dimanche 14 mars 2010

CD reviews - I

ILLDISPOSED (DK) "Kokaiinum" CD 2001 DIE HARD. Ah, return of the danish power, they sound like VIBRION now, power chords everywhere like KONKHRA & first DOMINUS album. Brutal & heavy, thrashing strong with power & might, this is crushing & lobotomizing modern Metal for the newer fans, they've chosen facility instead of getting more extreme in my opinion but there's some cool solos in this, the only thing that attracted me within their heaviness!
ILLDISPOSED (DK) "RETRO" CD 2000 DIE HARD. 100% cover tunes from other Metal bands, this is better than the Six Feet Under CD as they do not only cover old dusty used classics but more elaborated music (CARCASS, AUTOPSY, DEATH) and played them at their own sauce. Anyway, I don't see the point at releasing such album? It would have been better listening to something new! I suppose that many people will agree with me, this is a non-sense.
ILLNATH (DK) "CAST INTO FIELDS OF EVIL PLEASURE" CD 2003 WORLDCHAOS. Argh... not good for my ears, this is melodic black/heavy metal, boring as fuck really! Sounds like the trendy shit you can hear on free comps by metallian mag & other commercial shits... This is of no interest to me, avoid it like the plague, pianos, keys & female vocals... spit!! www.illnath.dk
IMMOLATION (USA) "CLOSE TO A WORLD BELOW" CD 2000 METAL BLADE. "Didn't you say... Jesus was coming...?" Of course, his face we've never seen!! There is no word to explain how supreme this album is, just listen to it & read the lyrics at the same time, (thing that we do not necessary do with every band but... IMMOLATION must be heard & read!) and tell me if that's sounding like someone else as I doubt someone could say that kind of bullshit about "Close To A World Below", this is unique & well thought-out, extreme & truly apocalyptic with weird, twisted, dark ambiences never heard before, complex song structures and arrangements that lead us to perpetual leads of damnation, enraged vocals of furious unsaved souls that don't need saving! Let me breathe again the sulfuric fumes of eternal suffering & undying pain through vast corridors of Evil flying spirits... The way they play now is distinctively different & original from album to album, having more & more of those weird, obscures haunting Metal atmospheres that flows from their own painful creation. Creating something really new, original & extreme seem to be their main goal & I rejoice of this because not all the bands do that. I have been a huge fan of this band since their start and still am going to be for some years again, their evilution is quite intriguing, interesting & impressive, can't wait to hear the next album to see how the music & lyrics will look alike, that's really something that burns in me! BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 566, YONKERS, NY. 10710 USA. immolation@immolationdirect.com www.immolationdirect.com
IMMOLATION (USA) "UNHOLY CULT" CD 2002 LISTENABLE. Now signed to Listenable, who could believe this one day? Back with a terribly crumbling Dark mood again, even more haunting and memorables tunes to turn you upside down with depressive but so great moods that it made me cry at any times with a shiver running down my spine. A weapon against happiness and humanity falls again in sorrowful desolations… So good, so good… so god stay away from this!! Music from the dark side of the moon will never reach your mortal status, this is bound to stay "Unholy" and "Cult": BUY OR DOOM!!! PO BOX 566, YONKERS, NY. 10710 USA. immolation@immolationdirect.com www.immolationdirect.com LISTENABLE Recs: BP 73, 62930 WIMEREUX FRANCE. listenable@wanadoo.fr www.listenable.net
IMMORTALIS (GER) "Indicium De Mortuis" CD 91 MORBID MUSIC - WVR. This was a tremendous German band performing Death Metal in the vein of first EXMORTEM album but more aggressive & faster with very original arrangements, I like this album very much, its thrashing energy was something very refreshing and a damn powerful gift to my ears! Again an underrated band that released a great classic of underground Death Metal and never get some spotlights... "Indicium De Mortuis" had to wait more than ten years to finally end in issue #7 of my fanzine, who could believe this?!!
