jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - G

GONKULATOR/HAEMORRHAGE (USA/SPA) "DO YOU STILL BELIEVE IN HELL?" Split 7"EP 2000 FUDGEWORTHY (Lim. to 500). Another one for GONKULATOR, same as above of course, this is noise/black with intense saturations & devoid of any real structures, just some noisy improvisations. Nothing really good here... 8 STEVIN DRIVE, WOBURN, MASS. 01801 USA. Fuck yeah, I still believe in Hell but HAEMORRHAGE sounds like old mid-paced Grind/punk & IMPETIGO rip-off. Really too simple to hear today with the most predictables & basic riffings imaginable, this is too average! c/o LUISMA, C/ROMA #4, 8° A., 28820 COSALADA - MADRID SPAIN.
GONKULATOR/LYMPHATIC PHLEGM (USA/BRA) "MECHANISMS OF DISEASE: AN INTRODUCTION TO PATHOLOGY" Split 7"EP 2000 FUDGEWORTHY (Lim. to 500). GONKULATOR fuckin' strikes again with storming saturated Black/Noise completely insane and full of dooming vibes... This offers nothing new nor good and it's too short but this is what the band is all about, no professionalism, no structures, only dark, noisy, fuming tunes & vibes and a cover art taken from "The Exorcist" cult movie. Black Mass Of Absu certainly did it better in my opinion, so this is below the average... Their CD was better. 8 STEVIN DRIVE, WOBURN, MASS. 01801 USA. LYMPHATIC PHLEGM on the other side sounds more like a structured but primitive Grind band even if the drum machine is still there like on their Demo. If you like it guttural & noisy/abrasive with intros, like a more raw version of Catasexual Urge Motivation, this is for you! c/o ANDRE LUIZ, R. JOAO SGUARIO 242, OSVALDO CRUZ 1 CIC, CURITIBA / PR BRAZIL 81.170-000. c/o RODRIGO ALCANTARA, R. MAL. HERMES 454, CENTRO CIVICO, CURITIBA / PR BRAZIL 80.530-230.
GRIND 6.4/HOUWITSER (CZECH/HOL) Split 7" EP 2000 COPROMESIS. GRIND 6.4 plays a sort of old Death Metal very raw but fast, very varied & thrashing with a drum machine, it's pretty well done but sure could be better with a real drummer... Gentle stuff so to say! HOUWITSER fucking destroys by their heavy tunes, it's not as good as the LP but has that old-school thrashing energy that ruled in the past, I enjoy them much more than GRIND 6.4 for sure! This is not a release that I will recommend anyway but better to turn your ears onto "Embrace Damnation" reviewed below!

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