lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - P

PARALYSIS (USA) "Plegia" Demo 90.
PENIS LEECH (ITA) "Eternally Encrypted" Promo 2000. Very raw deaf heavy sound, the band obviously tried to do another clone of Suffocation-clones and succeed! Stop mocking, they're good brutallers anyway, it just sounds too much like SUFFOCATION but they also got the same qualities as all those Indonesian warriors playing that kind of Brutal Death Metal nowadays and they can do solos! So this promo is very, very, very SUFFOCATION influenced and well played, just needs to find some extra money and get a little better sound next time. If you don't care about originality but looking for a brutal & skilled band very close to SUFFOCATION's own style, PENIS LEECH is definitely sure to please you!
POSTMORTEM (Estonia) "Bloody justice comes" Tape LP 96 SOUNDLESS.
POSTMORTEM (ESTONIA) "The call of the sea" Demo 98.
PURULENCE (CAN) "Atrocious Execration" Demo 91. Old Demo again from a band who got signed to Adipocere for a 7" & a Split CD with Amaymon and then disappeared some times after... That was raw & heavy, haunting & dooming like the old bands from Finland or Sweden that flooded the scene in early nineties, PURULENCE also had that old MORGOTH spirit engulfed in their brutal thrashing tunes, blasting & pounding at mid-paced Death Metal obscurity...!
PUSTULATED (Switz) "Pustulus" Demo 92.

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