IMPALED (USA) "CHOICE CUTS" CD 2001 DEATHVOMIT. Same as above, with very similar tunes to the old CARCASS & many old Swedish bands, low tuned, dark sound, this definitely stands out of the actual American trends, a good one! Raging stuff full of leads that reminds me ORDER FROM CHAOS sometimes because of some beats/vocals and EXHUMED but less extreme because of the old Thrash/Death influences. The result is very catchy & gory, very much in the old CARCASS way with a clearer sound. Covers of CARCASS & IMPETIGO gives a good view about their influences & sound, well the CD in fact includes all of their old Demo tracks and they sounded better than the album reviewed above in my opinion, so this is well worth checking out, BUY OR DIE!! BOX 14815, FREMONT, CA. 94539-4815 USA. Deathvomit.com
IMPALED (USA) "THE DEAD SHALL DEAD REMAIN" CD 2000 DEATHVOMIT/NECROPOLIS. Sordid & malefic intro... just like in the old Carcass days and the music as well, very similar & fuckin good to hear! With a little old Swedish/Finnish melodic influence too in some riffs (like old Dismember/Entombed & Demigod/Demilich) and the sound is heavy as Hell, has some blast beats but mainly remains very musical, sort of Death/Grind with melodies, this might please those who like it more Death than Grind! There's also some good leads encrypted, I feel like listening to an old swedish Death Metal album but more brutal, heavier & more extreme like old CARCASS! This U.S. band sounds like if they were coming from Europe, and this is definitely a good one, BUY OR DIE!
IMPENDING DOOM (GER) "APOCALYPSE III - The Manifested Purgatorium" CD 2001 CUDGEL. Thanx to Cudgel Agency for sending this!! The new album fumes from Hell! I had never heard of IMPENDING DOOM before (except for that Darkthrone cover song they did on a Split 7" with Exmortem) and I must say that I am impressed by this blasphemous ode to the one & on(ho)ly 666! First, the cover art is obscure and so is the complete layout & music itself! The bands they make me think about are: BELPHEGOR, INCANTATION, SADISTIC INTENT, old DEATH, old VENOM & ANGELCORPSE, so you may see that this isn't your typical Death/Thrash/Black Metal band, this is really original & damn well thought-out including many various Extreme Death & Black Metal elements from Thrash to Epic & some melodic injections, no modern mosh grooves here, only pure & true Metal blasts & beasts!! Old-school basis makes IMPENDING DOOM's "Apocalypse III - The Manifested Purgatorium" one of the most interesting album to purchase these days, this is 666% worth any attention from the true Death Metal fans of real Dark Metal art everywhere, I'll definitely try to take a listen about their past releases anteriors to this one, BUY OR DIE!!! c/o ANDREAS KAUFMANN, DÖRFFELSTRASSE 1, 07570 WEIDA GERMANY. Engel666@t-online.de CUDGEL Agency: PO BOX 100147, 06871 LUTH. WITTENBERG GERMANY. Office@cudgel.de
IMPENDING DOOM (GER) "CAEDES SACRILEGAE" CD 97 PERVERTED TASTE. Cool album in fact, this isn't really usual Black Metal nor "atmospheric" as many distributors printed in their catalogs, this is more original & interesting than the masses, more dark & obscure, Evil but also calm and including a Dark/Thrash Metal vibe. Each song is truly different from the other and if you only listen to one track randomly from this album, yes you can say that they are a Black Metal band but it depends on which track you fall onto! Some contains a very atmospheric mood with synths and others some catchy melodies but what makes the difference is that it's also made in the old-school tradition, really haunting and I remember of the songs long time after turning the CD player off. It recalls the old SAMAEL, TORCHURE but even more constructed & arranged, contains more varied things and originalities that you can't find in other bands in my opinion. IMPENDING DOOM are kind of unique in their own style, ranging from slow, depressing to more fast melodic accelerations & original well-placed arrangements, this is sure not made to please the Brutal Death fans but the more open-minded people who can listen to real Dark Metal bands as such may like this album no problem, far better than Bethlehem, no doubts about it! I won't say this is an essential purchase as they sometimes abused the melodies & keys but it showed great potential for the things to come and I was intrigued enough to check out & listen to it after discovering them by their third album reviewed below, I also wanted to hear their second effort as follows:
IMPENDING DOOM (GER) "SIGNUM OF HATE" CD 98 PERVERTED TASTE. Second strike into the underground, no more abusive keyboards and definitely returning to the old ages of Speed/Thrash/Death/Black Metal, sounds like if I had been familiar to it for ages! Haunting riffings within a dark/dooming vibe, some classic arrangements here and there with the already damn catchy melodies and the overall War-occult ambience & atmospheres, imagine ARGHOSLENT more soft evolving into an old-school Thrash/Death/Black direction, that's "Signum Of Hate"! Yes, even better than the previous album and definitely highly recommended for the old underground fans & Metal freaks: BUY OR DIE!
