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CD reviews - B

BANE (USA) "Vehemence-The Cathartic Remnants Of Chaos, Virtue & Time" CD Self-prod. Again a brutal & chaotic force from the US, more extreme than the trend and deserving some attention: raging voice, pounding drums and scorching guitar riffs, heavy as hell mixture of intense extreme Metal, just listen and make your own opinion!
BEHEMOTH (POL) "THELEMA.6" CD 2000 AVANTGARDE. Dark/Death Metal here with a mega-(too clean!)-production, this is blasting, fast & raging music, vocals in the vein of KRISIUN and music a little similar too with a Morbid Angel touch and a bit of newer IMMOLATION but lacking of extreme feelings, not saying that they sound fake but that sound... it's too polished up! No spirit captured in their evidently smoothed Metal, no mood seems to stick to the surface, it has a non-adherent structure to me! A little too robotic & evident to listen to, that is losing the real depths of a darker ambience made with a rawer sound... I stay cold to this, there was no surprise nor hidden things engraved in the music. That is a perfect example of why I dislike the modern sound of newer releases, day by day, this disease is gangrening many cool bands that could sound a lot better with something more obscure... I'm sure many will understand what I say, this is disappointing!
BELPHEGOR (AUSTRIA) "INFERNAL LIVE ORGASM" CD 2002 PHALLELUJAH/NAPALM. Many Live tracks compiled with some unreleased or out of print studio recordings and Live video clips… BELPHEGOR stands amongst the best performers and do really care about quality recordings, not here spitting half-decent tunes for sure! Fans of this band won't be disappointed for sure, supreme Evil tunes guarantee, Metal of highest Satanic degree, I count them among my all time favorites Extreme Black/Death Metal bands, never get disappointed by anything they have done and this kind of "best of" is an excellent mixture & demon-stration of their evilness & darkness induced materials, I definitely love enhanced CDs like that: BUY OR DIE! 666
BELPHEGOR (AUSTRIA) "NECRODAEMON TERRORSATHAN" CD 2000 LAST EPISODE. Fucking great to hear again some new BELPHEGOR songs!!! To me, they're the kings, there's no doubts about that fact! Continuing even darker & heavier now with that Supreme Death/Black Metal of high calibre, returning at some points to their first "The Last Supper": Fat crushing sound, dooming arrangements and fast apocalyptic Metal Storm of Evil vengeance, they shall reign supreme in an haunting wind of terror & desolation upon this mortal world! Englobing the Earth with their blackened tunes, plunging obscure in the deepest pits of the abyss, meeting demons & souls of the dead from the very first conception of life, some blasphemous emotions inducing indeed!! "Necrodaemon Terrorsathan" is a punishing slab of front-stabbing atmosfears, a pounding living-rage towards the entire humanity leaving a vicious smile onto Death's lips... Most awaited nightmare by my darkest side of extremity, the solos spewing are like the juice of Evil overflowing from beyond, corroding my skin with supernatural acid drops at the speed of light, what a powerful, refreshing, regenerating bloodshower!!!! This album truly revealed the Evil one within, Hail Satan, Hail Lucifer, Hail Demon, Hail Nosferatu... HAIL ALL EVIL, BELPHEGOR RULES!!!! BUY OR DIE!
BELPHEGOR (AUSTRIA) "THE LAST SUPPER" CD 99 LAST EPISODE. Re-edition of this wonderful & beastial album originally out on Lethal recs in 95 including 6 bonus trax taken from Demo "Cruzifixion" 91, 7"EP 94 on Perverted Taste and tracks from September 98, a total of 16. I will always prefer the original version where there was that awesome scene with bloody Jesus & his apostles feasting on dismembered corpses as full coloured folded poster! That was a fuckin blasphemous drawing! Certainly one of the most extreme albums of 95 and still today it remains far above the average trendy black metal scene. This stuff is not for the deodorant-addict metallers, but only for those who possess a mind dark enough to afford entering the bloodiest savageries contained in their darkening heavy compositions of Extreme, Sinful & Brutal Obscure Metal! BUY OR DIE! ST. JAKOB DORF 2, 5412 PUCH AUSTRIA.
