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CD reviews - R

R.U. DEAD? (GER) "...Completely dead" CD 2001 MAJESTIC UNION/SEMPITERNAL. Okay, all their Demos & vinyls, MLP are packed here for another resurrection of old-school Death/Thrash with aggressive & dark Metal spirits. That band was truly original and had some great materials recorded, I think it's good to hear them again if you're a pure old-school maniac of course!! It had a lot of SLAYER influences in my opinion, at least who doesn't take influences from SLAYER?? Let their Metal make your head banging & feet taping until you're also "…Completely Dead" as well…BUY OR DIE!
RAIN (SWI) "STARLIGHT EXCTINCTION" CD 2002 ADIPOCERE. Modern, false metal for trendy sheeps with a lot of synthetical elements, samples, drum machine, etc. This isn't glorious at all, burn this, motherfuckers, burn this! RATED Mgt: c/o DEMEESTER DOROTHEE, BLANCHERIE II, 1022 CHAVANNES SWITZERLAND.
RE-ANIMATOR (UK) "LAUGHING" CD 91 UNDER ONE FLAG. Thrash Metal was the law and RE-ANIMATOR was a damn good band, Thrash Metal maniacs should get this but I prefer their previous album anyway!
REBAELLIUN (BRA) "ANNIHILATION" CD 2001 HAMMERHEART. Evil!!!! This is what I'm looking for! The band evolved even more extreme & faster from their previous album & MCDs, this is truly Extreme & raging Death Metal!! The production fucking rules & fumes, pure Metal with unholy & morbid energies captured in the crypt of revived flames where the charred christ burns!!! Chaos & Apocalypse are two words that describe well the intensity of the album, the whole concept is truly evoking of Armageddon, tormenting the soul of a million dead by leads of extreme might, riffs of abominations revealed, drums of War & vocals of unrelenting merciless terror & death!!! A wide opened gate to the supreme Hell's return at the speed of light, this world is now sure soon to burn...! The Morbid Angel influence remains in some solos and arrangements, as well as the old gods such as Possessed, Slayer, Deicide keep inspiring the brazilian legions of Death, as they're now with KRISIUN & ABHORRENCE the ultimate army against the cowards & weak trendy bastards the planet accidentally breed. The change in line up obviously occured for the better, Hail REBAELLIUN, Hail Brazil of Death, HAIL DEATH METAL, BUY OR DIE!!!!
REBAELLIUN (BRA) "BURN THE PROMISED LAND" CD 99 HAMMERHEART. Oh, puissant!!! What a great album title, the intro is a prelude to the fucking WAR against christianity!!! This is simply TRUE Metal the purest & most extreme way possible! They are the second finger in the hand of the extremely rich in skilful abilities of the now Cult Brazilian Death Metal scene with KRISIUN. Flames of Hell are spewing all around while walking their unholy ground, chants of Death Metal soldiers are echoing through a sombre vast battlefield, burying place, smart winds & tornados of stormful hatred pulverizing any form of life, hair in the air, agonizing enemies, Arrrgghh, this inspires me a lot! Apocalyptic visions tormenting my soul, transporting me chaotickly through the maze of Death, hurting everywhere I go, out of control, POSSESSED, SLAYER, MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE and of course KRISIUN are the visions that haunt me while listening to REBAELLIUN's "Burn The Promised Land", fast, thrashing, raging, insane & intense Death Metal at the speed of light travelling through your own mind with clearness & virtuosity!!! I'd like to see & hear more bands like that in our scene, they really keep me alive & refresh the black liquid that flows eternal in my veins... HEAR THEIR CRIES, BUY OR DIE!! C.P. 946, CEP 90001-970 POA/RS BRAZIL.
REINFECTION (POL) "THEY DIE FOR NOTHING" CD 2000 ABLATED. I remember that their Demo was not that good, they now achieved a killer first album of extreme Grind/Death and that reminds me a band who had an album out called "Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses" and also another polish Grind band called DAMNABLE too with some Cryptopsy here & there. This might please all Grind maniacs guarantee, really a strong first album, BUY OR DIE!!! HUBALA 29/7, 26-400 PRZYSUCHA POLAND. ABLATED: PO BOX 488, VALLEY CITY, OH. 44280 USA.