IMPERIAL DOMAIN (SWE) "IN THE ASHES OF THE FALLEN" CD 98 PULVERISED. Oups...! I checked it out in the obscurity during a gig thinking that it was a new IMPERIAL SODOMY full-length, but I did a BIG mistake!!! The first song is melodic in the swedish trend & bored me to death but strangely the rest of the album was Death Metal enough to listen to it entirely and finally that was a good experience as the band recalls the ARGHOSLENT style, semi-Heavy Metal, semi-Death Metal, mainly melodic of course but not wimpy, just a warrior Metal style that don't go fast but I liked the moods in it. Even if that will not be encrusted in my player everyday, I will recommend this to open-minded Metal fans. c/o TOBIAS V. HEIDEMAN, BILLVÄGEN 3, 75648 UPPSALA SWEDEN. imperial.domain@swipnet.se http://home7.swipnet.se/~w-79161 PULVERISED Recs: PO BOX 109, YISHUN CENTRAL SINGAPORE 917604. ashes@pacific.net.sg
IMPERIAL SODOMY (FRA) "TORMENTING THE PACIFIST" CD 2001 CRIMINAL. Ooopppss!!!!! Forget about all the other french bands I could have praised or talked good things about in past & present issues, (yes, I really say & you read it well: ALL!). This one's the best of the best french bands of all times!!!!! I rarely got the chance to hear so much Extreme & intense furious Metal from France, plus this is original and not sounding like any other bands but blasting, blasting, blasting & blasting 'till Death!!! Real fuckin' criminal assault, 30mn of pounding hatred, the production rules, the vocals rule, the drums rule, the guitars rule from the first track "Pacifistfucking" to the last one "Lobotomized" this is real Extreme Intense Metal at its best & finest, anyone listening to this will definitely fall flat, silent, addicted to their Evilness & supreme inhuman energies!! No ass-licking this is not my game as everybody knows but when it fuckin' rules, IT FUCKIN' RULES, TOTALLY UNDEATHRONABLE!!!!! And it has to be said clearly! I fall at any time I play the intro to "Basic Instincts": "Enculés d'bâtards, houais! Y'm connaissent pas encore? Y'savent pas qui j'suis! Quand la violence t'appelles, faut jamais faire demi-tour, c'est une histoire d'Homme!" Fucking great brutal & blasting album, the compliments could be endless but I'll end anyway by this one: this band is more extreme than Deranged, in flesh they crush & trust: BUY OR DIE!! CRIMINAL Recs: BP 85, 06212 MANDELIEU FRANCE. imperialsodomy@netcourrier.com http://criminal.free.fr
IMPIETY (SINGAPORE) "SKULLFUCKING ARMAGEDDON" CD 99 DIES IRAE. Excellent return from one of the most known bands from Singapore! I'm totally into it! Thrash/Black/Death Metal is their game and they perform it with the old spirit, no trends followers and they stay true to the underground feelings! Aggression & fast ripping riffs, catchy battle hymns with the old raw sound & vocals of flesh hunger, blood-spilling breath of Death! That's an unstoppable Black Metal Apocalypse born under the sign of Evil-moon-beast, 666!!! Destroying anything on its way with an holocaustic atmosphere of utter demonication, this is sure to repulse all the weak trendies around! Has a little of old Immortal similarity but not that much as they're definitely more catchy & raging the classic good old Metal including a Sacrifice cover "Torment In Fire"! BUY OR DIE!! PO BOX 544, BEDOK CENTRAL, 914605 SINGAPORE, REPUBLIC OF SINGAPORE. impiety@cyberway.com.sg www.geocities.com/sunsetstrip/stage/1063/ DIES IRAE Prods: PO BOX 337, YISHUN CENTRAL, SINGAPORE 917612. dayofwrath@mailcity.com
IMPIETY (SIN) "KAOS KOMMAND 696" CD 2003 OSMOSE. Deathvastating assault once again, a real unstoppable machine-gun that kills and rips you from inside out revealing the warmblood of "Christfuckingchrist"! This is truly killer, believe me, if you need fast thrashing Evilness just get it and let everyone know how supreme this album reigns & bleeds, awesome apokalyptik release! BUY OR DIE!!
