samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - C

CANNIBAL CORPSE/MALEVOLENT CREATION/MONSTROSITY Split Demos CD MASTERCULT. Cool to hear again the old sounds of Demos such as "A Skull Full Of Maggots" by CANNIBAL CORPSE, it was when they had a Thrash sound! Following to this are the two godly Demos of MALEVOLENT CREATION '89 & '90 that already had a damn great sound thrashing speed Death/Thrash like their 3 first albums, these fuckin' rules forever!!! The "Horror Infinity" 1990 Demo of MONSTROSITY was also such a raw jewelry of skilful brutality!
CHRIST DENIED/BASTARD SAINTS (SPA/ITA) Split CD 2000 MACABRE MEMENTOS. Another brutal Split CD, this lasts longer than the one with Aborted, being made of 5 tracks for CHRIST DENIED and 6 others for BASTARD SAINTS. I won't comment about CHRIST DENIED again & their abusive deep-ass porky "buï-buï-buï" vocals, just read the other review, it doesn't changes! The music just comes out to be even better and the cover of GOREAPHOBIA's "Demented Omen Of Masochism" is very well done & easily recognizable. BUY OR DIE! As for BASTARD SAINTS, it's very different and more original, they sometimes recall me the HUMAN REMAINS style, twisted, fast, technical with raging screaming vocals & good death grunts. The music is totally unpredictable and has almost no common structures, I think the band has to develop their tightness again to become more famous as they aren't far to be absolutely perfect! That band has found a style of its own in the HUMAN REMAINS & MASS PSYCHOSIS veins, very twisted materials where concentration is required for both musicians & listener, to finally see what their point is, several hard listening & full attention are needed, I love that! Extreme skilful Metal Music that makes your brain works, this is not stuff made up in a few week-ends for sure! Excellent job, BUY OR DIE! C.P. 14, 21045 GAZZADA (VARESE) ITALY. MACABRE MEMENTOS Recs: c/o TADASHI MINEMOTO, 2-15-23, MIKAGEYAMATE, HIGASHINAGADA-KU, KOBE HYOGO 658-0065 JAPAN.
COCKS 'N CUNTS CD Comp 2000 BLEURK. That comp is only for those who like brutal stuffs like Grind/Noise & Brutal death but it is mostly Grind/Noise and I already got the opportunity to hear the majority of the 26 bands in it before. Except for BLOSIUS (see review in MCD section), I didn't pick up any other new interesting band, so if you're interested: BLEURK Prods: 19 AVE. WINSTON CHURCHILL, 93190 LIVRY GARGAN FRANCE.
CORPSEFUCKING ART/GORETRADE (ITA/COL) "Zombiecronomicon" Split CD 2001 CGLTD. Damn, CORPSEFUCKING ART got a new sound now, nearly MORTICIAN resounding and coming back with better materials than ever before, it's smelling the Death completely, very grinding & heavy with a lot of intros from movies that I already have heard (or similar) anywhere else. I definitely change opinion about this band, they're now pretty good at what they do which wasn't the case before as they now reached a level of extremity, it's time to support them in buying this Split CD. Note that they do a cover of MORTICIAN's "Bloodcraving" which is real different sounding to the original version made by the Goremasters. GORETRADE were totally unknown to me, plus coming from Colombia which is a rare place for Extreme Metal music, I thought it would be interesting to listen to them but it seems that they're a total clone of their countrymate of INTERNAL SUFFERING, same Dying Fetus, Disgorge, Devourment influenced band. Ok, it's very well played & recorded but who need again a band without any real own identity, the freaks certainly!? As for myself, a bit of creativity is required here as reaching something more Extreme is one of my undying brutal goals.
CRYPTIC/PROPHECY (GER/USA) "Deep Ass Punishment" Split CD 2001 NOISE VARIATIONS. CRYPTIC starts the Split with their raw guttural Thrash/Grind, very simple, amateurish repetitive stuff in the MORTICIAN vein with many mistakes, it's fuckin' poor & bored me to death... (minable!) Real boring "band"! PROPHECY as everyone knows, keeps performing their DYING FETUS-more-Death-Metal style and evolving to something more extreme now getting faster with time and more weird moods puts within, 2 of the tracks already featured on their first CD "Foretold Foreseen" only "Driven By Fear" seems to be an older Demo track? I don't think this release should please any Death Metal fans, this is pointless!
CRYPTOPSY/GORGUTS/KATAKLYSM Split Demos CD MASTERCULT. 3 of the kultest Canadian blasting Demos ever! CRYPTOPSY having the heaviest sound with "Ungentle Exhumation" Demo 93, GORGUTS being the most pure Death Metal act with "And Then Comes Libvidity" Demo 90 and KATAKLYSM the most massive storming chaotic production ever unleashed with "The Death Gate Cycle Of Reincarnation" Demo 92!

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