samedi 27 mars 2010

CD reviews - Y

YATTERING (POL) "MURDER'S CONCEPT" CD 2000 SEASON OF MIST. Seems that the french labels are finally turning their ears to Brutal Death Metal!? Is Death Metal returning back to trends again? Ah! I will not complain about it, if the band is great, it doesn't matter from which label they're signed on and it is a great come back from YATTERING since their (I think it is) first CD "Human's Pain" out on Moonlight prods. Original and brutal bands always attracted me especially when they are offering something different that do not fall in any clichés, that is a real work of creation and deserves to be a lot more exposed. BROKEN HOPE alike but more chaotic, more underground, a la DEEDS OF FLESH but not that technical, that's definitely their own Brutal Death Metal music and one of the rare brutal bands who keeps up with solos, so are they deserving of more respect from me. The only thing that sounds unnecessary are all those intros & outros, it is incoherent for example to finish the album with 5 minutes of dark soundscapes when you know that another song should better fit the whole 42mn! This french label definitely has good taste concerning underground brutality: ABADDON INCARNATE and now YATTERING, let's hope to see it continuing in the right way forever and not following trends again... BUY OR DIE! PO BOX 666, 80-458 GDANSK 50 POLAND.
YATTERING (POL) "GENOCIDE" CD 2003. This starts like VIBRION

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