samedi 27 mars 2010

CD reviews - Z

ZUBROWSKA (FRA) "ONE ON SIX" CD 2003 XTREEM. Quite strange that I never heard of this french band before, they're very original and powerful Extreme Metal, not too much hardcore and not Death nor Black Metal, this is a successful mix of a little of everything that is Metal! Of course this appeals to the modern days fans, old-school people will find it reluctant but I appreciate it for what it is, I won't listen to it everyday but I can recommend it to all those who like this modern Metal, this is also very original, no copycat trends here! They're furious and knows how to pulverize the new comers: technical to the bones and better than the dyingfetusmiseryindextrendyshit!! Highly recommended french Metal stuff!! c/o JULIEN DEYRES, 1 RUE PONS CAPDENIER, 31500 TOULOUSE FRANCE.
ZUBROWSKA (FRA) "FAMILY VAULT" CD 2005 XTREEM. Second strike like a fist in your balls, Power, Thrash, Hardcore, Grind very original blend of all that pounds & brutalize without compromise, this is not for the weak and ZUBROWSKA definitely found their very personal style, not too fond of this personally but it's a very good quality release, enjoy their violence!
ZYKLON (NOR) "WORLD OF WORMS" CD 2001 CANDLELIGHT. Super-powerful Black Metal, more raging than IMMORTAL's "Battles In The North" and heavier than MESSE NOIR with something like a Death Metal vengeance in the vein of MORBID ANGEL! Same feelings as these three bands are engulfed in "World Of Worms" real good to hear, it fucking strikes right in my vortex and blasts upon my skull at the speed of light with those rolling drums like that MYRKSKOG's infernal Death Metal machinery!! Also if you're a pure fan of BELPHEGOR, this is damn the same destructive energy! Maybe the production & some arrangements are too "mechanical" sometimes but this doesn't ruin their extremity, this is simply perfect & heavy, exhausting listening, total Warmageddon, BUY OR DIE!! 2 ELGIN AVE. LONDON W9 3QP ENGLAND.

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