jeudi 8 avril 2010

12"-10"-7" vinyl reviews - M

MALEDICTIVE PIGS/SKINLESS (Ger/USA) "Brainwashing" Split 7"EP 2000 CUDGEL (Lim. to 1000). MALEDICTIVE PIGS are back with two new tracks: "Brainwashing" & "Reborn" that will sure please all fans of pure Brutal Death as they have something more than the average bands, they're more professional and can also be melodic within their unrelenting brutality, a bit like Vomitory but with a rawer, more underground sound. The cymbals are somewhat irritating, too high in the mix but the band is good anyway, BUY OR DIE! c/o RONNY ANDRICH, PARKSTR. 5, 14943 LUCKENWALDE GERMANY. SKINLESS offered here "Salvage" from a Demo(n) version and "Crispy Kids" Live cut with great sound. Brutal Death is what these guys are all about and of the heaviest side, nothing weak in this very strong band's music, they simply crush the weak & blast! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 829 SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY. 12866-0829 USA. CUDGEL Agency: POSTFACH 100147, 06871 LUTH. WITTENBERG GERMANY.
MARTIRE (AUSTRALIA) "LUCIFER" 7"EP 2001 MERCILESS. "Lucifer", "Opiate Of The Masses" & "The Heretic" are three new tracks that will soon dominate the Extreme Metal scene by their sheer intensity & deathvastating hyperblasts, insanes Evil & possessed vocals with shredding riffs & chaos-leads… This is not your common band that only regurgitate their influences, (early Morbid Angel seems to be one of theirs!) but they can also go beyond and so creating a sound of their own, now more extreme & technical than their unforgettable first MCD also bringing heavier atmospheres too! I can only hope the release of a full-length soon…? Awaiting this insane arrival of new blasphemies, BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 238, FINDON 5023, SOUTH AUSTRALIA.
MARTIRE (AUSTRALIA) 7"EP 2001 MERCILESS Re-edition of first MCD 91!! If you were unlucky to find one of the 1000 invading copies in circulation, it's now time to get this vinyl version, as I printed in issue #1; this is extremely fast, chaotic & apocalyptic Metal, 15mn from Hell! Extremely cult release that was as Evil & Insane as early Morbid Angel & Nuclear Death materials! This band figures as pioneers of the Australia's Extreme Metal scene, exactly; when Sadistik Exekution & Hobb's Angel Of Death started in 1986, MARTIRE started too: BUY OR DIE!
MASSACRE (USA) "CORPSE GRINDER" LP 91 HEADACHE. Live-Infestation in Brandon, Florida 20/12/86.
MORBID ANGEL (USA) "EUROPEAN MADNESS" LP Live in Dortmund Dec. 2nd 89. Quite cool bootleg, a bloodred vinyl one with a bad sound of course! I love Live recordings, may it be official or not I don't care a fuck! It's sure recorded with the bad equipment, you know, a simple audio tape recorder in the pit of a gig and you have an album like that! It's also ten years old now so quite cult for the die-hard fans, nine tracks from "Altars Of Madness" epoch that will please the die-hard fans only, fuck off the others!
MORTAL SIN (AUSTRALIA) "Face of despair" LP 89 ROADRUNNER. That's what I call a real underground Thrash Metal album! Stuff with a god damn feeling of Death, that's when listening to that kind of bands you realize that the newer Metal bands sound pretty weak & uninventives, there was plenty of moods, solos, and other varied structures in MORTAL SIN, things that no band can create today, a mixture of old DARK ANGEL & early METALLICA to present you an approximate image of their…very own style anyway! I won't comment any longer on how great were the old bands for that, just try a listening to this & let you bleeding forever…..
MUSICAL MASSACRE (GER) "NECROBESTIALITY" MLP 99 DEADLY ART. This was the old band from PURGATORY's members and this vynil is a re-edition of their Demo 92. It's said to be in the old vein of Asphyx, some riffs remind me the ghost of death but the whole was less original than the one and only Asphyx. Plain and simple old-school basic classic Death Metal tunes with morbid and disgusted dooming feelings like old Samael, this has its moments but sometimes lacks of conviction to me. The underground mood they created is of course highly recommended, it's sure not for trendy ears, only for true die-hard Death Metal fans! The vocals remind me German band Dawn, a little similar. Quite enjoyable for me, there are some good intros in it as well. If you're interested in the past of PURGATORY's members, here's how it sounded alike and it's not bad at all. DEADLY ART: c/o KAI SCHEIBE, WACHENHEIMERSTR. 82, 65835 LIEDERBACH GERMANY.

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