jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - I

IMPALED/ENGORGED (USA/USA) "Surgery drugs and rock'n'roll" Split 7"EP 2000 DISCOS AL PACINO. IMPALED still perform their Grind/Death a la old CARCASS like on their first CD, BUY OR DIE. PO BOX 16071, OAKLAND, CA. 94610 USA. ENGORGED appeared as heavier than IMPALED to my ears, maybe due to their production and what style do they play...? But old CARCASS of course!! Same feelings, same blasts, same beats, same leads, same riffs... A damn good clone so to say, I enjoy their songs much more than CARCASS sometimes, they really know how to play it fucking insane & morbid, very twisted Grind tunes, almost doomy at times and fuckin' intense! The statement "Engorged are wimps" engraved at the center of both sides of the vinyl makes me laugh! BUY OR DIE! 818 SW 3RD AVE. #1274, PORTLAND, OR. 97205 USA.
INTO DARKNESS (Ger) "Killing in front of 13 souls" 7"EP 2000 live in KASSEL.

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