BENEDICTION (UK) "Organized chaos" CD 2001 NUCLEAR BLAST. Seems that the Beni boys try to play in the MASTER's vein now? It's a bit more hardcorish than in the past and the riffs aren't original at all, it's like old CELTIC FROST, what a regression from BENEDICTION! tuka-tuka-tuka, mid-paced deathcore… Is it worth buying? I don't think so!
BERSERK (SPA) "FROM THE CELTIBERIAN WOODS" CD 2001 OAKEN SHIELD. Black Metal with synths... Should I say more? Trendy shit!! PO BOX 438, 13080 CIUDAD REAL SPAIN.
BESTIAL (ARG) CD 98 Toxic-Hurling Metal. BANISHED-alike Death Metal, powerful & brutal with catchiness but with an hardcorish voice that may irritate the most purists of you! Anyway if brutality is what you're looking for, don't hesitate one second as it's really a good album for you, recommended!
BEYOND FATAL (USA) "Sanctuary In Misery" CD Bloodsoaked. Again an american Death Metal band that plays pure old-school Death Metal with good grunting vocals and catchy riffs that makes your head banging, a bit like old DOMINUS with some obscures melodies that sounds really interesting, definitely an album that deserves a mighty BUY OR DIE!
BLACK WITCHERY (USA) "DESECRATION OF THE HOLY KINGDOM" CD 2001 FULL MOON. Raw & Brutal Black Metal just right in the way I like it to be done! Unrelenting chainsaw guitars, the band is similar to early Impaled Nazarene with vocals & sound approach, just they don't use synths, old Bestial Warlust-Metal alike: apochaoslyptic! This is truly an awesome nuclear energy that also reminds me of Angelcorpse, excellent unrelenting fast Black War Metal, blasphemous & Evil burning the throne of god & rising from Black: BUY OR DIE!
BLASPHEMY (CAN) "Fallen Angel Of Doom… + Blood Upon The Altar" CD MASTERCULT. This is a bootleg re-edition by a supposed Mexican label but when you write to the address, the letter comes back to sender with mention: address unknown… The first album + Demo as bonus might rejoice those who like me were missing the original version I don't know how many copies the "label" did but they also released several other late 80s-early 90s Demos of cult bands, many of them reviewed somewhere else in the zine, freaks of the Ross Bay BUY OR DIE for sure!
BLASPHEMY (CAN) "LIVE RITUAL – FRIDAY THE 13TH" CD 2002 FROM BEYOND/NUCLEAR WAR NOW. This consists of two rares recordings that includes a Live in Vancouver 7/13/01 and a Die-Hard rehearsal recorded at Ross Bay Rehearsal studios 8/29/01 so you can understand that the band is finally back after many years of… "silence"! Both recordings benefit of an excellent raw sound from Hell, especially the Live recording! The rehearsal is also apocalyptic & nuclear like the band has always been since the start and this CD has been made officially after that too many bootlegs were in circulation for that Live Ritual album. A full page inside the booklet shows the sum up of all these limited bootlegs as well as the complete bio of the band, Live pix & lyrics with the usual cover art by Chris Moyen, Black background, Red logo & White artwork, this is the one & only real BLASPHEMY tradition! It's of course made for the die-hard fans of the band but those who enjoy chaotic Evil War Metal might rejoice as well: BUY OR DIE!! RONDE TOCHT 7D, 1507 CC ZAANDAM HOLLAND.
BLASPHEMY (CAN) "THE FINAL ARMAGEDDON" (Unedit MLP 90 + Live Holland 17/04/93) CD EVIL 999. I don't know if that's really official or not as I never heard of that unreleased MLP 90, it wasn't even mentioned in the bio of Live Ritual album…! Many spelling mistakes and a poor layout… so yes, I believe it's a bootleg! Who cares, you'll get what BLASPHEMY always created with an intro to each song like ACHERON but they aren't mixed in with the beginning of the songs, there's a small silence like a copy/paste manipulation, the gig was from an old dubbed tape but it sounds good anyway, you'll hear a permanent wave-length but if you're an old tape-trader, you won't pay attention to it and you might only enjoy the relentless attack of these unholy Cult Black War Metal warriors' vibes! One hour long and it's not a bad thing, I've heard bootlegs that were worse than that, BUY OR DIE-HARD!!!
