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CD reviews - F

FAILED HUMANITY (UK) "The Sound Of Razors Through Flesh" CD 2001 CANDLELIGHT. Sounds great! Brutal Death fuckin' Metal that got it all to please me, a real raw underground sound, strong energies, fast & technical, catchy with apocalyptic moods a bit in the vein of INCANTATION, CANNIBAL CORPSE, VADER, MALEVOLENT CREATION... It's very intense & ravaging, deathvastating!! 100% pure Death Metal of high calibre, not always fast as they're also thrashing their insane vibes in the right way, very intelligently done, varied & anti-boring songs were well scripted & structured all along the album. I can't tell if that is their first album as I never heard about this band before but this is damn impressive and contains anything that the true fans reach these days: a damn pounding release without any weak point! It fuckin' rules to see that England can bring again some great underground Death Metal bands, BUY OR DIE!!!
FATE (FRA) "NO SENSE" CD 2000 Self-prod. Ah, finally some news from FATE and what a good news it is!!! Superb DYING FETUS-alike album of genius skills & heavy/twisted crushing groovenergy like INTERNAL BLEEDING, SUFFOCATION & TON! The sound is extremely killer, heavy as fuck with some porky vocals here & there by guests stars from the Commando! This album is perfect and appeals to all those who crave for NY style Brutal Death/Groove Metal (Brutal NeoDeathcore as said on the sheet but I don't mind about labels...). The only disappointing thing is that it only lasts 26mn but it's so rich, skilful & interesting to listen that it seems lasting 40mn long! "No Sense" has no boring second inside and is of high quality & originality, professional in every aspects, this is a winner! Currently the best french band in my eyes, BUY OR DIE!! c/o QUARANTE BERNARD, 12 RUE JEAN LOLIVE, 93170 BAGNOLET FRANCE.
FEARER (GER) "CONFESSION TO HATE" CD 2002 REMISSION. Damn good surprise, this is old Death Metal of great qualities, very similar to Sinister and Bolt Thrower/early Dominus at times (especially track #7: "Earth Siege") but of course FEARER includes their very own feelings into the music which is soulful and very true to the old tradition: evil, fast and haunting, morbid Death Metal blasting from the deepest pits of Hell... Some riffs can make this album a classic of the genre as I said, it contains all what the Death Metal purists & sectarists (like me & proud to be!) need: the blasphemous artworks, catchy choruses in every songs enhanced by strong evil grunting chants, solos from beyond and speed double-bass drums... In fact FEARER's music fits exactly to the vision I had anticipated of as I never heard them before, I wondered how it could sound and the result is such a Dark aggression that tends to disappear nowadays! Fortunately a couple of bands keeps the flame of real Death alive among sheeps and trends followers that can only make me able to put again some more containers of fuel to make the flame growing again and reach unsuspected dimensions... One of the best Death Metal albums here, twelve tracks for 42:18, a great dose of Death so far: BUY OR DIE!!! c/o ALF KLUGE, RUDOLF-BREITSCHEID STR. 42, 26721 EMDEN GERMANY. REMISSION Recs: KIRSHGARTEN 2, 34613 SCHWALMSTADT GERMANY.
FETUS CHRIST (Ger) "To those who oppose us eternal death" CD 2000 Self-prod. Starting with a Terminator soundtrack, the band explored then a brutal Death the american way with some twisted riffs here & there and Grind influences but nothing really clicked to my ears, most of the songs did go nowhere and the two guitars were not tight enough in my opinion, probably a young band that needs to rehearse again some years… They do really regurgitate too much of their influences and not enough of their own. Average with boring clichés.
FLESHCRAWL (GER) "AS BLOOD RAINS FROM THE SKY... WE WALK THE PATH OF ENDLESS FIRE" CD 2000 METAL BLADE. For this being their 5th full-length, this is still in that old swedish style for 3 albums now: dark, fast and a bit of dooming melodic Death Metal atmosphere & aggression in the early DISMEMBER/early ENTOMBED path. Obscure style that not so much swedish bands still dare to perform these days, now it's more returning accessible with abusive use of fast boring Heavy Metal melodies... FLESHCRAWL from Germany knows how to do it the right way since "Bloodsoul" and keep it brutal & intense all the time with that particular heavy sound, saturated distortion that makes for itself 75% of the swedish style, you then just have to find good & fast musicians with some talented songwriting & good taste for bloody spirits and you have it done! If you were not familiar with Death Metal that flooded Sweden in early nineties, then this is a great reminder of how it was, is & will (hopefully!) be... BUY OR DIE!!! c/o STEFAN HANUS, FINKENWEG 17, 89257 ILLERTISSEN GERMANY. c/o BASTIAN HERZOG, BELLENBERGER STR. 7, 89269 VÖRHINGEN / ILLER GERMANY.