INCANTATION (USA) "BLASPHEMY IN BRAZIL Tour 2001" CD Live 2001 MUTILATION. The Great Black Goat of true Death Metal from Hell on stage commands you to BBBBBBBBBBUUUUUUUUUUUUUYYYYYYYYYY OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR DDDDDDDDDDDDDDIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Limited to 1000, so if you don't get this, you're not true!) incantation@juno.com booking@incantation.com info@incantation.com MUTILATION Recs: CAIXA POSTAL 730, SAO PAULO - SP, CEP 01059-970 BRASIL.
INCANTATION (USA) "BLASPHEMY" CD 2002 NECROPOLIS. Strikes back with another dose of real Death Metal, Evil with enchanting morbidity and a guitar sound from beyond! Always true to themselves re-inventing again some genius arrangements and totally Doom sequences that I'll always crave for eternity, once again it's not foolish to say that but that's how it must be done!! I do really hope they'll continue playing what's burning inside their doomful souls, don't give up & BUY OR DIE!!! PO BOX 5321, JOHNSTOWN, PA. 15904-5321 USA. john@incantation.com, kyle@incantation.com, joe@incantation.com, booking@incantation.com, www.incantation.com
INCANTATION (USA) "THE INFERNAL STORM" CD 2000 RELAPSE. They are back and they won't stop playing true, fucking true and truly pure Obscure Death Fucking Metal!!!! Enigmatical fleshy cover art once again, the mind of Miram Kim is certainly cursed, this blasphemous scene rules! The sound isn't as heavy as I was expecting, it's more fluid & thin like Cannibal Corpse now, maybe to penetrate more the mortal listener... This is the only big change in the INCANTATION's sound, otherwise, the songs are always made to make anyone kneeling upon the throne of the apocalypse with the dooming riffings & arrangements, John Mc Entee, now well known for being responsible of such punishing treatment, can't change for sure! Also gone faster with Dave Culross as session drummer. The blasphemous INCANTATION, now ready to enter the third millenium, "...ascending above the clouds, wings outspread triumphant, shadowing the light of gods..." Lord Zombeast of the unholy BUY OR DIE! domain awaits you, doomingators! 666 Death Metal hails to thee! Hail the Goat!! PO BOX 5321, JOHNSTOWN, PA. 15904-5321 USA. john@incantation.com
INFERNAL (BRA) "RITUAL HUMILIATION" CD 2001 Self-prod. Damn great return of the Brazilian old-school raw sound & shredding tradition!! I had reviewed their first album in issue #3 and since then we more or less keep in touch to know & see what's going on. I truly think that INFERNAL is a very underrated skilful band, they perform Death Metal in a very original & personnal way, I have a lot of respect for this band, they sound like no one else, each of the 13 songs are very differently structured and showing great abilities, excellent ideas and refreshing this old but so good style the way it was meant to kill with fineness & hidden, unpredictable subtleties in enraged structures! Many speed solos, technical drumming, raging vocals, very fast & brutal riffing accelerations that sometimes remind me the old Deicide & Morbid Angel but definitely more original and not ripping these bands off! (which is hard these days!) The voice is similar to J.F. Rey of Gurkkhas and the overall sound recalls the Judecca's releases with far better quality. The timing of the album is lasting above the average with its 55:46 worth of pure blasting thrashing Death Metal! If I had an only comparison to make, this would be with BURNING INSIDE, they aren't similar but their own spirit of Metal has something in common... Can't explain more, this is just something I feel! This being all released by themselves, it's a very professional production in every aspects and I could compliment a lot more but a sad question burns my thought: is there a label out there with balls big enough to dare signing an excellent & true Death Metal band nowadays? Fuck trends & think about it... Enough said, it's time for the true Death Metal Warriors in need of an excellent quality release to BUY OR DIE NOW!! c/o MAURICIO L. AMORIM, R. FRANCISCO G. VILLANUEVA 201, CEP: 82530-400 CURITIBA - PR BRASIL. http:\\infernal.way.to scracho@tutopia.com.br
INFERNAL DOMINION (USA) "Salvation through infinite suffering" CD 2001 CORPSE GRISTLE. Heavy Death Metal that's similar to the old Dying Fetus/Prophecy stuffs, also Insatanity for the obscure mood and Immortal Suffering/Fleshgrind/Mortal Decay for the raw savagery, so all in all, a 100% US Death Metal release! Nothing new that's for sure but it's something pleasant to listen to as it remains morbid enough to keep me interested, worth a listening!