REPUDILATION (USA) CD BURNING DOGMA. This is a band I was very into back then but since they split up, some members were playing in different bands that didn't interest me, I did lose interest by their somewhat hardcorish new projects. So here's a chance to appreciate their old stuffs again if you missed for example their incredibly heavy Demo 96 "Purging Of Impurity", their side on the split 7" 1997 with DISFIGURED and the tracks from Frozen Dawn II Comp CD, you've got 'em all here: 8 tracks on one fuming disc. If you've never heard of them before, they're better than INTERNAL BLEEDING, very groovy & guttural Death Metal, squeezy guitars and technical drumming. Go buy this chef-d'oeuvre of brutality & "Dance, motherfucker, dance! DANCE!" BUY OR DIE!!
RESURRECTED (GER) "BUTCHERED IN EXCREMENT" CD 2001 PERVERTED TASTE. They're back, rectifying their mistakes with "Butchered In Excrement", a cool album of underground brutality, better recorded than the one below, much more enjoyable in every aspects, the riffs are changing more often than in the past, they're blasting & thrashing with a raw abrasive sound, very heavy & loud, catchy songs including the same influences as reviewed above. This time they chosen to cover "Infecting The Crypts" by the masters of brutality: Suffocation! Being tuned a little higher, this sounds quite different as they changed some of the riffs but the result is very well done! Death Metal is the game here with guttural & higher vocals here and there, definitely a good brutal album for freaks: BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 120414, 47124 DUISBURG GERMANY.
RESURRECTED (GER) "FAIRELESS TO THE FLESH" CD 99 PERVERTED TASTE. This is disappointing, the album seems having been recorded Live with a simple audio tape recorder! Too thin sound, their previous one had also a raw but little better recording! This is doubtless a step back in the production area. Musically did not change that much, brutal Death Metal the american style with blast-beats and decent catchy riffs that are a little too repetitive to me & boring but finally acceptable. I think this band should spend more time in the studio before releasing a CD, that would be more fair! They do remind me of KADATH, BLOOD & old DOMINUS "View To The Dim" in certain structures they are similar, mainly guttural brutality & savagery. I won't consider it as essential but I can listen to it while eating a pack of curlys! (peanuts if you prefer!). A cover of DEICIDE's "Sacrificial Suicide" at the end, not that good, maybe next time... For this being their second album, it's very average and disappointing.
RESURRECTED (GER) "Blood Spilled" CD 2003 PERVERTED TASTE. Already 4th album and this makes me looking like a lazy bastard to review 3 of them all in the same issue!! Hum.. let's get to the critics now: following the last album "Butchered In Excrement", they made it as good as this previous effort including the now classic cover tune in each album, they've chosen this time "Mass Appeal Madness" by Napalm Death. Death Metal the true underground way made their way with the same similarity to "Faireless To The Flesh", the band seems having found their way as they don't change that much from the second album… Up to you if you like it or not, I personally like it, the band stays true to its roots and only gets better with time without changing style, that is something I consider as a quality. "Blood Spilled" is a respectable album, oh yes, what about the cover tune, you said? Well, it's recognizable and well turned in their own game, I enjoy it and true underground fans might enjoy it as well: BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 120414, 47124 DUISBURG GERMANY.
REVENGE (CAN) "TRIUMPH . GENOCIDE . ANTICHRIST" CD 2003 OSMOSE. How can you listen to all those melodic or symphonic blackmetal bands again when you've heard this? Put them to Death! This is how it must be done: BLASPHEMY, BESTIAL WARLUST, CONQUEROR, unrelenting, chaotic, aggressive and above all grinding & truly Evil Black Metal like you're not used to hear nowadays, just BUY OR BLACK!!!!!!!!
RIPPING CORPSE (USA) "DREAMING WITH THE DEAD" CD 91 UNDER ONE FLAG. Argh, finally I found my original copy at a music forum, so glad! This rules, original sound, original tunes of the dead, cult technical twisted thrashing Death from the ancient time resurrected through this review of death for those who missed it, absolutely cult, cult, CULT! Erik Rutan was doing a great job in this, not so many bands were so challenging at that time, there were only NOCTURNUS doing that kind of fast & complex structures and a few other like HELLWITCH if I remember well... RIPPING CORPSE now gone but not forgotten, were simply doing it sicker! And the sicker it gets, the better I feel! If you still can find it somewhere just do like me: BUY OR DIE!