FLESHCRAWL (GER) "Soulskinner" CD 2001 METAL BLADE. Ok, here we got another album by these German deathmetallers, it's not far from the previous one reviewed above, they're continuing to play their old Swedish influences and they do it quite well as it really recalls the old days of DISMEMBER/ENTOMBED, heavy & crushing with that particular sound of death…! Old-school fuckin' rules, BUY OR DIE!
FLESHFEAST (CAN) CD 2000 CIVILIAN DEATH NETWORK. First Brutal album from this band who had an excellent Demo out in 97, this is obscure and heavy Death Metal that reminds me of INSATANITY & INFESTER a lot but not so much INCANTATION or IMMOLATION influenced as many other said in the scene through catalogs' descriptions, it's more "groovy" & new-school kind of guttural Death Metal oriented. It sometimes goes fast & Evil, apocalyptic with that crude raw sound from Hell! Great debut, it's very strong & coming from the real underground with many morbid moods & dark feelings. The cover art is one of the most Evil I had seen, this band cares a lot about the extreme outlook of their production and this results in a high quality release, a feast for Zombeast! The tracks off the Demo are all here if I remember well and if you care about pounding flesh Death Metal that will make you burn in Hell, this is highly recommended: BUY OR DIE!! c/o FRANK OLIVEIRA, 116 SPEIGHT CRES, LONDON ON, CANADA, N5V 3W8. C.D.N.: c/o CRAIG NEWMAN, 1010 MORAND STREET, WINDSOR ONTARIO, CANADA, N9G 1J6.
FLESHGRIND (USA) "THE SEEDS OF ABYSMAL TORMENT" CD 2001 SEASON OF MIST. I first listened to it in my car recorded onto a tape and my first thought was that: "Fuck, this band sounds a lot like FLESHGRIND!?", but the fact is that it was really FLESHGRIND, haha! So yes, they do not change style at all, just doing it with a clearer production now which I dislike a little, sounds less brutal to my ears... But damn it, it's Brutal Death/Grind from the US, so what else could you expect? A BUY OR DIE for sure! PO BOX 7142, GRAYSLAKE, IL. 60030 USA. or
FLESHLESS (CZECH) "Nice to eat you" CD 2001 OBSCENE. Again a band that plays Grind/Death a la Dying Fetus but nothing exceptional to remember them as a great band, this isn't my cup of music anymore…
FLESHTIZED (USA) "HERE AMONG THORNS" CD 2001 MIGHTY MUSIC. Here they are after the godly MCD!! A full-length album plenty of Evil damnations & speed demonic blasphemies!! Technical to the bones, this is professional as fuck! I'm impressed, the band equals HATE ETERNAL by their speed and old MORBID ANGEL by the feelings and energies flowing through their hands, feet & voice, it's a real mighty release!! Musicianship of high level, only a few bands perform speed technical Evil Death Metal such intense & brutal as HELL!!! Many solos inside, it's a real fuckin' great album that fills me with morbid hateful energies, THAT's Death Metal!!!! All losers should take a lesson from FLESHTIZED: BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 7011, HUNTSVILLE, AL. 35807 USA.
FOREST OF IMPALED (USA) "Demonvoid" CD 2000 RED STREAM. Fast & heavy stuff with a little Black Metal influence but mainly the riffs are Death with some old-school Thrash, the production is too much modern-clean like Myrkskog or Zyklon but the band delivers some weird atmospheres a la BELPHEGOR and has no Core tunes within their songs, just a little synth here and there... It's good but this is not the kind of stuff that I do really like 'coz I get bored after a few songs, maybe the new young fans are looking for something like that today, definitely not for me.
FORNICATION (BRA) "DESCENDANTS OF THE DEGENERATED RACE" CD 2003 BLACK HOLE. Pure Death Metal from Curitiba! First I must admit that the whole packaging looks extremely attractive to my eyes, just take a look at the artworks by Gilberto Y. Watanabe (, they're somptuous & plain full of real sombre Death ambiences! And so is the music-6-6!! So the CD not only looks great, it sounds excellent too! I just regret not having enough money to buy it full price when Gerson contacted me because it really deserves it! Well, now to describe their music, I think that many people will agree that they're certainly influenced by the old DEICIDE & DEEDS OF FLESH, the riffs are blazing & memorables structures flows continuously through breaks, mid-paced & fast accelerations, so a very varied album including a cover of DEATH's "Regurgitated Guts" that automatically will be recognized by experienced brains, the first notes made it to me! It also has an old-school production kinda similar to MASSACRE's "From Beyond" & MORGOTH's "The Eternal Fall + Resurrection Absurd + Cursed" which is damn good to hear these days! Curitiba definitely breeds great bands: INFERNAL, HECATOMB... now FORNICATION! This 31mn long (too short!!) album must be bought now or DIE A BRUTAL DEATH!!! Send your 13 Death Metal dollars now, you won't regret this sure investment: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!! c/o GERSON, RUA PAMPHILO D'ASSUMPCAO 1211, CURITIBA – PR. 80220-041 BRAZIL. BLACK HOLE Prods: C.P. 1181, CURITIBA – PR 80011-970 BRAZIL.