INGROWING (CZECH) "Suicide Binary Reflections" CD 2001 OBSCENE. Grindcore band here, just one more among a flood of others, playing heavy tunes & somewhat morbid moods at the border of Death Metal sometimes, crusty riffs definitely aren't for me, sounds a lot like INHUMATE so if you like it...
INHUMATE (FRA) "GROWTH" CD 2000 GRIND YOUR SOUL. Here's a new album by certainly the only french band who has balls big enough to do not search for a label to release their stuff on CD, and judging by their music which is very simple but fast & efficient brutal Grind/Death-core, labels keep their eyes busy on other bands for sure! I'm not saying this isn't worth a bean but it just has to be experienced Live, 'cos INHUMATE is a Live band, as well as Blockheads. Sure the music is way too outdated and predictable for my taste, it gives nothing new, just the crushing energy seems to be the essence of expression from these true undergrounders. The drummer has gone beyond speed-limits this time and this is a good thing but the guitars sound too thin and hardcorish-linear for me, I'd prefer it heavier and lower tuned. Finally, this isn't bad at all and they are continuing their own way to Grind Metal to the core of soul in the old-school style of Repulsion, Terrorizer, Napalm Death...more crazy and deranged! They finally achieve something that approximately sounds like their Live performances, a good spirit of total madness & dementia. If you like this kind of Grind, you will enjoy "Growth" and its destructive 32mn rage-insanity, this is not shit. c/o FRED ANTON, 1 RUE DU COLLEGE, 67170 BRUMATH FRANCE. inhumate@ifrance.com
INHUME (HOL) "DECOMPOSING FROM INSIDE" CD 2000 BONES BRIGADE. Ah, excellent!! Truly brutal & awesome extreme Grind the way it should be played! It is rare to get kicked so brutally by a Grind band these days as that scene is full of craps now and completely saturated, it's time to cleanse it by giving the great bands like INHUME some spotlights! I had seen two Demos and a Split 7" with Blood before this CD which is as always dedicated to the underground scene. This band has the particularity of having two vocalists, two guitarists, a bassist and of course the drummer, a total of six-sickos!! To explain a little more about their music + sound, let's make a comparison with EXHUMED's "Gore Metal" and MORTICIAN, smells good isn't it? 19 heavy pounding tracks that consume the disc for 34mn worth of unrelenting & devouring blasting barbarity, BUY OR DIE! c/o LOEK, BIJENDONK 15, 5993 BV MAASBREE THE NETHERLANDS. inhume@plex.nl www.listen.to/inhume
INIQUITY (DK) "FIVE ACROSS THE EYES" CD 99 MIGHTY MUSIC. A new album by these danish brutes! Interesting from the beginning to the end, they managed the whole thing to be very twisted and extremely original, in the way of OPPRESSOR, so you know this is not a wimp-out, just a little less brutal & heavy than their previous releases, still remains very fast, certainly faster and more technical with unpredictables arrangements, I dig this a lot! The production is as always of first class quality and I definitely have nothing to complain about their new melodic interjections a la old DEMIGOD & AVULSED. BUY OR DIE! MIGHTY Music: VERMLANDSGABE 74 1. TV, 2300 COPENHAGEN S DEMNARK. information@mightymusic.dk http://www.mightymusic.dk
INIQUITY (DK) "Grime" CD 2001 MIGHTY MUSIC. Once again a pure heaviness from this band, it's a little more apocalyptic than before and with many great ambiences & atmospheres, fuckin' morbid! Total Death Metal and twisted to the bone, blasting from Hell their own rage & obscurity that sometimes recalls the Immolation's very own style but more abrupt Thrash influenced and rawer in the vein of ILLDISPOSED & old KONKHRA, also including some Bolt Throwerian fogs…Still resembles to OPPRESSOR as said above, technical & fast brutality: BUY OR DIE!