BLODSRIT (?) "SUPREME MISANTHROPY" CD 2001 FPG. Black Metal with wind-effects on the guitars, sort of a one-man band with make-up & session musicians, this makes me laugh! Not that it is bad but it's something very common & banal to hear nowadays: supreme trendythropy! The music is boring and very, very, very predictable: mid-tempo punk-rock should be left for the weak, nothing to do in the underground Metal scene.
BLOOD (GER) "DYSANGELIUM" CD 2003 MORBID. What can we expect from BLOOD? But a bloody album man! Keeping the obscure Evil Grind/Death style that they're so famous & originators for ages now, the intro made it for itself, a mark of atmosfears that can't be found anywhere else in the underworld today! Staying true to their own style & keeping pace at grinding my Death Metal speakers to the membrane, I wondered how a band can stay good at what they do for so long, seems to be unreal as they keep the same production from album to album, a totally non-trendy attitude! Some will say they stagnate which is truth but will BLOOD stay BLOOD if they started playing at the speed of light & triggering drums…? Of course no, and I rejoice of this new 21 tracks album! For BLOOD-addicts only: BUY OR BLEED!!! c/o EISENSTEIN, CARL-ZEISS-STR. 4, 67346 SPEYER GERMANY. MORBID Recs: POSTFACH 3, 03114 DREBKAU GERMANY.
BLOODBATH (SWE) "Nightmares Made Flesh" CD 2004 Century Media. Real good album here of pure old-school Swedish or should I say "Scandinavian Death Metal" like nobody does anymore, many subtleties engulfed their songs of Evil hatred, they are with KAAMOS & VERMINOUS, REPUGNANT refueling the old-school flame of real ancient Death Metal, something that the new comers can not understand: BUY OR DIE!
BLOOD COVEN (USA) "Ashes of an autumn burning" CD 98 Bloodfiend/Lifeless/Dimm. Starting slowly as a Death/Doom act, this is an uncommon music, I can't say that I like it, I would prefer it faster or slower but I really have a problem with that sort of "soft" Metal music, there's mostly death grunts & black vocals in it but the songs absolutely go nowhere to me… Sometimes atmospheric and melodic… good point is that they really have a good raw underground heavy sound. It probably needs more than one listening to finally get into this stuff, open-minded metallers might find here an alternative to the overcloned metal styles, this is at least a refreshing listening, that was a good album but couldn't catch my soul.
BLOOD OF CHRIST (USA) "Demos 1991-1993" CD Self-prod. Some of you readers of Death may remember of this band pretty well because they were so good! Not to be confused with the canadian band, I always prefered this one because of its originality and obscure approach to Death Metal. Truly sounding like no one else and having such a punishing, destroying style at the time it gets out, I basically discovered BLOOD OF CHRIST with their I.N.R.I. 7"EP and it's a real pleasure to listen to their Demos now, real masterpieces: BUY OR DIE!
BLOOD REAPING (MEX) "Feasting the weak" CD 2001 (Recorded in 1998!!!) EMERALD CITY. Feat. ANTIMO BUONANNO from DISGORGE Mex. This starts with an oppressing intro, evil… The music then is total Death Metal, quite technical and speed with a lot of old-school thrashing influences such as SUFFOCATION first album & CARCASS 2nd LP, yes as you can imagine it's brutal as fuck & genius skills dominate the entire album, this is not stuff for the weak for sure! Unrelenting, they seem to play 'till Death, no slowing time and a lot of riffs changes within the songs. Also a lot of insane vocalizations with some flying effects made me having a good trip through the Satanas' headquarters. Brutal & Evil should be the two words that best describe this album of supreme Death Metal entities: BUY OR DIE!! c/o EDUARDO GUEVARA, ALCATRAZ #63, COL. J. GONZALEZ ROMERO, CP 07410 MEXICO D.F. EMERALD CITY Recs: APDO. POSTAL 109, BOULEVARES, 53140 EDO. DE MEXICO.
