lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - Q

QUEIRON (BRA) "HERITAGE OF WAR" Promo 2000. New assault by QUEIRON leaving absolutely nothing for the weak with this (only one!) new track which is long, a dark, fast one in the vein of REBAELLIUN & KRISIUN with more breaks and changes of rhythms, it creates a complete warlike ambience and an obscure mood with strong feelings, excellent raging obscure vocals filled with disgust and hatred, a breath of real vengeance! Good rising solos from below, blasting drumming and raw guitar sound. The songwriting is not the typical repetitive one we're all used to hear anywhere, each change of riffing bring you somewhere else in the battle of Armageddon...! True Apocalyptic Death Metal survives & rises with all those skilled bands from Brazil, guardians of this precious heritage of the cult and continuing exploring more extreme from where the ancients left! Hail Death Metal, Hail QUEIRON, Hail Brazil of Death!! BUY OR DIE!! c/o MARCELO GROUS, RUA HERMINIO JOSE PANSERINI N°21, B. PADOVANI CAPIVARI / SP CEP 13360-000 BRASIL.

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