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MCD reviews - I

IMPACTO FECAL (Spa) "Encerrado en mi" MCD 99/2000 GUIN. Completely americanized Brutal Death and I know Spanish people are proud of this fact, to sound american seems to be a real trendy cult over there! Whilst IMPACTO FECAL are not bad at what they do, I won't be listening to this release more than once or twice in my whole life, the fact is that too many bands are doing this nowadays and I can't get into something so predictable and cliché, common, banal tunes… That's honestly done in my opinion, so if you crave and can't get bored of the Brutal american style, just get it now.
IMPURE (GER) "SOMETHING EVIL" MCD 2000 Self-prod. This is something truly Evil! Nine tracks + an intro for just 26mn... I can't consider this as a full-length but the band is good like a more grinding version of newer CANNIBAL CORPSE, great sound, their Grind/Death offers nothing new nor challenging but the quality is here and they blast properly, very professional release, they now have to work on originality because many riffs were already too familiar to me and very predictable just for my own taste. By this I mean that their influences are mainly taken from the old & new school of Death Metal. IMPURE is (fortunately!) another good brutal band lacking of something their own or something special... I highly recommend this anyway, BUY OR DIE!!! c/o J. NEUMANN, REULSTRASSE 42, 46240 BOTTROP GERMANY.
IMPURE (GER) "IN DISRESPECT TO MANKIND" MCD 2001. Once again, 28:36 with 4mn of intro/outro, it's something musically real too short! Sorry again if I'm classifying it as a MCD but that's not my fault! Just like the first "CD", they are good brutallers & blasters but lacked something to make me fully enjoy their tunes, it's as usual very new school american influenced but they finally seem having found something of their own in the most Extreme & fast accelerations, a technical grinding edge with those solos induced a personal mood and that's maybe what lacked in the first CD. Now, they make me think of SEVERE TORTURE and a more Death Metal (audible?) version of AGONY CONSCIENCE and that is a compliment! That's an ok Death/Grind "album" finally, I haven't complain too much this time, BUY OR DIE!
IMPURE DOMAIN (ITA) "PROGRESSION OF IMPURITY" MCD-R Demo 2000 Self-prod. Black Metal band here with some fast materials and the usual galloping melodies, too much trends influenced for my taste with keyboards & atmospheric shit... Well, I'm definitely not inspired by this one! The 4 last tracks were more brutal recorded Live including a cover of Iron Maiden's "Run To The Hills" but I won't say this is a good one... c/o FRANCESCO RINALDI, VIA O. LAVELLO 2, 71100 FOGGIA ITALY.
IMPURITY (USA) "Unearthly Affinity" MCD 2003 NUCLEAR WINTER. I can't understand why this band has been compared to Immolation and Incantation… Their style has more in common with the old BROKEN HOPE and FLESHGRIND with a small intent to DETERIOROT for the dark tunes here & there, maybe the first riffs are a little similar to Immolation but in no way the rest of the 5 songs made me think about them! Just let me tell you that the band performs old-school Death Metal the way I love it: blasting, darkened, catchy and of course brutal!! There's really something of the bands I mentioned within IMPURITY's structures, some will consider them as classic or unoriginal Death Metal that's true but IMPURITY know how to perform the real obscure moods in ancient Death Metal traditions, something that many new bands can't do, at least IMPURITY do it pretty well compared to many other so called "Death Metal bands". It's definitely highly recommended and I will keep an eye on them for the future because this MCD is real promising, too short (14:30) but promising! BUY OR DIE!!!
INCARRION (USA) "INTO THE EXPOSED ABYSS" MCD 2001 UNITED GUTTURAL. Okay, this is raw technical Death/Grind, the sound isn't the best around and the musicians showed some mistakes but it's convincing, I'll consider this as a Demo more than an official release, a better production would have made me more enthusiast. But INCARRION are showing great potential at mixing brutality & originality, quick & twisted riffs like INTERVALLE BIZARRE with a real dirty, filthy production, in a word: underground! It's not easy listening at first but it's a promising band, that's for sure: c/o NICK PEYER, 128 HIDDEN HILLS DR., GREENVILLE, SC. 29605 USA.
