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CD reviews - G

GALLOW (Hol) "For those left behind" CD 97 Self-prod. From the silent chanting ceremonial intro, you'll expect some real Evil tunes and that's what GALLOW offers then with their extremely catchy old-school & cavernous Death Metal. Superb raw sound and Evil grunting chants, definitely a band that caught my attention, sounding like coming from Australia: Abramelin, Manticore, Misery came to mind while listening to GALLOW, worth listening to!
GF93 (UK) "G.OETIA F.ETISH 19.93" CD 2000 COPRO. Some Power/Thrash/hardcore/industrial repetitive as fuck and boring as an old punk album for that the riffs are too primitives and completely devoid of skills, some melodic mixed, too easy listening and really doesn't offer me any traces of originality during 43.27mn... Commercial, nice sound and production, that sweet-metal trend sucks, deplorable!
GHOULUNATICS (CAN) "MYSTRALENGINE" CD 99. The sound is mega-heavy & blasting, it's a little similar to BOLT THROWER but faster and with a more screamy/raging voice. It's hard to get into it at first listening but after the first song I familiarized with their creation. They blast & blast & blast....'till Death! A bit of old Thrash/Death styles are engulfed as well as some ambiences & atmospheres that are quite original and insanes. I had to turn the bass-button 3/4 lower than I actually use it: maxi! Well, the album started good but after tracks 3-4 they slowed and became repetitives, a little boring when I realized they started to spew french lyrics... This is not the kind of album I would personally buy, it's too much... ...or not enough... I don't know what it is!
GOATS (JAP) "BREATH" CD 95 ECLIPSE. Quite cool to hear! Death/Thrash Metal from the old-school days of Sepultura & Crucifer but much more original & complex. The intro & sound reminds me of MORDETH too (another cool Brazilian band). Definitely excellent catchy Death Metal band with some Thrash inclusions and not sounding trendy nor cloning any other bands. I had never heard of this band before and I don't even know if they're still going in this world... They fucking deserve to be known anyway!! Really refreshing album with nothing in common with actual trends or whatsoever... True Metal for the Death/Thrash addicts, BUY OR DIE!! 3F AIDA NISHISHINJUKU BLDG. 7-10-17, NISHISHINJUKU, SHINJUKU-KU, TOKYO 160 JAPAN.
GOD DETHRONED (HOL) "THE GRAND GRIMOIRE" CD 97. Superb & catchy Death Metal with a raging voice that not so many guys performs now. This sound is full on, deadly & epic melodic tunes, that's how true Metal must be: fast & Evil, in other words, 666!!! BUY OR DIE!
GOD DETHRONED (HOL) "Ancient ones" CD 2001 CONNECTED/COLDBLOOD/Zomba. Tracks 1,2,3 consists of the "Christhunt" Demo, one unreleased track, a track from D.S.F.A. 4 sampler and 5 Live songs. Excellent old stuffs from this ungodly band, definitely BUY OR DIE!!!
GOD DETHRONED (Hol) "Ravenous" CD 2001 METAL BLADE. Excellent, true Metal sound & feelings, melodic & thrashy at the same time, punishing & fast as Hell, many solos here, really transporting me where no words can do… Superb album featuring God Macabre's "Consumed By Darkness" & Death's "Evil Dead" covers! True Metal of real pure essence: 666! BUY OR DIE!!!
GOD DETHRONED (HOL) "INTO THE LUNGS OF HELL" CD 2003. Horns up! This is again a dethronment of god like the band always do for years & years now! A tad slower with this new album but full of hatred feelings, they definitely don't give up nor wimp out, standing strong & proud in the Metal battle, raising their axes in the winds of Death and blasting the last remaining beings agonizing in a stormful evocation of supreme art from Hell: 666 & BUY OR DIE!!!
GODLESS TRUTH (CZECH) "SELFREALIZATION" CD 2001 SHINDY. Here comes the third album from GODLESS TRUTH and this shows a clear evilution to something more complex and technical yet totally Brutal Death Metal, their sound is very personal, right to the point, still raw but at the same time very polished & abrasive like ABRAMELIN, powerful attack and thrashing, shredding! All in all a different sound from "Burning Existence" which was more clean. The american brutality influences are undeniable but they do not try to copy some other bands from over there, I sometimes got the strange feelings of a mix between PYREXIA & GORGUTS while listening to "Selfrealization", twisted, weird & brutal are the best words to describe GODLESS TRUTH's new effort! Damn original and refreshing, each new album by this band is a real surprise, they're unpredictables at mixing some old & new school Death Metal together for a more deathvastating overflow of pounding brutalizations! All brutallers will sure welcome this or I'll stop my Zine definitely! BUY OR DIE! c/o ZDENEK SIMECEK, PO BOX 53, 77111 OLOMOUC 1 CZECH REPUBLIC. SHINDY Prods: c/o MARTIN BRZOBOHATY, SADOVA 17, 67904 ADAMOV CZECH REPUBLIC.
