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Demo reviews - S

SADISTIS (Indonesia) "D.O.M.(Daerah operasi militer)" Demo 99 DEMENTIA.
SADISTIS (Indonesia) "The creation of god" Demo 97 EXTREME SOUL.
SANCTIFIER/KRUEGER (BRA/BRA) "IN MAYHEM & DESTRUCTION" Split Live Tape 2003 TIME BEFORE TIME. SANCTIFIER, this excellent old Brazilian band seems to be still active as their Live was recorded in 2000, 5 tracks to remember how great they are in their old Evil Death Metal style, they are one of those bands I still remember 10 years after they got their Demo out, I don't think they had released any album in all the years, so this is a band that will remain cult & even more now! BUY OR DIE!! c/o FABIO A. BRAYNER, R. ERNESTO S. LEAO 190 / 307, 54 400 250 PIEDADE, JABOATAO - PE BRAZIL. As for KRUEGER, same spirit of old-school Death Metal, Live recorded in 1995, 5 trax including a cover of DEATH's "Low Life", excellentissim Death Metal band that gives all what I need: morbid vocals, leads, mid-paced drumming, and slashing dooming chainsaws from Hell... Definitely a cult tape of Brazilian Death Metal legions: HAIL DEATH METAL!!!!!! BUY OR DIE!!! c/o ADRIANO CAMINHA, C.P. 63031, 20753-970 RIO DE JANEIRO - RJ BRAZIL. TIME BEFORE TIME Recs: c/o TOMASZ HANUSZKIEWICS, PO BOX 66, 41-923 BYTOM POLAND.
SARDOTICAL SCOUNDREL (MalaYsia) "Extinction by the birth control" Demo 99 NORTH POEM.
SCURVY (SWE) Demo 1 2000. This was recommended by my old Nounour$ from Poitiers and he has good taste for Death Metal as with such a tape dedicated to Charles Bronson, it can only be brutal of course. I must say that it sounds damn good to my ears, very crushing & heavy raw Death Metal to the bone & flesh, I can't say it makes me think about another band but it's done the American way, some riffs recalls old VADER & TERRORIZER anyway. Recorded by Fred Estby, some vocals are reminiscents of old MACABRE, so this is a Death/Grind Demo that will surely please the old-school fans, I like some of the riffs especially the beginning of "Deathwish". This is pure Death/Grind made the old-school efficient way with sick intros, catchy riffs etc. Good quality stuff that sounds brutal but why triggering drums so much?? I can't stand that, otherwise the Demo is pleasant to listen to. c/o JOHAN WALLIN, HAGVÄGEN 2K, 19440 UPPLANDS VÄSBY SWEDEN. FREDRIK ANDERSSON, LJUNGV. 95, 19460 U-V SWEDEN.
SEPTIC GRAVE "Beyond the" Demo.
SIKSAKUBUR (INDO) "The Carnage" Tape LP 2000 EXTREME SOULS. Blasting Death Metal a la early SUFFOCATION like it is the rule in Indonesia! This one not only blasts all the time but also includes dark atmospheres & feelings with memorables riffs. Quite technical & brutal without compromise, this band is good & deathvastating, definitely highly recommended to all those who love the American/Canadian style of brutality: BUY OR DIE!
SLASHING DEATH (POL) "Kill Me Coz I Have No Hope" Tape LP 91 CARNAGE.
SLAUGHTER THOU (AUSTRALIA) "INDISCRIMINHATE" Demo 2000. Wow! This is some Extremely speed exhausting Death Metal tunes from the land of kangaroos! This one reminds me very old MORBID ANGEL, MESSE NOIR and MARTIRE a lot, fast as Hell, same production, unrelenting quick technical riffs at the speed of light and possessed grunting vocals, solos from beyond the soils of the dead and pulverizing drumming! Really sounds apocalyptic and deathvastates anything that crossed their path! BUY OR DIE!
SLAUGHTER THOU (AUSTRALIA) Promo trax... Heavier sound and compositions for these five other tracks with more screaming vocals and still combined with grunts as well in the vein of older DEICIDE materials. I'm not sure from when it has been recorded but judging by the style, which is a little less extreme than above (more in the ARGHOSLENT style sometimes), it certainly was recorded before the "Indiscriminhate" Demo...? It was a good recording of total Death & Chaos anyway! Highly recommended aggression, hatred... BUY OR DIE!!!
SPARAGMOS (Pol) "Invitation from host of wrath" Tape LP 92 METAL MIND.
SPAWN OF POSSESSION (SWE) Demo. No other infos concerning this band but I don't care! The intro is fuckin' Evil and the music as well, it reminds me of first DEVILYN album, a lot of quick vicious riffs & technical like NILE, this insane Death Metal mixture is welcome to my ears. The band reached a good & impressive level as they sometimes took influences from MORBID ANGEL & CANNIBAL CORPSE, not a kidding band for sure! The four tracks really rules as they're dark, resounding like many old Swedish bands from the unforgotten past, the solos made my arm's hairs standing up with a thrill running down my back like if that was Trey…This is a sign that the band is extremely great at creating something their own, morbid & Evil Death Metal from Hell, BUY OR DIE!!!!!!
SPLATTERED CADAVER (USA) Promo 99. Two new tracks that are a little more brutal than their already damn good Demo! Newer influences such as Repudilation, Disgorge etc...also reminds me EXCARNATED from Australia. Fans of true heavy pounding American Brutal Death/Grind can only fall in love with this as it contains all essential ingredients to BUY OR DIE!!!
STILLBORN "Mirrormaze" Demo 99 Pigtail.
SUPREME LORD/CHTON (POL/NOR) "TWO TALES OF TERROR" Split Tape 2003 TIME BEFORE TIME. Let's start with SUPREME LORD that got here their "Death Metal Beast" Promo 2003 re-released onto this Split Tape from Hell! And they're damn excellent bringing fast & extreme pounding Evil Death Metal, excellent production that shreds anything and heavy as the hammer of Thor crushing your cranium of Death! This is brutal & heavy, tight & right to the point, no weak signs in these three tracks, they make me think of old INIQUITY & old KONKHRA with such powerful beats but more Evil with some real obscure parties like some MORBID ANGEL/VIBRION venomous tunes... That's really sounding like nothing else but very personal and convincing, professional! This band deserves a mighty deal à la hauteur de leur musique: BUY OR DIE!!! CHTON on side b were a little similar just a little less heavy but very powerful too, their two tracks were originally released as their self-titled Demo 2002. I noticed more of IMMOLATION influences by some riffs in track two and that of course is very promising, I'll be very curious to hear more from these nordists: c/o TORSTEIN PARELIUS, KVITSTEINVEIEN 42, 7027 TRONDHEIM NORWAY. TIME BEFORE TIME Recs: c/o TOMASZ HANUSZKIEWICS, PO BOX 66, 41-923 BYTOM POLAND.

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