INCESTUOUS (USA) "BRASS KNUKLE ABORTION" MCD 2000 UNITED GUTTURAL. That band reminds me of GORGASM, PYREXIA, SUFFOCATION & DEEDS OF FLESH, CRYPTOPSY, DYING FETUS... Yep, another powerful brutal Death Metal barbarity at the speed of light from the states! No needs to say that this kills and is of high quality & professional as fuck! True fans of real Brutal Death from America must check this out at all costs to satisfy their insane collections of Deathred!! This is perfect, BUY OR DIE!! c/o DAN LOUISE, 5659 KEELER, CHICAGO ILLINOIS 60629 USA. PO BOX 752, GRAYSLAKE, IL. 60030 USA.
INFERNAL (BRA) MCD-R. This is not something released officially, just some of their tracks from comp LP 90, 7"EP 92, Live tracks '93 and Demo 97 that Mauricio did himself onto a CD-R and I've got great pleasure to hear that old-school Death Metal resurrection! Long time running Death Metal band of the underground with something particular, their own sound of Death! Evil, thrashing & haunting, morbid as Hell with all those catchy riffs & leads from beyond, I adore!! One of the rare bands and also most underrated who can be proud having found their own style, unfortunately never get the recognition it deserves. They released their second CD by themselves and I truly hope things will change soon! BUY OR DIE!!
INFERNAL (USA) "Infernal" MCD 99 CROOK'D. This one hails from Florida and performs... Death Metal of course! By the intro, they summoned the beast of Death who suddenly appeared and took form of a blasting Death Metal savagery. The band shows some weak points such as a too deaf sound, mistakes in their performances but also impressed me by the diversity of the arrangements, really original new band almost as refreshing as the INFERNAL from Brazil. Drastically different from the typical Floridian Death Metal that I used to know a couple of years ago, this band got many great & personal ideas, uncommon structures and real punishing accelerations! In fact, these good points made me forget about the poor production & mistakes, it is really nothing compared to their unpredictable talent, plus they are Evil, the vocals resound like coming from old NECROPHAGIA's "Season Of The Dead" but lower and more haunting, possessed... Lots of old-school influences as well but innovative by adding & creating something their own... This band is damn interesting and excellent, I can't wait to hear for more, I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!! BUY OR DIE!
INSISION (SWE) "THE DEAD LIVE ON" MCD 99 HEATHENDOOM. American Brutal Death Metal influenced band, their Demo didn't impress me that much but this MCD is now very good, a lot of arrangements & solos make the whole pretty brutal in the vein of CANNIBAL CORPSE & SUFFOCATION but a little slower and the production kicks asses! Heavy band for sure! There is nothing that I dislike here, the thrashing heaviness and technical catchiness are all performed with skills and precision, strong grunting vocals followed by occasional screamings, original blasting drumming... A lot tighter and more professional; now ready to conquer the unalterable underground world! BUY OR DIE!!! HEATHENDOOM Music: BOX 36, 114 79 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN.
INTERNAL SUFFERING (COL) "UNMERCYFUL EXTERMINATION" MCD 2001 MACABRE MEMENTOS. Brutal Colombian Death Metal returns with 6 tracks in the vein of DEVOURMENT & DISGORGE (US) this time and a little better production than on "Supreme Knowledge Domain" which was already very promising! The new songs are even more brutal as you might imagine, total grinding chaos in the american veins! BUY OR FUCKIN' DIE! c/o ANDRES GARCIA, AV. 30 AGOSTO # 50-180, APT. 302, PEREIRA COLOMBIA. MACABRE MEMENTOS Recs: c/o TADASHI MINEMOTO, 2-15-23 MIKAGEYAMATE, HIGASHINADA-KU, KOBE, HYOGO 658-0065 JAPAN.

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