lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - F

FLATULATION (FRA) "AUTOPSY D'UNE INTOXICATION AU CHILI CON CARNE" Demo 99. No needs to tell that this is another funny amateur project from france consisting of basic Death Metal tunes with drum machine and cup-the-mic vocals... The riffs are old-school rooted, old INCANTATION alike and MORTICIAN sounding due to the programmings & vocals, the scato-pictures did nothing to me, they aren't extreme enough. Their music has some interesting parties while they do offer absolutely nothing new, it is well played and convincing with good arrangements. It would be better seeing them taking the music more seriously and dropping out all those fun intros from french movies. Forming a real extreme band seems not to be comprehend by french guys unfortunately but I guess it's another thing...lazyness of talentless musicians could be one of the main reasons for sure! Turning Death Metal as a joke is a real shame to me, the scene does not need this. c/o DAVID DECOBERT, 55 AVE. DES PERVENCHES, 93370 MONTFERMEIL FRANCE.
FUNERUS (USA) Promo tracks from Demo 94. I just got two tracks from Jill McEntee's own band FUNERUS Demo 94, this is old and so is the sound, in the old swedish low tuned tradition, it's way similar to ROTTREVORE and MYTHIC also rawer, it grinds & crushes with an obscure vibe, a morbid mood that I crave a lot! I don't know if the Demo had more than two tracks but if you can find it somewhere in the underground, you must jump on it like mad!! The band is still practicing and probably busy at writing new songs, so stay tuned to:

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