INNER WAR (USA) "The profane vulgar" CD 2001 METAL AGE. Never heard of them before, so let's talk about this release: old-school raw sound and doomy/fast Epic Death Metal similar to ARGHOSLENT sometimes but definitely INNER WAR stands as a very original outfit performing this style of music at their personal way with unpredictable arrangements & catchy warriors riffs. Super glad to hear again bands evolving in the scene with their own ideas & concept, I just got it copied onto a Tape but I'll try to check the CD out for sure as interesting music will always get praised here: BUY OR DIE!!
INNERFEUDS (FRA) "DON'T CLUTCH TO YOUR FLESH" CD 2000 Self-prod. That was a great surprise!! First seeing them Live in Orléans and second for this CD that they (gladly?) trade for one copy of my Zine! 30mn of true Brutal Death Metal like no other french band could do! The professional quality & original musicianship impressed me to the bones, imagine old CANNIBAL CORPSE but more technical and challenging. The drummings are very varied and don't get linear as it is so often the case in this style (excellent!), and so are the riffs & vocals! Also imagine DEEDS OF FLESH with some slow moments a la INCANTATION, IMMOLATION & unpredictable arrangements a la INTERVALLE BIZARRE. Just one complaint: about their abuse of squeals & harmonics, somewhat irritating to me, these shouldn't be used so often, otherwise this is perfectly recorded with the right sound, very professional in every aspects. Just the artworks could be better, similar to "Butchered At Birth" but looks like a child's painting, it's not very well done, sloppy! Fuck me, it's gonna be my favorite french band performing the American style now, they really understand how to play it right, great band, support them at all costs: BUY OR DIE!! c/o LAURENT DELOURTET, 53 RUE ETIENNE DOLET, 45000 ORLEANS FRANCE. mollested@hotmail.com
INSISION (SWE) "BENEATH THE FOLDS OF FLESH" CD 2002 WICKED WORLD. Another Brutal Death Metal release that sounds like the most brutal parts of old Belphegor and Deranged with a higher technical level. New bands are trying to go faster & more technical which is good but when they also incorporate hardcore or grindcore elements, it gets boring, for example INSISION have a grindcore snare drum that isn't pleasant listening to… But the rest is damn brutalizing & storming the air, will please the new metallers for sure, amazing! BIRGER JARLSGATAN 75, 11356 STOCKHOLM SWEDEN. satanwins@insision.com www.insision.com
INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (TASMANIA) "GORY 'B'" CD 2001 FLESHFEAST. Unpredictable, twisted Grind from burning Tasmania's Hell, it's really not easy listening to their tunes but that's the way they go now. An intro to each 8 brand new songs + the 3 tracks from "Massive Sphinkta Release" Demo 96 that I personally prefered because of its more Death Metal relevance production wise, sounded better to my ears! That's not common Grind, and that's all I can say about this band by now, try it if you crave for something different.
INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (TASMANIA) "Avagoyamugs" CD 2001 RAZORBACK. Return of the mad grindfuckers from Tasmania!! Their so fuckin' twisted debut album left me completely uncapable to say if I liked it or not for a while! This one's in the same vein: unpredictable, crazy & extremely deranged tunes, unexpectable Grind madness with a lot of varied vocals, fast accelerations, technical to the bones, structures so sick, sick, SICK!!! It's the most innovative & groundbreaking Grind release I have heard the last couple of years. I started to be burnt out concerning Grind bands but when my ears met bands such as DICHOTIC, CEPHALIC CARNAGE or DEVOURMENT, I felt like my dying flame revived by these awesome full-on Grind-fuel-tunes, a great combustible!!! INTENSE HAMMER RAGE is highly recommended to all minds who lost the faith in real Extreme Grind music and the way it must be played: original & uncommon, pushing the basis limits to only let glowing charred remains left behind... BURN OR GRIND!!