GODS OF EMPTINESS (GER) "DISOBEDIENCE" CD 99 PERVERTED TASTE. Heavy Grind/Death band here, I didn't like their previous MCD but now they're good & better. Still their music is very bestial & primitive, neanderthalian or necro-magnonic like Blood sometimes, they retain many Grind basis that have been used & tried by many many other bands in this style. So nothing real new, they just get a little better & faster now. For Grind fans & freaks only! c/o ALEXANDER JACKL, AM WALDPARK 6, 94136 ZWECKING GERMANY.
GOREFEST (HOL) "Tangled In Horrors Of Misery" CD MASTERCULT. Damn, I die each time I'm listening to the Mastercult bootlegs, especially a preference goes to this GOREFEST resurrection of old materials: Promo 92 + "Horrors In A Retarded Mind" Demo 90 + "Tangled In Gore" Demo 89 + "Live Misery" 7"EP 92, is this enough to satisfy your old GOREFEST addiction? Excellent impure & rotting Death Metal with doomy goreful feelings in the likes of AUTOPSY & old ASPHYX but heavier tuned down to Hell like old INCANTATION & never get back to life after this… Still under the Death Spell!
GORGUTS (CAN) "From Wisdom To Hate" CD 2001 SEASON OF MIST/OLYMPIC. The new one, are they still as twisted as on "Obscura"? Yes, even more!!! Weird riffs & sound, the vocals returned from where they came: "Considered Dead" & "The Erosion Of Sanity", in other words: the beyond! This band definitely got my absolute admiration for that they don't sound like anything else coming out before their great return, they simply achieve their own style to perfection, very heavy & above all: Metal!! Sure that their music can't be understand by everyone's ears, this only appeals to open-minded maniacs and true Death Metal fans. Their genius creation definitely groundbreaking and intelligent doesn't deny the brutal & dark aspects of pure Death Metal, just they go for something different. Saying that this band is unique isn't an overabused ass-licking, that's what they are and I doubt someone could say the opposite, "From Wisdom To Hate" is a compromise between IMMOLATION & MORBID ANGEL where unpredictable Extreme Metal landscapes are explored deep in obscurity of the human mind, original as nothing else; I think this album must takes its place among all Death Metal collections, no exceptions, it's too fuckin' futurist & avant-gardist to do not give it some spotlights... the compliments could be endless once again but the best you can do is to BUY OR DIE!!!!!
GRAVE (SWE) "BACK FROM THE GRAVE" double-CD 2002 CENTURY MEDIA. Return of the swedish brutality, too bad that the singer changed his voice like that, I really loved the old GRAVE's sound but it's rather enjoyable anyway! No wimp out tunes in this new album, just including some newer Thrash influences in their old styled Death Metal and it's good to hear again some true feelings in Death Metal! But if you still don't like the album, turn your ears to the bonus CD that includes their three Demos: "Sick Disgust Eternal" 1988, "Sexual Mutilation" 1989 and "Anatomia Corporis Humani" 1989, really excellent to discover or re-listen to, really cult recordings for real old Death Metal fans! And if you still don't like it, well… Go back to your GRAVE!!! BUY OR DIE!!
GREENFLY (SPA) "HIDDEN PLEASURES OF A NONEXISTENT REALITY" CD 2003 MORBID. A band from Spain that sounds grindy and hardcorish, really boring & unoriginal, very predictable riffs all along the album, in fact I stopped listening to it after track #2, I don't like this one for sure, it's nothing to me.
GRIEF (USA) "...And Man Will Become The Hunted" CD 2000 PESSIMISER. Another GRIEF album and in the same vein as the previous, no changes they stay true to themselves so I won't comment again: BUY OR DOOM!
GRIEF (USA) "Miserably Ever After" CD 96 PESSIMISER/THEOLOGIAN. Still true to their roots, the band keeps going with their own Doom style that not so much bands perform these days, remember their two first albums were in that particular slow Doom with high-on-hatred vocals, completely pissed off! It has been called "sludge" by many, fuck, it's DOOM! being a totally not-for-trendy-ears style, raw as Hell in the old AUTOPSY's vein and completely devoid of melodic tunes, simple but mighty old 666% pure crushing burning Metal riffs in the vein of old CELTIC FROST/CIANIDE, to the old fans of Doom: BUY OR DIE!!
GRIEF (USA) "Torso" CD 98 PESSIMISER. I've been interested by this band since their three first CDs and they're still continuing in the same noisy Doom spirit a la early AUTOPSY & INCANTATION, you know those slow & deadly tunes fuming from Hell...!! Damn some excellent crushing riffs revealed inside, the voice isn't guttural but more screamy & pissed off somewhere between hardcore & black metal kind of vocals. Very slow & tortured, oppressing Doom Metal with some old-school 70's Sabbath/Purple tunes here & there. The raw sound rules truly in the vein of old AUTOPSY & INCANTATION! This is insane Doom for sure, not for everyone's ears but those who rejoice in slow painful agony shall welcome GRIEF's demented vibrations in their tormented minds & souls: BUY OR DOOM!!
