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MCD reviews - D

DARK RISE (SWITZ) "SLAVES OF DEATH" MCD 2000 Self-prod. Here comes a new young band that was born for little more than two years now and they just got here their first self-financed "album", well 6 tracks for 17mn can't be taken for an album, I'm sorry! The cover artwork is damn Evil & brutal and the music isn't really what I could expect; melodic catchy Death Metal that sounds like most of the old french bands when this style was very popular here. It has an Incantation, old Loudblast & old Kataklysm vibes but it's mostly melodic Dark/Death Metal with an heavy raw sound, it's definitely very original and refreshing while at the same time not achieved yet, they sure can do things even better and that is what they promise in their bio: to evolve & work more on the extremes with faster tunes alternating with slower moments in the future. This is definitely a good plan and it will make me keep an eye on DARK RISE as this MCD wasn't bad at all, the band just needs to mature again, that is a good start anyway. c/o WILLIAM GREPT, CHEMIN DES LILAS 7, 1018 LAUSANNE SWITZERLAND.
DATURA (UKRAINE) Promo 2004. 3 tracks on this Promo material that sounds very americanized like DEEDS OF FLESH and technical like... any new gory american bands you can imagine! No interest to me but the new comers in brutality will certainly like this new band!
DEAMON (CAN) "End Of Ages" MCD 99 MISPLACED. Brutal stuff here, truly heavy! Like if old GORGUTS were mixed with old KATAKLYSM, yes old-school and Extreme Death Metal, thrashing like a fiery breath from the gates of Hell, like coming from early nineties and reminding especially a certain album called "Imperial Doom"... This is the heaviness I was looking for, so excellent true Death Metal never dies: BUY OR DIE!!!
DECLINE (FRA) MCD-R Promo 2000 Self-prod. Twisted Metal band with influences from Indus & newer (modern) Thrash with Death Metal vocals, some fast technical & melodic riffing but the sound is too fucking weak to restitute their energy properly, I suppose they recorded it Live, there are many mistakes, it's untight & boring. The compositions are original but I stayed untouched by this cold & weird mixture, I think it's too modern Metal influenced for my own taste, too much mechanical & crystal-clear for being considered as Death Metal. With a better sound and mixing, things could be a lot more different in my opinion. I don't dig this as it also contains too much of those typical french Thrashy predictable riffs, this makes them sounding too clean and empty in some places. They have to find their way and improve with musicianship, this is not convincing & poor. While the CD has a very professional layout, I could only wish the music to be of that same caliber and it's unfortunately not the case here. c/o FRANK GILLARDEAUX, 36 RUE SEDAINE, 75011 PARIS FRANCE.
DEEP VEIN (FRA) "REIGN OF DECADENCE" MCD 2003 Self-prod. Impressive Demo, so impressive that I've put it into the MCD section as you might see! Fast & killer Death Metal that shreds intensely! I wasn't enthusiast when seeing them Live due to the poor guitars sound and the vocals were drowned behind the snare drums but I was amazed by the drummer and now I can say that DEEP VEIN fuckin' rules! Thanx to the guitarist for giving it to me at the Grindzor Fest II. This must be heard and no doubts that with a better sound Live, they could have sell more Demos! Vicious riffs and devilish vocals along with skilled drumming makes a successful Demo, old-school is the game here and they were with Ill Divine the two best bands that night! Again the proof that France is awakening strongly to a massive wave of unholy brutality! DEEP VEIN reminds me of Innerfeuds but faster & more brutal: BUY OR DIE!!! C/o JIMMY BEAUTOUR, BEC-OISEAU, 16230 JUILLE FRANCE.
DEIVOS (POL) "HOSTILE BLOOD" MCD 2003. Coming from such a land of Death & Terror, you can imagine how thrashing speed this band goes like! Technical with a raw sound that let all instruments coming to my ears (even the bass is heard here!), this is real Extreme judging by the quickness of the riffs a la old SINISTER's "Cross The Styx" a classic! DEIVOS goes even faster, that's why I'm real impressed by their skilful abilities and you know what? They do leads as well, this rules!! Really quick & precise performance, twisted as the gates of Hell, if you liked old SINISTER this band goes a step ahead in their own supra-technical arrangements & billions of breaks… BUY OR DIE!!!!! Jaroslaw Pienkos, UL. Emancypantek 2/17, 20636 LUBLIN POLAND.
DELVE (FIN) "The Dead Amongst" MCD 2003 NUCLEAR WINTER. Fast, harsh aggressive & old-school feelings are embedded in DELVE, not of this time, this is a punishing underground gem that deserves to be heard by all of you Black, Thrash & Death Metal maniax
DEMONICATION (POL) "Damage Sound Formula" MCD Self-prod? Sounds like the musicians know how to play their instruments, CANNIBAL CORPSE-alike Death Metal and speed, catchy riffs mixed with some obscures arrangements similars to UNHOLY GHOST or DIABOLIC, old SADISTIC INTENT... Quite good release, this is a skilled effort and definitely left me begging for more: BUY OR DIE!
DESPONDENCY (GER) "Extinction" MCD 2001 Selfprod. Quite great brutal band with uncommon vocalist, very low & guttural resounding from Hell! The music is good Death Metal with some originality as most of the riffs aren't predictables at all. They really made something of their own which is very important & acclaimed these days! Nearer to CHRIST DENIED but more original, really something that has to be heard! I enjoyed this pretty much and I'm sure a lot of fans will share the same enthusiasm: BUY OR DIE!
