jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - T

TERROR SQUAD/SABBAT (JAP/JAP) "JAPANESE METAL DESTRUCTION" 7"EP 2002 LEGION OF DEATH (Limited to 300). TERROR SQUAD Thrash their Metal with rage & Evil power in the old veins of 80's Thrash Metal holocaust, "Straight To Hell" japanese version is an uncompromising piece of melodic & undoubtedly fast Thrash Metal. Its side also includes a Live track. KOUICHI UDAGAWA, 4-11-13 KASUYA, SETAGAYA-KU, TOKYO 157-0063 JAPAN. I'm not familiar with SABBAT but I know they're going for a long time now, a little more underground than TERROR SQUAD and damn thrashing like Hell with a french version of "Black Fire" surprising to hear believe me! And "Darkness & Evil" recorded Live at Urga May 6th 2001 in Tokyo, that song was written in 1988, so you know what to expect: pure & true underground Thrash Metal!! Old-school maniacs BUY OR DIE!!!!!!! c/o MASAKI TACHI, HOSHIKAWA 1001-4, KUWANA, MIE, 511-0912 JAPAN. L.O.D. Recs: BP 394 POITIERS CEDEX FRANCE.
THRONEUM/THE REBELLION (POL/POL) Split 7"EP 2003. Two other tracks by THRONEUM are always a pleasure to listen to when many bands will play in a trend to the point of cloning clones...! Listen to real rage bordel de merde! Rare band here and should be praised for that they play their own music, not the music of others. THE REBELLION sounds more old-school Thrash influenced but also plays fast as DEKAPITATOR, truly in that same vein! Great Split EP: Extreme Metal & Thrash, BUY OR DIE!!!

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