lundi 5 avril 2010

MCD reviews - P

PARADOX (UK) "THROUGH PAIN THERE IS JOY" MCD 2000 TARANTULA. There was a tape out before this and it was so bad that I had to send it back! They now have that self-made MCD limited to 200 so I could only wish this being a little better... It's just a little higher than the tape but still remains below the average... I have never been an adept of simplist music with weak vocals & raw sound as such! Distorted grunts do not help me to get into such a primitive songwriting. Kind of badly made doom/death or should I say life metal? Their love for jesus is disgusting, how a metal band can write such gayness? I still not have understand what their point is at releasing such crap... PO BOX 21700, LONDON E14 3YR ENGLAND.
PATOLOGICUM (POL) "HECATOMB OF ABERRATION" MCD 2003 CRUDE ENT. Heps... 14 tracks for 28mn = low tuned Gore/Grind like Mortician. Using some vocal effects like old Carcass even if they claimed not having used, hum... are you taking people as foul as yourself? I consider it as a MCD due to the short timing and using intros at almost every song. Good Mortician clone anyway all the guitar riffs sounds the same, better and more professional than Atavism for sure: c/o PIOTR POPIEL, AL. SLOWACKIEGO 31/10, 31-159 KRAKOW POLAND.
PHOBIA (USA) "DESTROYING THE MASSES" MCD 99 PESSIMISER. That's been a very long time since their 7" & MCD out on Relapse, and they're still performing old-school Grindcore in the old vein of old NAPALM DEATH & TERRORIZER, old BRUTAL TRUTH... very similar to these old bands materials as well as many others do now. The tracks are short and repetitives but don't break any speed limits since the REPULSION epoch... The band has more quality & professional tunes than many newer bands today which are just doing it more noisy & crappy. So, that's a good one but remains very average to my ears anyway, I need it more extreme everyday!
PORPHYRIA (POL) "MAYHEMIC BLAST" Promo MCD 2003. What can you expect from a 12 songs/18mn Promo CD? But Grinding stuff for sure! I really have a problem with the drums, is it a machine or what??? Five guys in the line up but the drums really sound like a machine, in fact it's the most up front instrument in the mixing, not easy to understand the guitar parts when it blasts with a linear continuity... boring! A cover of Napalm Death's "Stalemate" did its day in this release. Oh, yes I nearly forgot: the band is very Damnable sounding and unfortunately not from their early and best days... If you need a grinding heavy blasting stuff, this sure will please you but if you're looking for a bit of originality, just take your existence elsewhere! Good sound if I make abstraction of the boring drums, it was a decent recording anyway but million of bands are doing this style these days. If you want another one: JAROSLAW PUCH, UL. WOJSKA POLSKIEGO 8/30, 34-400 NOWY TARG POLAND.
PULVERIZER (HOL) "SECOND TO NONE" MCD 99 FIREBREATH/TEUTONIC EXISTENCE. Good haunted intro but the band is quite predictable and generic classic, basic Thrash/Death Metal déjà-vu et re-vu 100000 fois! They should release this as a Demo first in my opinion... While they play tight in the old Master style, they bring nothing exciting to the oversaturated Thrash/Death Metal scene, simply average & boring, devoid of any interest for me at the moment...
PUTREFIED (HOL) "PUTREFIED" 3-tracks Promo MCD 2006 Self-prod. Heavy brutality that doesn't go super fast but remains mid-paced and having a real morbid old-school influence, this makes the difference in the scene today when many other bands wants to push the speed or technical limits without any particular feelings in their music. Some CANNIBAL CORPSE influences are undeniable but they play it lower tuned this way of MALIGNANCY just a little less twisted, more right to the point, this is good and probably a foretaste of things to come as the band did spread this 3-song MCD for free at their shows, thanx to the vocalist for this offering. As for my personal opinion, I'd like it faster on CD even if on stage it kicks bloody asses! Support these guys.
PUTRIDITY (?) "PUTRID SECOND BLASTING SICKNESS" MCD 2003. New brutal band with a title that relates to the music, this isn't perfect of course and the trend is about dyingfetusdevourmentdisgorgedeedsofflesh, so that's maybe why PUTRIDITY exists & copied their faves bands, at least doing something very similar, what can I say? 'faut bien que jeunesse se passe comme on dit ici... It's well played but I must admit that this style bores me now, I like the complexity but in this case the riffs are fun & grindy whilst I request darkened tunes & pure Death Metal music, the hybrid forms never reached me completely, you can play fast but if the songwriting means nothing to me, I see no point to align riffs after riffs without any real mood but if that is what you're looking for, then try this.
PYAEMIA (Hol) "Cranial blowout" MCD-R 98.

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