BLOODREAPING (MEX) "Ignis PenumbrA" CD 2003 Sempiternal. A brand new one with another dark intro revealing pure Evilness & brutality, uncompromising and unholy! Fuming hellish tunes like if DIABOLIC and SUFFOCATION were fusioning in a "Diasuffobolication" entity named BLOODREAPING! Excellent stuff if you ask me! A step ahead from their first album that truly pierced me like nothing else, this new one's gonna be an Extreme Death Metal classic, just BUY OR DIE!
BLOOD RED THRONE (NOR) "MONUMENT OF DEATH" CD 2001 HAMMERHEART. "Shall we begin..." Yes, with another stuff from Hammerheart. This is clean, crystal-clear but powerful Death Metal, tight and thrashy like GURKKHAS but with a more guttural voice and sometimes similar to SINISTER with a lot of SLAYER influences in my opinion but that's only to let my readers know about what they sound alike, 'cos of course, it's different from these bands. A pure Death Metal album where each song got a different approach as the second track is very old MALEVOLENT CREATION/DEMOLITION HAMMER with little Black Metal influenced (still with grunting Death voice!), in one word: fast! They also do solos which I like in every of my Death Metal preferences. Ah, the third track reminds me of MONSTROSITY (old & newer stuff!). Norway finally get rid of all the boring Black Metal bands and starts breeding a great Death Metal revenge, just a pity the drums sound like a shitty drum-machine with this too clean sound but there are enough many great moments all along the album to forget this small detail as this is truly made for all true & real Death Metal fans: BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 277, 6300 AG, VALKENBURG THE NETHERLANDS. Booking:
BLOODSTORM (USA) "ANCIENT WRAITH OF KU" CD 2001 METAL WAR. Third CD and a good new one, pure intense raw Black Metal from the old-school that reminds me NUCLEAR DEATH but a little more linear & audible like CIANIDE & old CELTIC FROST but more speed a la ANGELCORPSE, MESSE NOIR & SADISTIK EXEKUTION/BESTIAL WARLUST! It has returned more classic rooted than "Pestilence From The Dragonstar" but better than "The Atlanteaon Wardragon" (which was a little too weak for me!). That's good to hear some bands like BLOODSTORM who keep playing true Black Metal in year 2001. These guys know how to capture the real intense Metal rage of darkness & hate! BLOODSTORM offers an overpowering bloodshower to regenerate the corpses of ancient demons and showing us the "Ancient Wraith Of Ku", an unbelievably Evil ritual of backward messages & ghosts tracks that haunt for almost one hour long: BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 20334, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19137-0334 USA. METAL WAR Prods: PO BOX 5996, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19137 USA.
BLOODSTORM (USA) "PESTILENCE FROM THE DRAGONSTAR" CD 2000 SOUL SOLD. Thanx to Chris Forbes from Metal-Core 'zine/Soulsold Music for this! This is a lot different & more extreme than their shit first CD! Now performing Extreme Black Metal in the vein of old BESTIAL WARLUST/SADISTIK EXEKUTION and ORDER FROM CHAOS!!! Total War Metal assault in fucking Armaggression, 9 songs that do not leave one second of calmness, 100% unrelenting & pounding with excellent riffs & tight blasts, Apocayptic!! Wow!! This blows away their previous CD, track #6 fucking sucks, too much basic old-school a la Celtic Frost-song... But damn I enjoyed the whole CD quite very much! BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 23034, PHILADELPHIA, PA. 19124 USA. SOUL SOLD MUSIC: c/o CHRIS FORBES, PO BOX 920, YONKERS, NY. 10703 USA. or
BLOODY SIGN (FRA) "VANA VIGALA LOÏTS" CD 2004 Self-Prod. Damn, eight tracks of real obscure Death/Black Metal from the real underworld! After their "Estonian Sessions" MCD, this is even more mature and fast, the energic production lets the gates opened wide for a while and the fury unleashed revealed some great potential, I confirm what I said in the review of their MCD, this appeals to the Death Metal fans with a Dark spirit (you know who you are!), sometimes I can hear great arrangements and chords that reminds me of great bands like IMMOLATION, BELPHEGOR & PURGATORY, yes 666% pure Death raging Metal from Hell that don't follow the trends! You won't waste your time and money with BLOODY SIGN as they offer an excellent dose of real obscurity ("Death/Black the brutal way" as printed on their flyer, so true!) and also performing a cover of PESTILENCE's "Parricide" which is rare enough to speak about it! The cover art is a must of morbidity as I have not seen any new artworks that caught me like that in the last couple of months, well done! And at last but not least, a Live version of "Master Of Nothing" recorded April 2003 at La Laiterie ends the CD with class and gives you the need to see them on stage. Just too short album for my own taste, 31mn and the intro to "Vana Vigala Loïts" is too long to let it go but that's my personal point of view anyway, who cares? Make yours now: BUY OR DIE!! c/o UIBO, 47 RUE BASSE, 68420 GUEBERSCHWIHR FRANCE.