DESTROYING DIVINITY (CZECH) "Created" MCD 2001 Selfprod. This starts very brutal, you know Brutal Death with plenty of emotions, apocalyptic and intense like NILE and NECRONOMICON, MITHRAS! That's what I call an Extreme Death Metal band with something Evil and uncommon, pouring solos here and there making the ground turning red… Grandioses arrangements a la DIABOLIC/IMMORTAL makes this an utter darkened abomination, something the true fans will worship for years & years! The sound is quite good, it resembles to IMMOLATION at some points with some old CARCASS grindness and pre-Amorphis ambiences… It's sure very original & emotional, making the adrenalin flow all over your body parts! Extremely promising band, they're sure to go very far with this, at least if many people share the same taste of… curse!!!! Genius unpredictable band, BUY OR DIE!!!!!!
DIABOLICAL (Swe) "Desert of desolation" MCD 2000 C.D.N./GUANO.
DIRA MORTIS (POL) "ARCHITECTURE OF MIND" MCD 2003 HORROR. In the vein of Deranged for the guitar sound but also in the Incantation vein for the vocals and some obscure moods (I like the intro), they blast intensely, this is once again a new Polish force to be reckon with. Death Metal bands not following the trendy american shit are welcome here, DIRA MORTIS is definitely a new powerful band creating a dark force like in the old Asphyx reign or also having the Necronomicon's "The Silver Key" Demo similarity in some crushing places. The three members are looking quite young and their music is very promising, I'm looking forward to hear this band in the future. As bonus tracks, they included two songs from their previous 2001 and 2002 Demos that just sounded completely old-school in the tradition I love & worship, I'll definitely try to get these two previous Demos for my personal collection too: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o LESZEK MAKOWIECKI, UL. KOSCIUSKI 23/10, 38-300 GORLICE POLAND.
DISAVOWED (HOL) "POINT OF FEW" Promo MCD 2000 Self-prod. Fuckin' good!! The band performs a powerful Brutal Death Metal with very morbid & obscure feelings like old SUFFOCATION just a little less technical and without leads but their production fucking rules! Only three tracks but damn well arranged and structured, similar to the old SUFFOCATION materials but different! It's cool to hear a band that doesn't copy and trying to reach the Extreme Death Metal status in non-trendy ways! This has to be supported at all costs: BUY OR DIE!! c/o ROBBERT VRIJENHOEK, UILENSTEDE 32, 1183 AH AMSTELVEEN HOLLAND.
DISFIGUREMENT (RUS) "CORPORAL SADOPHILIA" MCD-R 99 Self-prod. Damn this band reminds me Australia's NEUROPATH, same guttural voice & same Brutal heavy blasting Death approach but without "real" solos! 6 tracks for 28mn, longer than some official albums! Photo-copied cover art showing some great attached creatures the japanese bondage way. Their style of music isn't fast but it's morbid and fuckin' heavy pounding mid-paced savagery, old-school and good raw sound like some old US bands such as BAPHOMET or JUNGLE ROT. Quite good band from Russia, fans of tight brutality should support them: c/o GLUSHKO SERGEI, MATVEEVSKAYA 29-24, KHABAROVSK 680029 RUSSIA.
DISGORGE (HOL) "GORGE THIS" MCD 2001 SO IT IS DONE. What's that new DISGORGE again??? I have seen maybe 6 bands with the same name in the last ten years and 3 are still going today, hard to avoid confusions!! This one's a total MORTICIAN clone, same sound, same basic riffs, drum machine, intros from movies that have been used & abused by many other bands... Nothing innovative from them, the only difference with MORTICIAN is the pitched vocals like early Carcass, Last Days Of Humanity... I won't recommend this except if you're a freak of Grind styles. But warning: many distros sells this at a full-length price and it's just a MCD with 11 tracks for 15mn, be aware of this!! Don't buy it, get in touch with tape-traders before! SO IT IS DONE Prod: PO BOX 891, 9400 AW ASSEN THE NETHERLANDS.
DISLIKE (FRA) MCD-R 2000 Self-prod. Death Metal from my area, quite cool to hear!! It sounds real brutal but yet needs to mature & develop, as for a second Demo, this could be more achieved in my opinion but that's alright, the sound is good on it. The voice is strong guttural and they go fast, they're tighter than many other french bands I know and the mistakes are pretty rares, they also include some melodic passages & other cool arrangements, while this sounds pretty classic and not so much original, this is a good start anyway, I can only wish them to get better & even more brutal of course! Support these guys: c/o LUC BRASSEUR, 17 RUE DE LAVAL, 53360 QUELAINES FRANCE. ROMAIN BELLEC, LA GRANDE MAISON, 53200 LOIGNE FRANCE.
DYING FETUS (USA) "GROTESQUE IMPALEMENT" MCD 2000 BLUNT FORCE. A "new" release by FETUS that in fact consists of 2 old Demo tracks, 3 cover tunes of: Baphomet, Next Step Up & Grim Reaper (which is Heavy Metal!) + a funny, mocking title track. Tight brutality is what this band stands for but are they superstars enough to do not offer anything real new to the fans? This is a fun release to me and I'm not going to buy this one, I would prefer to wait for the next 100% new release for sure.

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