

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