BLUT AUS NORD (FRA) "THE MYSTICAL BEAST OF REBELLION" CD 2001 OAKEN SHIELD. Return of atmospheric, dreamy Black Metal linear as fuck and of course... boring! This is nothing to me and I won't waste some more words, it sucks. For Burzum addicts only!
BODIES LAY BROKEN (USA) "Eximinious Execration Of Exiguous ExequiES" CD 2002 DEATHVOMIT. Grind brutality, yes 27 tracks for 36mn somewhat in the vein of DISGORGE U.S. but more funny like EXHUMED and with a saturated sound, if you crave you know what to do!
BOLT THROWER (UK) "HONOUR - VALOUR - PRIDE" CD 2001 METAL BLADE. What makes BOLT THROWER continuing the full war concept created 13 years ago? Certainly their undying passion for heavy, crushing Metal of Death!! Now having the vocal cords of Dave Ingram previously grunting for old BENEDICTION's days! So this means that true Death Metal returns and trends can come & go, it will stay strong forever because this new album is completely true to its predecessors, just it goes a little slower but fuckin' heavy & unstoppable war machine to grind more completely the bones of the enemies & sinking their pieces deeper under the ground like a bulldozing steamroller! Not to forget the utter atmosphere of Death surrounding the battlefields and annihilating the listeners with a bonus track on the digipack version like if that wasn't enough to push you six feet under the surface of the earth, ten tracks of strong, might heaviness as only BOLT THROWER can do these days, I'm charging the canons to rise a blast at their glory & eternal power as the cover art returns from the "Realm Of Chaos" & "Warmaster" glorious days, these warriors already win a BUY OR DIE!!!!!!! METAL BLADE Recs: PO BOX 1332, 73054 EISLINGEN GERMANY. or METAL BLADE: 2828 COHRAN ST., PMB 302, SIMI VALLEY, CA. 93065-2793 USA.
BOLT THROWER (UK) "WHO DARES WINS" CD 98 EARACHE. This consists of two previously released MCDs called "Cenotaph" '91 and "Spearhead" '92 and two more tracks taken from "Rareache" , now hard to find nowadays... It also includes the complete discography and the meaning of the conceptual view following each album: "BOLT THROWER's legacy lives on and the fight continues. The battle hardened show no sign of surrender and their next target is you. It's your choice.........." If you were unlucky to possess these two MCDs, it's time to BUY them now through this cool reedition, OR DIE of course! Just a short note: I'd like to spit on their faces for not daring coming to play in France due to feeble pre-sales, some people were coming from Barcelona with a camping-car to see them but the gig was canceled… this is not a true warrior attitude for sure!
BOUND AND GAGGED (USA) "Fornicate The Gutted" CD United Guttural. Porky-pig vocals do nothing to me anymore, this is trendy hardcorized brutal death in the vein of dyingfetus, pouah, ça puire!
BRAINDEAD (GER) "Intoxication Of Gore" CD Self-prod. Melodic brutality here, not your typical trendy dyingfetus clone, this band has more in common with CIANIDE and NUNSLAUGHTER which is good but not spectacular too, for old Thrashers only!