RISE (USA) "SLAVES OF ILLUSION" CD 2000 NEPHILIM. A new album of true and crude Death Metal, following what they have done with the MCD & first album, total raw sound abrasive as the walls of Hell's corridors, dark feelings are still present as well as ancient atmospheres that recall the glorious UK scene a few years back: MALEDICTION, BOLT THROWER, BENEDICTION, EVOKE... Cruel voice full of horror visions, shredding & heavy guitars, slashing drums & soulful arising solos that tear your soul apart, RISE is also reminder of SADISTIC INTENT, old MORBID ANGEL, CRUCIFIXION & WITHERED EARTH to me... There is no gggoooddd...!!! That intro was on another old Demo too, maybe DECEIVER's "Nocturnal Death" '94 from Finland but not sure yet... Well, sorry if I am moving away from the RISE review but some events in stuffs sometimes remind me that it already featured somewhere else, I just try to remember & resurrect...! BUY OR DIE!!
ROSSOMAHAAR (RUSSIA) "QUAERITE LUX IN TENEBRIS" CD 2003 XTREEM. This has been sent to me by the label, a Black Metal band so to say, with high vocals & synths… the particularity is that they're a little more technical than the average bands, also melodic but they don't impress me that much. It makes me remember of ETERNAL DIRGE & OXIPLEGATZ first albums sometimes. Well I have nothing else to say, just I have no opinions about it… It's not my kind of music but maybe yours? c/o KAI STALHAMMAR, PO BOX 52, MOSCOW 115597 RUSSIA.
ROTTENESS (MEX) "BLASPHEMOUS GORE ENJOYMENT" CD 2000 EMERALD CITY. Here we got another Mexican Porn-Gore-attack! Imagine old DEAD INFECTION played faster & more extreme, nearly Brutal Death with Grind accelerations, they are with DISGORGE one of the most brutal thing I could have heard from there, primitive & beastial! They aren't as perfect as DISGORGE are but they sure are on the right way to equal them in extreme brutality with torturing leads of suffering...! There's really some great potential to be heard here.
ROTTREVORE (USA) "The Epitome Of Vicious Fornication" CD MASTERCULT. This isn't an official release but the damn ungodly Demo "The Epitome Of Pantalgia" & 7"Eps: "Copulation Of The Virtuous And Vicious" EP '91 + "Fornication In Delirium" EP '92 and a 5-trax Live recorded in Cleveland, Ohio 28/03/92, all together! If you don't know or remember this band, they had the "Iniquitous" album out in '93 on Drowned Prods. (now Repulse recs.) and it was damn crushing heavy & brutal at the time!! Rumors are saying that ex-members from ROTTREVORE are currently working on a new extreme project that will far out all previous recordings, can't wait to hear that!!
RUNEMAGICK (SWE) "ENTER THE REALM OF DEATH" CD 99. Strong & mighty heavy Dooming Death with a blast! Catchy as fuck from the very first second to the last note, including some keyboards here & there like the old bands from Sweden & Finland, the sound is extremely low & heavy, it crushes with a cult dark epic atmosphere! That band was totally unknown to me, thanx J-P from My Sovereign for sending this! It is heavier than the old Dominus and Iniquity, more dooming & sordid! The ambience is fucking obscure and I love that, it's something becoming uncommon to hear these days with a very long timing, (nearly one hour). BUY OR DIE!!!
RUNEMAGICK (SWE) "RESURRECTION IN BLOOD" CD 2000. New album & a dark one! Kept going with the same epic Doom/Death Metal atmosphere as above, just a few brief keyboards now and the same sound quality as Morgion, Skepticism & first Bal-Sagoth album, this is just to talk you about their sound because it's musically completely different, it's pure old, ancient mid-paced Death Metal a la DEMIGOD, only heavier like old GRAVE too, yes, that's right in between these two cult bands, crushing & ripping with catchy dooming darkness & morbid moods! Somber as a night of Death's arrival riding a funeral horse, hanging its scythe above the human necks... this is inspiring! A total of nearly one witching hour of storming Doom holocaust, tranquil & mighty, reigning morbid & massive among the mortal sheeps! Both their CDs are highly recommended, damn fucking heavy, insane & obscure as Hell! BUY OR DIE!!!
RUNEMAGICK (SWE) "THE SUPREME FORCE OF ETERNITY" CD 98 CENTURY MEDIA. Mighty Death Metal with real strong feelings, it reminds me of BOLT THROWER sometimes but has faster warriors-accelerations and more varied moods like the first DOMINUS album definitely stronger than both bands, it's also a bit similar to AETERNUS' "Ascension Of Terror", very heavy, Epic Death/War Metal that is far better & different from all the other melodic bands of the Göteborg scene, more brutal with solos in the INTESTINAL BAALISM vein if you remember of this Japanese band... with very strong emotions, really a great album that I recommend to all fans of mid-paced Epic Death, pure Metal! Sometimes dooming, sometimes punishing, sometimes melodic & pounding... BUY OR DIE!

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