lundi 12 avril 2010

Demo reviews - G

GHOR (FRA) "ESTOMAC" Demo 2000. This is in the same funny generic style as Flatulation reviewed above, it's repetitive, boring and the sound is crap, the musicians did invented nothing in this and the teenage cartoon intros made it pathetic. I can now say that I hate the funny & kidding french death/grind scene completely!! I have not heard one real good & serious Death/Grind Demo (except now for DIKTAT!) since Abyssals '94, Disgust '97, Sufficide '98 and Fate '98. Where have gone the real Death Metal ones, where are the dedicated souls & devoted musicianship with obscure spirits? This has no balls, it's really below the average and sucks, I can't support this trendy shit. Kids should practice and develop a thousand times more mature style than that in my opinion, or everyone will get bored soon and won't support the french bands anymore, me first. c/o THOMAS BOIVIN, 65 AVE. MARCEAU, 93130 NOISY LE SEC FRANCE.
GHOST (POL) "REKNOWN" Promo 98. It was unbelievable that a band like GHOST still exist! Remember that excellent album "The Lost Of Mercy" out in 94, they were really into that old-school obscure Death Metal passion, did they change? No way man, they keep going with true spirit right in the Death Metal tradition! Old-school & classic, familiar tunes echoing through soulful emotions & dark feelings of utter Death possession with disgusted grunting vocals from the grave! That's a really good surprise, this is not for trendy ears guarantee! BUY OR DIE!
GODZILLA (Indo) "Permanent insane on disfigure governments mindless ulcerate decision" Tape LP 2000 EXTREME SOULS.
GOREOPSY (SLO) "INTENTIONAL DISFIGURATION" Tape EP 2000. Here comes a very professional Tape from East Europe, as you might imagine, this is brutal stuff! Only two members, one do the vocals and the other one performs guitars, bass & programming. Doesn't this makes you remember of another band from Spain with that similar approach to brutality...? Yes, CHRIST DENIED reminder a lot! GOREOPSY is maybe more groovy, like DYING FETUS & REPUDILATION (RIP!). There's some of the most guttural voices you could imagine as well as the most heavy twisted Death/Grind music & sound the American way of life has to offer these days with great production. This deserves a BUY OR DIE! c/o MIROSLAV PITAK, OSIKOVA 11, 010 01 ZILINA SLOVAKIA. DEVOID OF BLOOD Zine: c/o JURAJ KRAJICEK, NEDEDZA 109, 01302 ZILINA SLOVAKIA.
GRENOUER (Rus) "Grave head" Tape LP 99 SOUND AGE.
GURKKHAS (FRA) Adv. Tape for upcoming album "Engraved In Blood, Flesh & Souls" out in march 2000 on MASSACRE Recs. This is a Thrash/Death Metal outfit from ex-D.A.B. and a potent job. Technical, fast, weird riffs and extreme raging gut-spewing vocals, once again I got a really bad, cheap recording, why can't you get a decent stereo to make sending promo copies out, vieille saucisse? I appreciate & enjoy it for that all the musicians are fucking tight and obviously giving themselves 100% into what they do. Some arrangements & riffs are very similar to CANNIBAL CORPSE and the thrashing intensity reminds me of NOKTURNEL in some ways. That is definitely very good and brutal, I'm looking forward to hear the CD and make a definite opinion, it pierces my ass! c/o J.F. REY, 10 RUE DES CAPUCINES, 22300 LANNION FRANCE

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