BRICK (USA) "SECURED IN DARKNESS" CD 97 AGGRESSIVE. Death/Grind is the game here with some original interesting arrangements, lots of leads and fast tunes similars to DERANGED with slow mosh in the DYING FETUS vein. The band is also technical and offers many variations within their music, very good and original ideas/arrangements make them sounding uncommon & fresh, they sometimes remind me of PESTILENCE & ATROCITY (when both bands were great at their early years!). Yes, BRICK fucking rules with these old-school complex & skilful thrashing vibes, each song differs from the other as they don't repeat themselves and are constantly offering something new! Raging vocals, clicking drums, raw guitars & bass are the only ingredients to transmit their very own & personal feelings. Excellent original Death Metal band with a ton of new ideas that make them standing above the average brutality that we're all used to hear everyday now and starts getting common & banal... BRICK is the remedy to that boring weariness! BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 600388, ST. PAUL, MN. 55106 USA.
BRODEQUIN (USA) "Festival of death" CD 2001 UNMATCHED BRUTALITY. Are BRODEQUIN trying to be the new DEVOURMENT/DISGORGE? They do it quite well, really zombifying Grind/Death, technical as fuck & fast/brutal as all Hell, it doesn't changes from their first CD, blasting with a ferocious variation, this unrelenting horde is sure to gain new legions of Extreme Metal fans everywhere, crushing the living on their way, this is truly inhuman and I love that: BUY OR DIE!!!
BRODEQUIN (USA) "INSTRUMENTS OF TORTURE" CD Self-prod. The voice is very old DISGORGE (US) alike, mainly guttural & linear brutality from the grave but the music is very technical & fast Brutal Death/Grind in the line of old SUFFOCATION and AGONY CONSCIENCE, all this supported by excellent shredding pounding production, very destructive materials! 10 tracks for 25mn, is this brutal and fast enough for you? I was not sure if it was worth featuring in the album section, but their extreme quality deserves it! They are incredibly tight and brutally skilled, they blow all the other "trying-to-be-brutal" bands I know in this style! I am usually bored now because most of the bands aren't really tight nor skilled and don't go fast enough for me. This one's completely unrelenting and blasting, amazing, totally inhuman sounding, I like this a lot 100%! A must have for all those who crave about truly extreme brutality! Support them, BUY OR DIE! 5734 WOODDALE DR., KNOXVILLE, TN. 37912 USA.
BROKEN HOPE (USA) "GROTESQUE BLESSINGS" CD 99 MARTYR MUSIC. This 1st song starts great with fast twisted & technical riffs but then gets boring with modern mosh Thrash inclusions, these slow down the song too much and makes it stagnate to nowhere... The rest is a lot better and they definitely turned more technical and musical than before, I don't complain about it except that it could be more extreme 'coz I sometimes get bored of some riffs and those stop-&-go parts... Sure they are tight as fuck and brutal with absolute crystal-clear production, simply they seem to be more accomplished musicians now and so more original in this way of OPPRESSOR, MORBID ANGEL & stuff like that which I like a lot but BROKEN HOPE's sound is definitely too catchy for me now in some ways! Maybe a little too predictable but "Grotesque Blessings" is sure to be a classic of modern-days Death Metal album, it is no crap and no wimp-out, simply I would prefer the song structures more complex and the sound should be more underground, heavier and darker, I know they can do it, it would be of better enjoyment for me! Anyway this is a strong & original turn, don't get me wrong for that I will remain forever unsatisfied even if I like it a lot to the point of BUY OR DIE! c/o BRIAN GRIFFIN, 12564 W. DOROTHY ST., BEACH PARK IL. 60087 USA.
BRUJERIA (NARCOS SATANICOS!) "The Singles" CD 2000 Selfprod. Some of their old singles/Mini-albums feature in this disc: "Demoniaco"" previously released by Nemesis Recs., "Machetazos" & "El Patron" by Alternative Tentacles Recs., "Marijuana" by Chupacabras Recs. If you couldn't find them at that time or if your old vinyls are simply scratched because of playing them too many times, it's now time for you to re-discover them with the same pleasure as when it arrived to the underground! BUY OR DIE! 5902 MONTEREY RD. #666, LOS ANGELES, CA. 90042 USA.
