lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - H

HARASSED (swe) "Desire of exploring the afterlife" Demo 92. First I loved the intro, then the music appeared to be real good too, thrashing Death/Doom Metal, morbid & heavy tunes with a real strong voice, all songs are very well written & memorables with riffs turning in your mind even some years after. A classic of punishing & soulful Death Metal atmospheres haunting & dooming like Torchure, Viogression… This is a superb Demo that I will certainly transfer to CD for eternal listening, if you can find it somewhere: BUY OR DIE!!!
HEADHUNTER DEATH CULT (BRA) "BRAZILIAN DEATHKULT LIVE VIOLENCE ...14 YEARS OF BRUTALITY" Live Tape Recorded June 9th 1995 at Itabuna/BA Limited to 100! ETERNAL FIRE Prods. Great sound on this one and the Tape is also professionally released, colored cover with the entire history of the band since 1987! Yes, they started at the same time as great cult bands such as VADER, IMMOLATION, DEICIDE, CANNIBAL CORPSE and so on! Who could believe that they had released two albums before "...And The Sky Turns To Black... (The Dark Age has Come)" (reviewed elsewhere!). So it's now 15 years old that their Death Metal is blasting the spirits of abominations upon Brazil of Death, old-school fucking rules, I'll repeat that sentence 'till death!!!!!!!! Old-school fucking rules and it's not going to decrease. It's of course in the vein of their second LP "Punishment At Dawn" that came out on Cogumelo Recs in 1993. Total darkness & hate, pure Death in the old VADER's vein with a more Evil voice from late 80's traditions like old NECROPHAGIA's "Season Of The Dead"!! This Live Tape is a damn excellent initiative, I'm 666% into it, Evil Death Metal, Rise Up Immortals, BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!! c/o SERGIO BALOFF BORGES, PO BOX 548, AG. CENTRAL COMMERCIO, SALVADOR/BAHIA BRAZIL. ETERNAL FIRE Prods: c/o K. VALLOT, 16 RUE DE LA SENTE FLEURIE, 28600 LUISANT FRANCE.
HEADMEAT (BEL) "Homicidal Intent" Demo 2001. Never heard of this before, let’s see what it’s all about... The intro is fuckin’ bizarre, then the music comes with a raw sound and it’s like an american Death/Grind band, the drums blast fast & pounding like old Cryptopsy. This is not exceptionally great nor that original but the band is good, some of the riffs remind me of Infester & Fleshgrind’s “Holy Pedophile” Demo but this is faster and not so evil. It was maybe too much predictable and completely in the new trend of brutal stuffs, I was looking for much more originality from them but it’s ok, damn good & promising brutal band, true brutallers look no further: BUY OR DIE!
HOLY DEATH (POL) "Megido" Promo tape 93 METAL NIGHTS. The intro arised slowly like a farewell storming earthquake, painful screams of mourning & desolation then followed... This was very Doomy Death Metal like DISEMBOWELMENT, a sound from the deepest caves with real sordid ambiences, very original band, I can't stand why nobody talked about this Polish phenomenon!? Slow Morbid Metal, depressing & agonizing with mega-heavy tunes, that reminds me of another band also from Poland, this was MYSTIFICATION if I remember well... I consider HOLY DEATH as a very good & underrated original Doom/Death band from Hell.

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