jeudi 3 juin 2010

Exhumed (Usa/Santa Ana, CA.) - Severely Rotted Dead Demo 92

Thanx to Diabolos for letting me know about this band and to Jan of Transcend webzine for the link, here's Exhumed from Santa Ana, CA., with their sole Demo from 1992, unfortunately two tracks are the same in this version "Spewing Pus" and "Dead and Mangled", if someone has the original tape and can rip the correct song that missed here that would be fine to listen again to some more killer Death Metal in the old style of Cannibal Corpse & Broken Hope, early nineties crushing Death Metal assault:

2.Spewing Pus

3.Dead and Mangled

4.Skinned Alive

5.Death Stench

6.Devouring Maggots

if you don't feel the need to download this, just put your ears on this dedicated myspace page
and to others, let's get
Severely Rotted

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