BRUJERIA (VATICAN...!) "BRUJERIZMO" CD 2000 ROADRUNNER. Return of the Narcos-Satanicos, again in that FEAR FACTORY style which is sometimes similar to the Dying Fetus style due to these mosh & hardcore tunes but not that technical, it's very basic & brutal, tight & repetitive power chords everywhere... Reminds me VIBRION & PYREXIA too without the extreme Death Metal vibes. But this joke really becomes boring now, their first album & all 7" they did before were the best releases so far, I won't buy this one for sure!
BRUTUS (HOL) "Slachtbeest" CD 2003 Unique Leader. Old CANNIBAL CORPSE alike with new influences from DISGORGE, DEEDS OF FLESH, that's all I can say about it, well produced Brutal Death album, good!
BURIAL (USA) "ENLIGHTENED WITH PAIN" CD 2000 LOST DISCIPLE. This band is interesting like a mix between old CANNIBAL CORPSE, old BROKEN HOPE & DEEDS OF FLESH and they're progressing well since their previous MCD. I don't think that is the same band who had a 7"EP out on Rage Recs in early 90's, here I'm talking about a new one I believe...? They're good at writing catchy tunes, a bit too classic sometimes but they remind me old ABOMINANT very much as well! Excellent Death Metal album that all true fans will rejoice for sure, no bullshit! Their musicianship is pretty much better now and I think they're absolutely ready for a BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 2216, WESTFIELD, MA. 01085 USA. or or
BURIAL (HOL) "RELINQUISHED SOUL" CD 93. I reviewed this in a past issue but I can't resist to introduce it again, this smells a lot the MASSACRE "From Beyond" epoch, old DEATH & old MORGOTH as well! Similar sound & riffs can be heard through "Relinquished Soul" which is a dooming Death Metal masterpiece, absolutely no bands do that nowadays, this is simply what all true fans will love as Hell! I have nothing to complain about, even if that's very very very very similar to these old bands, it's such a joy for me to hear ancient Death Metal tunes, sounds like a tribute to these bands and it's well played, great production & feelings, squealing solos, morbid voice from the grave etc. No doubts: BUY OR DIE!!!!!!!!
BURNING INSIDE (USA) "THE EVE OF THE ENTITIES" CD 99 STILL DEAD. Always heard great words about this band but never got the opportunity to hear their music, the time has come and I was not as enthusiast as those who praised them so high when I first heard their disc... In fact it has not the power that I was expecting, hearing so much great words about them left me attending something a lot more supreme & extreme... Was their Demo so great? Should I stay deaf & blind towards others until the disc turns in my player?... This first track "The Eve Of The Entities" reminds me old DECREPIT sometimes but BURNING INSIDE has more genius skilled old-school Metal roots & feelings then such as many solos and fast old technical Death/Thrash arrangements greatly performed with breaks, twists & turns, definitely very original and interesting. Second song "My Own" is very good anyway and various ancient dark atmospheres were created throughout the album in the vein of old Samael, I'm dying by the full-of-death artworks! There is a different approach in every song. Sometimes sounding like DEATH, DECEASED, DAMNATION, ARGHOSLENT and sometimes like OSSUARY INSANE but mainly inspired by ancient 80's underground Death/Thrash feelings. Great original band, I nearly failed to remember how great & inventive was that ancient style, I'm now proud having resurrected it through me in rectifying my mistake with an excellent dose of BURNING INSIDE! They really have all the ingredients of true & Pure METAL, "The Eve Of The Entities" should be accepted as a welcome gem by all old-school Metal fans worldwide, this can be considered as essential these days, excellent true Metal album, simply BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 300761, FERN PARK, FL. 32730-0761 USA. STILL DEAD Prods: 03-933 WARSAW, UL. OBRONCOW 2A POLAND.
BURNING INSIDE (USA) "Apparition" CD 2001 Pavement. Excellent new release, just too bad that the vocals are so hardcorised to me, it's a fast Death Metal album, technical & extreme at times while also being sometimes melodic and having great feelings drowned within, mixing anything that is Metal from Heavy to Death and anything in between, solos, some synths parts and you've got it, totally great album, if you dig HATE ETERNAL, this might be of high interest for you: BUY OR DIE!!!

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