FROZEN ILLUSIONS (GER) "HATESPAWNED" CD 99 UNDERCOVER. Brutal German Death Metal, fast as Hell with an incredible raw sound and unrelenting thrashing angry energy!! This kicks you to Hell and you will never go back! Condemned to burn in the flames of FROZEN ILLUSIONS, I endure the fast beats, scorching riffs and ripping vocals from below, this is Extreme Death Metal at its best!!! Fucking Dark, oppressing and malignant feelings, the massive flow of adrenaline is unreal! This band really has something special within, I can feel a strong dedication for that they perform their intense Death Metal with unpliable conviction & unstoppable attack, raging, hateful!! This is Evil Death Metal filled with hatred & lust for deathstruction, sure to be the first & last in all battles, lord of BUY OR DIE awaits you all demonic Death Metal fans, this shreds, lasting more than 45mn! Killer album, I can't believe it yet! Double-BUY OR DIE! UNDERCOVER Recs: STOCKHÄUSER STR. 3A, 35638 LEUN GERMANY.
FUNEBRE (FIN) "Cranial Torment" CD MASTERCULT. Includes Demos 89 & 90! I don't know who had this rich idea to resurrect them but it's damn cool! Dooming, obscure & raw/dirty Death Metal a la old AUTOPSY/INCANTATION like it ruled in early nineties, many bands from Finland played this kind of pure Death Metal the morbid/heavy way for my eternal pleasure!! There was no better times for this kind of underground goodies and if you missed, I highly recommend everyone to turn their ears onto the early days of Death as it was a lot better than today in my opinion, all bands had their own morbid, obscures moods which is unfortunately not the case nowadays.
FUNERAL FEAST (?) "GENOCIDE AD NAUSEAM" CD 2003. Satanic Death Metal at the border of Black Metal sometimes but definitely powerful and Evil, blasting christ to the bones with a ferocious energy, sounds good to me! They have it done completely, just the drums sounds too much triggered for me… Anyway if you like DEFACED CREATION and BELPHEGOR, this band is going somewhat in the same musical direction with their catchy & skilled Evil Death Metal, worth listening to!
FUNERAL INCEPTION (INDO) "Anthems of Disenchantment" CD 2002 WARPATH. Ex-BLOODY GORE returns under the name of FUNERAL INCEPTION, less grindy than their Demo tape but still very powerful & blasting in the brutal american style. So much bands doing this nowadays… Okay, they have it done but I regret the BLOODY GORE's grinding madness, I think it miss in this album and as I'm not adept of ultra-clean prods, it loses the real underground aspect. Sure a lot of new comers like this kind of "clean" Metal nowadays, I would just prefer it more extreme than what it actually is. Some riffs are very clichés and reminiscent from old DEATH albums, so yes, it's semi-technical Brutal Death and at least I enjoy their new style after song #3, just the time needed for me to adapt their sound! It's not bad at all at least, I enjoy it pretty much, more I explore the album and more I like it as it turns sometimes to be similar to SUFFOCATION & old DEATH by some structures, very good album finally! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 6660, JAKARTA 13000 INDONESIA.
FUNERATUS (BRA) "STORM OF VENGEANCE" CD 2001 MUTILATION. Finally an album out by these Brazilian warriors, sounds like Messe Noir (rip?) with more classic old-school leads & Metal tunes. All in all a speed Death/Thrash/Black Metal avalanche, very pounding and unrelenting that sometimes recalls the Polish Damnation' style, especially in the drumming department. Not overproduced nor botch, just like how Death Metal must be: raw and in your face! Of course a little bit Krisiunesque but not that much, only a couple of riffs that I must admit are very well placed within the songs to enhance their extremity reminds me the most known of the Extreme Brazilian Metal band and FUNERATUS are on the way to definitely make a name for themselves. This is a strong band to follow: BUY OR DIE!!! RUA ANTONIO ULIAM, 143 JARDIMCENTRAL PRICOLI, MOCOCA - SP - BRAZIL 13.730-000.
FUNEREAL (USA) "THE MISERY SEASON" CD 2000 CRYONICS. Excellent original old-school Death Metal album, this was meant to be released on Olympic recs in 1994 but for some reasons, never seen the light of day. After their split-up, two of the members then joined Chicago's Cianide. So this is an absolute cult release and strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide (hurry up!). It would have been a shame not releasing such a great piece of underground Death/Dark Metal as this is one of the best CDs I have heard recently in this pure old Death Metal style, quite doomy and full of dark feelings setting a mood of ancient epic War metal battle, true Metal production is preserved with very good sound, musicianship and skills, very professional release, excellent quality artwork... The slowest arrangements remind me sometimes Nile's "Festivals Of Atonement" but the whole album is played faster and has a blast, no flutes within! Also a Viogression spirit as well... Extremely good album highly recommended to check out at all costs, to all real true Death Metal fans: BUY OR DIE! CRYONICS: PO BOX 2, NL-7050 AA VARSSEVELD THE NETHERLANDS.

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