samedi 10 avril 2010

Splits & Comp CD reviews - B

BASTARD SAINTS/NEFAS (ITA/ITA) "ROPES ABOVE AN ABYSS OF FURY" Split MCD 2001 THE FLOOD. BASTARD SAINTS still evolving into brutal technical originality a la old HUMAN REMAINS with these two new tracks of completely unpredictables arrangements & structures, it's really an impressive uncommon Extreme Metal band! BUY OR DIE!! C.P. 14, 21045 GAZZADA ITALY. As for NEFAS, they offer one track from "He Was Born" Demo which was a little different than the MCD but already a hellish announcement of great things to come and another track called "The Passsage" which is more in the dark style of the MCD, like BELPHEGOR & DAMNATION...: BUY OR DIE!! VIA ILLIRICO 10, 20133 MILANO ITALY. THE FLOOD Recs: c/o MBE 180, PIAZZA CAIAZZO 3, 20124 MILANO ITALY.
BEHERIT/ARCHGOAT (FIN/FIN) "MESSE DES MORTS/ANGELCUNT (TALES OF DESECRATION)" Split CD 97/99 NECROPOLIS. Both vinyls were recorded in 1993 and now very hard to find... Now re-released on CD for eternal listening! I didn't care that much about BEHERIT because their noisy Black was pretty funny & kidding, trying to get that cult BLASPHEMY's vibe but sounded crappy to my ears and really childish, fuckin' weak. "Messe Des Morts" wasn't very impressive to me but some people still consider them as an influencial "band" anyway... Well, to keep the review short, I was a huge fan of ARCHGOAT and their incredibly brutal & obscure approach was something I've always been looking for from true unholy underground bands! Backward intro... Fast, blasting & pounding the flesh of the holy spirit with short dark keyboards passages, bells of Hellchurch apparitions, truly Evil tunes & revengeful growling vocals, leads from beyond, had primitive & beastial raw sound making it all as inhuman sounding as possible! ARCHGOAT did their own way what other bands such as old INCANTATION, IMPRECATION, old AMORPHIS & BLASPHEMY did at the same time but they did not have the same chance to get more known as they deserved to be in my opinion. Unfortunately we had to wait the band's split-up to see "Angelcunt (Tales Of Desecration)" finally re-released many years after its inception... Fuckin' Cult... BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!! BOX 14815, FREMONT, CA. 94539-4815 USA
BLACK WITCHERY/CONQUEROR (USA/CAN) "HELLSTORM OF EVIL VENGEANCE" Split CD 2000 DARK HORIZON. It's great to hear that there are still true Black Metal hordes around! BLACK WITCHERY are very similar to a certain album called "Vengeance War 'Till Death"... It's fucking furious, apochaolyptic & pure Evil, no fun riffs and nothing for weak ears, unrelenting raw energy surrounded by total darkness & hate, this is what I feel while listening to these fiends! It's brutal and bringing insanes pounding atmosfears from Hell and beyond...! Of course, it's very linear and basic but maintains high a malignant & obscure presence during five fast as Hell unholy tracks on their part of the CD including a cover of BLASPHEMY "Demoniac", quite cult! Really impressive stuff! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 195416, WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA 32719 USA. As for CONQUEROR, which I had never heard the music before, they came in with an even rawer style, 4 tracks + intro from their Demo, very barbaric like BLASPHEMY and an overall sound similar to old NUCLEAR DEATH. Fucking ravaging and also in the BESTIAL WARLUST vein, pounding & punishing the weak christian posers!! This is how I love true underground Black Metal music! BUY OR DIE! DARK HORIZON Recs: 6435 WEST JEFFERSON BLVD. #666, FORT WAYNE, INDIANA 46804 USA.
BOWEL (USA) "Rotten Fecal Duct" Split CD 94 (Split with THE GUNS : shitty punkrust!!!) LSR. I don't have the other band recorded onto my tape because it wasn't interesting so let's go for BOWEL: mid-paced Metal like BOLT THROWER & old OBITUARY with some Slayerian riffs and... the most shitty vocals of the planet, it really sucks! The sound is extremely raw like Cianide, the music is sometimes doomy and also got some hardcore accelerations. The mood is pure underground Metal here, just a pity the vocals ruined it... This isn't something spectacular as it has already been done a long time ago but has its own charm though! You must be a real freak if you wanna hear it.
BRAZILIAN ASSAULT CD 2000 RELAPSE. The underground series are always a great idea from this label, that's where I can hear the real good bands that offer more than many of these signed bands! Let's start with ABHORRENCE and their "Triumph In Blasphemy" Demo 99; 3 trax that kill the weak human flesh, showing big improvements since the "Ascension..." Demo 97/98! Still got that VADER & old DEICIDE influence, much more Extreme in the vein of KRISIUN too! More professional & faster tunes with damn excellent leads of tormented souls from beyond, shame on Deicide for wimping out, long live ABHORRENCE & their Evil fumes!! BUY OR DIE! Then comes (again!) OPHIOLATRY with their interesting "Opposite Monarchy" Demo 99, no needs to comment again, it's the same tracks than on their Split MCD with ANCESTRAL MALEDICTION reviewed above, just they got here the whole 3-tracks Demo recording instead of only two tracks that appeared on the Split. BUY OR DIE of course, true Death Metal from Hell!! NEPHASTH was completely unknown to me with "The Merciless Face Of Evil" Demo 99 but they deserve to be known now as they are as great as ABHORRENCE or REBAELLIUN, very memorable structures are engulfed in their songs of Death, strong, catchy to the bones, old-school vibes here & there, KRISIUN seem to have breed many band followers for our ultimate pleasure as those aren't clones but very professional bringing qualities into what they do, it's sure very similar to REBAELLIUN but I won't complain about it, it's fucking good to hear true Extreme Death Metal feelings when the trend is now about doing the goregrindnoise thing, it makes me revive again with unstoppable energy of pure hatred, fuck trends & craps: BUY OR DIE!!!

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