INTENSE HAMMER RAGE (TASMANIA) "DEVOGRINDPORNGORECOREAPHILE" CD 99 Self-prod. These guys are smoking weed and it works well within this album which is not the case with all smoking grinders, I wish it to be legalized only for them and CEPHALIC CARNAGE, great effects released on these minds to be able creating such awesome technical Grind materials! Just it turned out to be a little too funny sometimes, I usually don't dig those abusive childish screamings, it bores me! High vocals in this style sounds too weak for me but when puked from the guts convincingly as they do, it can works sometimes and I can live with this as they do mix different gruntings & guttural vocals at the same time, enough to keep me interested. The music is very fucking well structured & played, professional & technical as fuck, more original and unpredictable too. I must admit that it took me a while to get into this new direction and from now on some aspects should be arranged & turned a lot better in my opinion such as the sound which is a lot rawer now, what is this boring unaccomplished weak linear unfinished sound? It can't restitute the music as extreme & heavy as it should be for sure! "Massive Sphinkta Release" had a lot better production when compared to this and it was a damn fucking great Demo! The thing good is that they got here 18 songs for 61mn, some are short and some are long, there's some grooves in the american style but no mosh stuff, it's more in the vein of DEVOURMENT & DICHOTIC, technical and grinding all the time. Not to forget mentionning the presence of some inevitables offending artworks & photos of course and you've got here a great extreme slab of bloodgorpornsodomy Grind Metal mutation to satisfy your craving for inhuman psychanatomies, in other words, this release rules, it is Grind the way I like it: fucking uncommon & complex, BUY OR DIE! c/o RICEY, 42 STUDHOLME STREET, BURNIE, TASMANIA 7320 AUSTRALIA. ihr@hotmail.com
INTERNAL BLEEDING (USA) "DRIVEN TO CONQUER" CD 99 PAVEMENT. This new album has a better/heavier production than anything else they could have released before, the music is also running a lot faster like SUFFOCATION or newer PYREXIA materials, sounds powerful and brutal in the modern trend but has more original and twisted technical arrangements than only spewing power chords all the time which they also did as well (only occasionally) for this one. Well, that sounds a lot better than "The Extinction Of Benevolence", the faster they can get, the better may it be sounding for me! It has a violent approach that I couldn't hear in their previous releases and they remind me of MALEVOLENT CREATION at times but they don't keep pace all along the album. Many cool arrangements makes this album a real pleasure to listen to. I highly recommend this one to any fans of brutal and original, unpredictable technical Death Metal, this one's really great, BUY OR DIE! THE DEPARTMENT OF INHUMAN SUFFERING, PO BOX 1402, LAKE GROVE, NY. 11755 USA. ibldng@aol.com or guyfromib@aol.com or bill938ib@aol.com or hitsquad74@webtv.net http://home.earthlink.net/~ibldng http://www.pavementmusic.com PO BOX 50550, PHOENIX, AZ. 85076 USA. pvmnt@aol.com
INTERNAL SUFFERING (COL) "SUPREME KNOWLEDGE DOMAIN" CD 2000 QABALAH. Sure that the name of the band didn't enter the top ten of the most originals ever! Instead of this, they managed to accomplish something that is deserving respects, I was desperately awaiting a band with the same caliber as SUFFOCATION and here it is!!! Plus, seeing them coming from Colombia which I haven't see any interesting bands out in the past 10 years, except for a couple ones & a label that released a 7" for Japanese Transgressor, the scene there seemed to be quasi non-existant when speaking of Brutal Metal of course! And looking at their song titles, they seem to be right in the dark spirit of Death! Not the kind of bullshit talking about boring serial killers, porn or gore fantasies for the fuckin teenagers as it is the fucking trend now, but more from a higher state of mind which is really fucking interesting and I shall write now for a lyrics sheet for sure!! They are grinding technical with a little influence from DISGORGE U.S. especially for the vocals, ultra low & morbid with a vengeance. Musically fucking complex, fast & twisted, I adore bands like that except of course those who can't play it properly! These guys are nearly perfect to my ears, just rarely came untight & their sound is a little unfinished when compared to actual higher productions but this is fast, heavy & grindy as all HELL!! I truly think this deserves an interview as well as a mighty BUY OR DIE!! c/o ANDRES GARCIA, AV 30 AGOSTO #50-180 APT. 302, PEREIRA COLOMBIA. intersuffering@hotmail.com http://go.to/internalsuffering
INTERNAL SUFFERING (COL) "CHAOTIC MATRIX" CD 2002 DISORDER/DISPLEASED. 11 brand new tracks divided in 3 chapters, may the music being very americanized in Brutal Death/Grind, the lyrics are pure paranormal, occult things and so more interesting than the common and now boring gore/sexual killer topics. I've always loved the Necronomicon scriptures transcribed into music whilst the linear low guttural vocals do not exactly fit in my opinion, a more enraged Death Metal voice will make it more Evil, just because I'm now fed up with that trendy Devourment/Disgorge copycats, INTERNAL SUFFERING fortunately sounds more like Agony Conscience (rip) and seeing them Live was a real Brutal enjoyment, the band was also quite happy of their performance that night as I remember the vocalsit couldn't hold back some tears in this triumphant emotional chaos! Great to see that the brutallers are also humans sometimes! BUY OR DIE!!