GRIM FORCE (JAP) "CIRCULATION TO CONCLUSION" CD 2000 WORLD CHAOS. Wow! Super-strong Thrash attack from Japan! Reminds me the Paul Speckmann Project album! Big sound a la old Obituary, old Sepultura with killer solos and total mid-tempo malevolence. Catchy as Hell's corridors and bewitching as supernatural blasting forces! A girl is handling the Bass here, the whole album sounds damn fucking Brutal & heavy and the cover art is from Wes Benscoter Excellent Thrash album, fucking tight and blasting loud with a real vengeance! This is highly recommended to all fans of real aggressive Thrash Fuckin Metal! BUY OR DIE! or WORLD CHAOS: #406 NEW LIGHT BLD, 2-25-6 HONGO, BUNKYO-KU, TOKYO 113-0033 JAPAN.
GROG (POR) "Odes To The Carnivorous" CD 2001 SHOCK WAVE. Is this any better than the previous album & promo CD? That was a question to ask, really! Well, I don't remember of the 1st album very much, just that it was very average and not interesting enough for me to remember it... For the Promo, the line-up changed completely but didn't attract me very much... "Odes To The Carnivorous" sounds to me a lot better now but there are too many riffs that I have already heard tried by many other old-school Death Metal bands. GROG is now brutal & fast enough for my taste in the american style, reminds me of the three first BROKEN HOPE albums very much, especially the vocals, in fact it's very BROKEN HOPE influenced musically too! Grinding & raw Death Metal stuff with an old-school underground sound, they definitely have it done now, much more killer than before for sure but still have to achieve it even better! It's like when I heard the first ABORTED CD, it was good but lacked of something, I can only wish them to find the same way of brutalizing for the next effort! Very interesting album in my opinion and highly recommended, keep an ear opened for GROG and fans of BROKEN HOPE must BUY OR DIE!
GROTESQUE (SWE) "IN THE EMBRACE OF EVIL" CD. Fuckin' cult release, from the excellent intro "Thirteen Bells Of Doom", I entered a world of… Death! Just discovered it the last couple of years, their Death Metal wasn't the typical "swedish sound", more americanized but retained that special cold obscuration that caracterized the swedish Death Metal style of the time and vocals were higher shrieking almost like the black metal bands. The overall album reminds me of the first DISINTER (US) releases: mid paced and catchy with some soul-piercing leads, damn old-school but so great, nothing extremely genius but efficient all along the 49mn worth of good old feelings with variations, breaks, slow & fast accelerations, 100% Death Metal guarantee!
GURKKHAS (FRA) "A LIFE OF SUFFERING" CD 2001 MORBID. Finally, a new album and I have not finished my Zine yet!! This one's even more brutal than "Engraved In Blood…" and more fluid, I heard that the drummer did not fit while recording this so they had to use the computer to rectify his mistakes…shame! They now got a new drummer! The album sounds real good & damn tight at least and the new songs are greatly catchy, the vocals of JF got a lower vibe, deeper than anything he had recorded before. Very good album with complete Death Metal hatred filled with rage & morbid thrashing energies, it's also faster and reaching newer extremes while also keeping that old-school feeling all the way. This is damn recommended, the french scene never gets so much exciting as it is today, hope this will grow again & again! The album continues from where the previous left and keeps blasting in the good direction, I command all Death Metal addicts to BUY OR DIE!!! 10 RUE DES CAPUCINES, 22300 LANNION FRANCE. Artworks: MORBID Recs: POSTFACH 3, 03114 DREBKAU GERMANY.
GURKKHAS (FRA) "ENGRAVED IN BLOOD, FLESH AND SOULS" CD 2000 MASSACRE. Here it is, an aggressive and original fast technical Death Metal album by these frenchmen! Also including some powerful Thrash chords influences and the sound is so clean that it sometimes makes some songs empty but anything in it is very professional and the whole reminds me NOKTURNEL's "Nothing But Hatred" with some more clichés and predictables things here and there but... This doesn't sounds fun and it is very tight, really a good first album, they are with DISGUST the only french bands giving Death Metal a touch of quality, professionalism and originality. Definitely it has to be heard: BUY OR DIE!
GUTTED (HUN) "Defiled" CD 2001 ECLIPSE. Hungary's best kept secret? Yes, definitely!!!!! It's extremely twisted & fast Death Metal, high skilled raging/speeding materials! Really no fuckin bad point about this band, Nothing to do with the American band called GUTTED I reviewed in the past issues, this one's better & fuckin rules! All the riffs are quick, difficult to play & hear, not a lazy songwriting as it is comparable to early MORBID ANGEL, DEICIDE, MESSE NOIR & GORGUTS in some aspects but more classic old-school rooted with a damn shredding raw sound of Death! I enjoy the speed evilness that emanates from their tunes with a good Death grunt, it's more original than what's going on for sure! It's a little similar to the Japanese gods DEFILED, just a little more obscure & killer, I completely fall in love with this and I'm sure a lot of you will too. Pure Excellence, BUY OR DIE!!!!

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