lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - V

VASTION (USA) "COLD STARES OF THE DEAD" Demo 99. This American Death Metal band does not sounds like if one could think they're coming from over there and this is not saying that it's bad, on contrary, they're brutal but not the common brutality we're used to hear from this unholy Death Metal continent, there is a plus in their music, lots of calm breaks and emotions intersect with strong, shredding War-Metal ambiences and supremes feelings emanations, really good to hear! This makes them more original than the masses and definitely a Demo that stands above any others. If you feel yourself inspired & open-minded enough, you can afford to check this out, BUY OR DIE! 80 FOSTER TRACE DR., LAWRENCEVILLE, GA. 30043 USA.
VEHEMENS (FRA) "REINCARNATE" MCD 2003 Self-prod. Excellent new band from my area formed by ex-Unfragment members, it also seems that they evolve from the same old-school spirit but I must say more straight & right to the point. The vocals are low but understandables, not just another band in the growling american trend... Musically technical & obscure Death Metal in the old tradition with feelings that reminds me sometimes old Sinister & old Cannibal Corpse, Death… Their brand unique Death Metal seems coming from Poland sometimes but no way; 100% French Death Metal to the bone is what's expected here! Each song has something special to me, they all have a particular mood that catch the attention so you'll not fall asleep after the 3 first tracks! Don't let you misguided by the artworks, this is not another so called "progressive" nor "modern" futuristic thrash metal hybrid, just plain & fine inspiring brutal Death Metal! Ok, I could have put this in the CD section but 7 tracks + Outro for 28mn30 is not enough for this, anyway it's meant to be a Demo so I let it in the MCD section as I consider all that's less than 30mn should be considered as a MCD, just my boring opinion I know… BUY OR DIE! C/o DAVID DE CUEVAS, 2 ALLEE DES CHARDONNERETS, 49300 CHOLET FRANCE. tel:
VIRULENCE (USA) "DORMANT STRAINS" MCD 2000 Self-prod. Damn brutal & technical Death/Grind band here with the hyper-guttural low voice to more middle to Black screamings, they remind me of REPUDILATION but the band is quite different, they also use bizarre jazzy elements like DICHOTIC, in fact it's more in the DICHOTIC vein! Completely twisted and avant-gardist Extreme Technical Grind/Death, the sound shreds and the mix well done, resulting of fully heavy vibes, it's very original and experimental! I recommend this to all those who absolutely needs something new & uncommon in true extremities, BUY OR DIE!
VIRULENT (HOL) "Under The Hex Of Amdusias" MCD 2000 SKULL CRUSHER. Old sound from the depths of Hell like old Incantation, old thrashy voice and old-school Death/Thrash rules in year 2000! Their game reminds me of old MASSACRA's "Enjoy The Violence" & first CENTURIAN's "Choronzonic Chaos Gods" but heavier & equal in violent feelings, has many great leads too! This is Evil, fast & original musicianship, great Death Metal with some INCANTATION & MORBID ANGEL influences but definitely more old-school rooted, pure excellence, I love this!! This is not your common gory, grindy fast trendy shit, VIRULENT's very own & personal style is completely out of trends and bands like that deserves to be more known & exposed to the true Death Metal legions worldwide: BUY OR DIE!!
VITAL REMAINS (USA) "REDUCED TO ASHES" MCD 99 CRYONICS. Re-edition of Demo 88, absolute cult release limited to 500 copies worldwide, a gem of old-school Death Metal darkness! Reminds me a lot the VADER's Demos and also french AGRESSOR's first LP "Neverending Destiny", it has that old thrashing rage and speed feeling that we can't find today in newer bands. Thanx to Cryonics Recs for resurrecting some old but cult classic Demos that truly deserved to be immortalized on CD format, BUY OR DIE!!! CRYONICS Recs: PO BOX 2, 7050 AA VARSSEVELD THE NETHERLANDS.
VOMIT REMNANTS (JAP) "INDEFENSIBLE VEHEMENCE" MCD 2001 SUPREME MUSICK/FLESHFEAST. Strange introduction, is this what normal people call "jungle-music"...? The style of the band doesn't differ from their first album, it's still 100% DYING FETUS influenced! I had nothing new to hear as many bands do that style now but the production is as always top-class & very heavy/crushing, the band just lacks of personality within their music though, something more from their own would be greatly appreciated in my opinion, anyway if you're a fan of the American groove & slammin' Death: BUY OR DIE! c/o KEISUKE TSUBOI, 3-2960-20 #16, MIHARO-CHO, TOKOROZAWA-CITY 359-0045 JAPAN. SUPREME MUSICK: AV. 30 AGOSTO # 50-180, APT. 302, PEREIRA COLOMBIA. FLESHFEAST Prods: C./SARDENYA 151, APT. 16, 08013 BARCELONA SPAIN.
VORACIOUS GANGRENE (FRA) Promo-MCD 2001 Self-prod. 4 tracks + an intro of fast & very technical brutality played in the CRYPTOPSY & old DAMNABLE's vein: extreme & intense with some good intros here & there, very heavy, crushing & Extreme Brutal Growling Metal, definitely a step ahead from their previous recordings, not only being cool guys, they're also amazing twisted musicians as I saw them twice or more in the last two years and yes, Live they shred!! I can say that with this new promotional MCD that they're of the most brutal & most interesting french bands to sign up now with IMPERIAL SODOMY, INNERFEUDS, DIKTAT... BUY OR DIE!!! RES. OXFORD, APPT. 33, 4 RUE SANGNIER, 33400 TALENCE FRANCE.

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