INTERNAL SUFFERING (COL) "Choronzonic Force Domination" CD 2004. Oops, I'm talking, I'm talking and here comes a new album again!! They seem having heard my thought as it's a lot more Death Metal oriented, the voice and production are now made to please me, finally all ingredients relate superbly! Dark & Brutal Death Metal Evil From Beyond! This is definitely more achieved than all previous recordings, they can be proud of this really, I was right believing in this band as I'm now proud of them! They don't fail to brutalize and blast intensely whilst at the same time being more understandable but remaining Extreme and Dark, comes close to Hate Eternal sometimes, that's the right way to evolve in the scene. INTERNAL SUFFERING signed here their best album to date: BUY OR DIE!!
INTESTINAL DISGORGE (BRA) "DROWNED IN RECTAL SLUDGE" CD 2000 LOFTY STORM. Certainly the worse shit that my ears could hear... This is nothing to me, scatoteenagegrind/punk/noise that smells urine & fecal pieces, all this with some stench of drum machine & other songs with real but weak drums, weak boring basic guitars and monkey-alike screamings. This goes nowhere and I can't stand why labels signed so much of those non-professional & immatures untight childish bands while good musicians with potent materials will never get this chance, this is pointless! The real scene does not need this, quite contradictory in my eyes, these kidding bands aren't brutal at all and there's something really wrong! Musically incompetent to kill me, cleanse the scene, let it disappear in the toilets of trends and pull the chain. moriguti@matrix.com.br
IN TORMENTATA QUIETE (ITA) "IN TORMENTATA QUIETE" CD 2005 DAWN OF SADNESS. Well, it's said to be a gothic black band of neofolk metal… Why should I only receive the trendy metal stuffs, isn't my zine dedicated to Death Metal exclusively? Well done but musically doesn't attract me at all, I found this too mainstream and might only please the cradleofbitch fans.
INVASION (USA) "CONQUERED" CD 99 THE PLAGUE. Another burning stone in the wall of this extreme epic War Metal revival of the old-school Swedish Death Metal style! Melodic but also fast & aggressive with furious harsh vocals like Angel Corpse, an intense blasting experience in a true warrior Metal music way, this should kill on stage! Very good album, if you like this kind of extreme Metal, you can only be satisfied, BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 9326, MICHIGAN CITY, IN. 46361-9326 USA. THE PLAGUE: PO BOX 277, 6300 AG VALKENBURG HOLLAND. wilko@hammerheart.com
ISACAARUM (CZECH) "CUNT HACKERS" CD 2001 OBSCENE. Another Czech Extreme Metal band! They remind me pretty much of CONSOLATION & NEMBRIONIC, sort of fast Extreme Metal with grind/hardcore/black elements? Mixing a little of everything isn't something I'm fond of nowadays and as they're too much repetitive & predictable, I'll certainly forget this band pretty soon... I must rectify my judgement: they're sounding more like the french band named GOTHIC but more extreme Metal in the vein of IMPALED NAZARENE emanates from "Cunt Hackers". I can't say this is average but it has been heard too much times before them, so it just seems that ISACAARUM don't bring anything real new to the scene, while the production is good and so are their musicianship, it's just that I'm not interested by this band's style at all, maybe you will...? c/o TOM HANZEL, RUDOLFOVSKA 20, 37001 CESKE BUDEJOVICE CZECH REPUBLIC. chymus@obscene.cz www.obscene.cz/isacaarum OBSCENE Prods: PO BOX 28, 53341 LAZNE BOHDANEC CZECH REPUBLIC. curby@obscene.cz

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